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  • 1. Introduction The Mexican Revolution reflected a growing spirit of nationalism throughout Latin America. This focused on ending economic dependence on the industrial powers, especially the United States. It echoed throughout political and cultural life as well.
  • 2. Economic Nationalism After WWI, the demand for raw materials produced by Latin American countries dropped. The economies were dependent on export, so they declined rapidly. The Great Depression was another damaging factor in Latin American economy. This led to desire to develop their own industries, so that it wouldnt be necessary to buy products from other countries. Locals set up factories and governments raised tariffs to protect the new industries. Still, unequal distribution of wealth was still holding back full development.
  • 3. Political Nationalism The Great Depression triggered political changes in Latin America. People were losing faith in liberal governments. Because of this, they sought stronger, authoritarian governments. They hoped they would control, direct and protect each countrys economy.
  • 4. Cultural Nationalism By the 1920s, Latin American writers, artists and thinkers began to reject European influences in culture as well. An example was Mexicos pride in their own culture: the revival of mural paintings; a major art form of the Aztecs and Mayas.
  • 5. U.S. and Latin America Between WWI and the Great Depression, U.S. investment soared. The U.S. continue to play international policeman, intervening whenever it saw its interests threatened. The U.S. invaded or sent to troops to the following countries in the early 20th century: Mexico, Nicaragua, Haiti, Cuba In the 1930s, Roosevelt instated the Good Neighbor Policy, pledging to lessen U.S. interference in Latin American affairs.
  • 6. Critical Thinking Read the following I was born landless lyrics from the song Yes its tha native son Calm like a Bomb. Born of Zapatas guns Do they give a slight Stroll through thehint of Latin American shanties suffering and pride? And tha cities remains Why? Same bodies buried hungry But with different last names The vultures robbin everything Leave nothing but chains
  • 7. Vocabulary Tariffs.- taxes on imports. Liberalism.- belief in the individual and in limited government. Mural.- any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a U.S. ships in Veracruz, Mexico. 1916 wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface.
  • 8. Bibliography Ellis, E. G., & Esler, A. (2009). World History. (P. Hall, Ed.) Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, US: Pearson Education INC. Images taken from


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