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Download Layton’s Researching 101 Tutorial Planning the Search Boolean Logic Searching the Internet Using EBSCO host Quiz Let’s get started! Next

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  • Laytons Researching 101 TutorialPlanning the SearchBoolean Logic Searching the Internet Using EBSCO hostQuiz

    Lets get started!


  • Planning the SearchPrint out the following Topic Worksheet and fill it out to get started. are some great examples with suggestions for searching on this link:


  • Boolean Logic/Search TermsBoolean Logic is a method of advance searching within an engine for the most beneficial results. The words and, or and not are used to narrow your search field.Home


    (Lock, S., 2002)

  • More Boolean LogicFor a great interactive tutorial on advanced searching visit the following link:

  • Searching the InternetBe sure to vary your search terms and use multiple search enginesDont forget to try subject directories and databases*Heres a link for a great subject directory on the fifties decade Yahoo Search Directory


  • Searching the InternetCheck the reliability of sites: The primary approach to objectively verifying Internet information is similar to that used to review print materials. An evaluation checklist derived from The Savvy Student's Guide to Library Research mentioned above is available at For the most part, it emphasizes checking: reliability and credibility by verifying the author, his or her affiliation, date, and the source of publication; check perspective by assessing biases presented in the information or its source; and check the purpose by determining its scope, coverage, and level. Even more specific to the Internet, there are certain places to look and points to touch on in evaluating Web information. Ann Scholz, in the guideline she put together for Purdue Libraries as part of the Information Strategies course , emphasizes first checking a Web page for its critical elements -- the header, body, and footer -- to determine the author and source. In addition, consider the following: Check to see whether the source is a moderated or an unmoderated list, or an anonymous ftp site. Check online directory sources for affiliations and biographical information. Check and compare this source to other sources, both similar and different ones. Check archives of online lists for other works by this author. Check reviews of online lists to assess the scope and purpose of this one.


    (Brandt, D.S., 1996)

  • Using EBSCO hostAccess Digital Prairie Select EBSCO host3. Enter the school password.Go On

  • Select the database source you want. Read the abstracts for details.Next

  • Use your advanced search skills to yield the best results.Next

  • ExampleGreat results that can be narrowed even further!Home

  • Are you ready to search???Lets see! Take the quiz to see if youre ready to go on to the next phase.Go back through this tutorial if you are confused or ask for assistance. Go to QuizIm not Ready!Return Home

  • QuizTo come up with a list of search terms one way to get started is to

    A. Find someone who did this topic last year and borrow their notes. B. Create a list of associated words like: synonyms, abbreviations and broad terms that go along with my topic.C. Sit and stare at the wall waiting for an epiphany.

    The answer is B, of course!

  • Quiz continued2. If you are seeking an overview on a broad topic, it is a good idea to

    A. Try a subject directoryB. Use Google, always GoogleC. Just go ask grandmaYep, the answer is A!

  • Quiz continued3. If you wanted to find a timeline of major events in America, which of the following Boolean searches would be most helpful?

    A. American and HistoryB. America or American and historyC. Timeline of major events in American history

    B is correct! Boolean Searches contain the words and, or and not.

  • Quiz continued4. Which of the following Boolean searches would be most helpful if you still wanted a timeline of American history, but you wanted to eliminate all the teacher lesson plans your search yielded?

    A. American History, no lesson plansB. America or American and history not lesson plansC. Teacher lesson plans on American history

    Its B again! Dont forget that you can put phrases in quotation marks to ensure the words are found together in the site.

  • Quiz continued5. To check the reliability of your Internet sources you should

    A. See archives of online lists for other works by the author.B. Compare the site to other sources on your topic.C. There is no need to check reliability; if its on the web, it must be valid.

    Tricky, tricky! Both A and B are correct. If you chose answer C go back to slide 6.

  • Congratulations!

    Youve made it through the tutorial, and now you have the world at your fingertips!Think of yourself as an investigator of facts and get started!

    (Lock, S., 2002)(Lock, S., 2002)(Lock, S., 2002)