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This is an e-book about Latin American animals written by Year 4A.


<p>YEAR 4 ASLATIN AMERICAN ANIMAL E-BOOK</p> <p>This is the result of the work students from Year 4 A did in their English lessons. They were given a Latin American animal to describe. This work was entirely done in class. As there were students who were frequently absent during the process of this work, they could not finish their production. For this reason, their incomplete works were not included in the present e-book.This book has been compiled in the alphabetical order from the Spanish names of the animals.</p> <p>Este es el resultado del trabajo que los alumnos de 4A realizaron en sus clases de ingls. Se les dio un animal de origen latinoamericano para describir. Este trabajo fue realizado completamente en clase. Como hubo alumnos que estuvieron ausentes frecuentemente durante el proceso de este trabajo, no pudieron terminar su produccin. Por esta razn, sus trabajos incompletos no fueron incluidos en el presente libro electrnico.Este libro ha sido compilado en el orden alfabtico de los nombres en castellano de los animales. </p> <p>THE END</p>