lake woodruff national wildlife refuge habitats and wildlife

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This show presents an overview of the Refuge --its habitats and wildlife. Some slides contain the animal's tracks to begin to teach students about how tracks can be used to identfy animals. when they visit the Refuge.


  • 1. Total of 357species reported onRefuge 234 species ofbirds 26 species of fish 26 species ofamphibians 49 species ofreptiles 22 species ofmammalsOver 23,000 acres

2. Waterfowl Migration Flyways 3. Blue-wingedPurpleTealGallinuleWood Duck 4. Sandhill Crane 5. Palm WarblerMockingbird State BirdRobin 6. Great BlueHeron 7. Turkey Vulture CardinalBarred Owl 8. To provide habitat for migratorywaterfowl. 9. FemaleWild Turkey Male 10. OspreyRedtailedHawkBald Eagle 11. Cormorant 12. Snowy Egret 13. Swallow-tailed Kite 14. AlligatorState Reptile 15. Bluegill Largemouth BassState Fish 16. Fox Squirrel Eastern Grey Squirrel 17. WhitetailedDeer 18. Black Bear 19. RaccoonOpossum 20. Grey FoxCoyote 21. Bobcat 22. Eastern Skunk 23. Otter 24. Redeared SliderYellow-bellied Slider 25. GopherTortoise SnappingTurtle 26. ManateeState Marine Mammal 27. 1. Zebra Longwing Butterfly2. Manatee Marine Mammal3. Alligator Reptile4. Largemouth Bass Freshwater Fish5. Mockingbird Bird 28. Cottonmouth 29. PygmyRattlesnake 30. Coral Snake 31. EasternDiamondback Rattlesnake 32. Water SnakePine Snake 33. Indigo Snake 34. 1. Coral Snake2. Pygmy Rattlesnake3. Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake4. Cottonmouth Moccasin 35. Gulf FritillaryZebra Longwing State Butterfly 36. SkipperWhite Peacock

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