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Latin american studies. April 11, 2011. Blackboard configuration. Do Now: Reflecting on the Mexican Revolution, what are its core values? Objectives: To discuss the muralism movement in the 1920s To analyze the National Palace mural To set up the muralism movement in the 1920s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Latin american studies</p> <p>Latin american studiesApril 11, 2011</p> <p>Blackboard configurationDo Now: Reflecting on the Mexican Revolution, what are its core values?</p> <p>Objectives:To discuss the muralism movement in the 1920sTo analyze the National Palace muralTo set up the muralism movement in the 1920s</p> <p>Homework: Progress report presentation due Wednesday, 4/13Muralism:The big 3Spring trimester, unit 1: Mexican revolutionReviewWhat happened to Carranza and his government?</p> <p>What were the main contributions of the government of Obregn?</p> <p>Who was Lazaro Cardenas and why was he significant?</p> <p>What was the PRN? Why was it so important?</p> <p>How did the relationship between Mexico and the United States develop?recapJos Vasconcelos created the Secretariat of Public Education in 1921</p> <p>Patron for the Mexican mural movement</p> <p>The Big ThreeDiego RiveraDavid Alfro SiqueirosJos Clemente Orozco</p> <p>Secretariat of public educationCreated to disseminate revolutionary ideas</p> <p>Cultural patronage</p> <p>Artists limited by preferences of governmentWhat is a mural?With a partner, come up with answers to the following three questions:</p> <p>What is a muralhow do you define it?</p> <p>Who decides the meaning of a mural?</p> <p>How is the space important?</p> <p>7Major themes of muralsRevolutionary values</p> <p>Indigenous life</p> <p>A narrative of Mexican history</p> <p>The Mexican RevolutionQuote, Edward Lucie-smithMuralisms significance lies in the stress it lays on the continuing viability of public art which is given a new role by being made to activate the search for national and cultural identity and convey political ideologyDiego riveraMain themesHistory of MexicoIndustrialization and society</p> <p>Famous muralsLa historia de Mexico, National Palace, 1929-1930, 1935Secretariat of Public Education, 1922-1928National School of Agriculture, Chapingo, 1925-1927Cortes Palace, Cuernavaca, 1929-1930Detroit Industry, Detroit, MI, 1932-1933Man, Controller of the Universe, Palace of Fine Arts, Mexico City, 1934</p> <p>Man, controller of the universe</p> <p>National PalaceRiveras most well known mural in Mexico</p> <p>Chronicles the history of Mexico</p> <p>Spans back wall of staircase</p> <p>Jose clemente orozcoMain themes:Colonization and oppressionHistory of Mexico</p> <p>Famous murals:Hospicio CabaasPalace of Fine ArtsCasa de los AzulejosJalisco Government Palace, GuadalajaraHospicio cabaasBuilt in the early 1800s to provide care and shelter for the disadvantaged</p> <p>Chapel decorated by Orozcos muralsCover all the walls and the ceiling</p> <p>El hombre del fuego</p> <p>ceiling</p> <p>David alfaro siqueirosMain themesGoals of the RevolutionOppression of the working classes</p> <p>Famous muralsEl pueblo a la universidad, la universidad al pueblo, National Autonomous University of Mexico, 1952-1956Secretariat of Public EducationPalace of Fine ArtsCuauhtemoc contra el mito, Tecpan</p> <p>Como se pinta un mural, siqueiros[The style could be a consequence of the social function of the mural, of the modern material techniques that demand a modern mural work, understanding through these material techniques the tools such as the materials, the principles and the scientific methods of perspective composition. And when we say that the mural could be a consequence of its social function, we indicate that the mural will not only be a product of the artistic creator, like the creator team, but also, and in a determinant manner, of its corresponding public.] homeworkProgress presentation due Wednesday, 4/13</p> <p>What you need to do:Share your topic with your classmatesGive your classmates some background/context informationExplain why you think your topic is significant in its context</p> <p>You do not need to make a powerpoint if you dont want to; the presentation needs to last about 5 minutes</p> <p>This will be a quiz grade</p>


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