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<ul><li> 1. CCST9003 Group-Project "Critique" Know More About YouTube Presented By: Joseph Chan 201156535Dennis Chau 2010551411Gavin Lam 2010555948Adrian Leung 2010580058Sum Poon 2010547379</li></ul> <p> 2. YouTube VS Traditional MediaBy Gavin Lam 3. YouTube Broadcast Yourself Basically everything: News Politics Entertainment (movies, dramas, music, games) DIY Gossips, Funny VideosQuestion: Will it replace traditional media? 4. What do we have originally Radio TV Newspaper / Magazines 5. Radio Characteristics: High portability Extremely reasonable price Quite large range of genres Classical music Pop music Politics, phone-in Mixed 6. Radio Disadvantages: No visual Information given is limited News only recapped every 30 min Still not enough genres 7. TV Characteristics: Each TV station owns many channels Ensure broad genres Dramas (local &amp; foreign) Variety shows &amp; entertainment Dining Informative Travel Game show News report &amp; diagnosis TVB Pearl: Pearl Report 8. TV Disadvantages: Few programs relating to: DIYs Voices from general public May lack support from some artists E.g. In 2009, music production companies Universal, Warner, Sony and EM boycotted TVB for copyright issue (contd) Although solved on 19 Nov 2011, related artists can only perform for TVB only Too many advertisements 9. Newspaper Disadvantages: Some newspaper may have bias on some sensitivetopics Not include most updated content of particularnews Can be improved by using dynamic websites 10. Newspaper Characteristics: Daily media mostpeople read on Convenient Free-of-charge newspaper Insights frompolitics/legislator Digs deep on many hittopics 11. Comparison between YouTube and Traditional Media 12. Comparison Media Resource Size Update Frequency (incl. whether updatedcontents are relevant to recent news) Integrity of Source of Information 13. Media Resource Size YouTube: Gigantic (in April 2010, 13 billionvideos) Traditional Media (Newspaper, TV/RadioStations): Usually come from recordings, videos, photos Dynamic websites 14. Update Frequency YouTube: Very quick 15. Update Frequency Related to the society? Ok, 8 out of 49 weeks overlapped withtraditional media in 2010 Bus Uncle Shows YouTube has influence on the society and hence the news 16. Update Frequency Traditional Media: Not that slow anymore Definitely more related to the society 17. Integrity of Source of Information Most of the videos: People do not really care Serious issues: Natural disasters Politics 18. Technology in By Sum Poon 19. Introduction Traditionally, need to download the video to your computerbefore playing it cannot play it until you finish downloading thewhole video if the connection is broken, you may need todownload the whole video again from thebeginning 20. In YouTube, need not to download the whole video beforeplaying it play it when you are downloading the video This technology is called Streaming 21. What is Streaming? Technique for transferring Processed as a steady and continuous stream Start displaying the video before the entirevideo has been downloaded Requested data flow as stream of digital bits 22. What is Streaming? Small buffer space is created on the clientscomputer Buffer is full, the video starts to play The file plays, it uses up the information in thebuffer It is playing, more data is being received download &gt;= play=&gt; play smoothly 23. Advantages of using Streaming Saves downloading time of large video Slower systems can take advantages Real time service 24. Disadvantages of using Streaming download &gt;= play=&gt; play smoothly Internet bandwidth is too low=&gt;not steady Maintenance cost of streaming server isrelatively costly Packet loss may occur 25. What does we need for Streaming? Media Player Decompressed and plays it Integral part of a browser Downloaded from the software maker YouTube, we need Adobe Flash Player 26. How the video transmit? 27. What kind of Streaming in YouTube? Streaming stored audio and video: Request on-demand Prerecorded and stored on servers Pause, rewind, fast-forward, or index 28. What kind of Streaming in YouTube? Streaming live audio and video: Live radio or television Cannot pause, rewind,and fast-forward Total length is 0:00. 29. The Revenue behind FreeBy Joseph Chan 30. YouTube Revenue900800700600500 400 30020010002008 2009 2010 31. Question 32. Revenue Sources Direct Approach Users buy services/products provided by the website Money is earned directly$YourUsers Website Indirect Approach Users go to another websites via your ads Money is earned indirectly $ YourAnotherUsers WebsiteWebsites 33. YouTube: Indirect Approach Difficulties to make money depend on whether the user is targeted customer or not users are anonymous in the internet in most cases the need of the users changes every time Difficult to make money in short term 34. Long Term 35. Other Things behind Number of edges of every users are limited Culture: More users paths are overlapped Reflect societies conditions(eg: developed/developing) Old nodes are disappeared and More new nodes Internet changes rapidly!!! 36. Advertising on YouTube By Dennis Chau 37. Limitation of advertising on TV Too many TV stations Restrict to region Expensive for prime time Long advertising time 38. How is YouTube now ? Over 2 billion videos are viewed per day over 35 hours of videos are uploaded perminute Users are come from 22 countries and using24 languages 39. What does YouTube publish out ? Video pre-roll ads, banner ads, skippableads, branded channels, etc 40. Skippable ads TrueView policy charges only after 30 seconds US$1 to US$2 for every 1000 views BeforeDuring After 41. Highly control Select video by channel, click rate Locate targed customer fromregion, interest, etc 42. Build a brand Channel To show the Trailer or video ads or otherpromotion purpose video 43. Ads can be spread quickly Review Easily Sharing on Facebook, blog, weibo, etc Ranking 44. Conclusion Fair charging Many ads forms Highly control spread quickly 45. YouTube: A New Channel toPromote Moral Values By Adrian Leung 46. Can You ensure a video must be popular 47. Most Viewed Video This MonthNo! You cant!Data valid before 20/11/2011 48. Popular VideosThe Bus UncleChinese Idiot on the bus 49. Can YouTube become a channel that 1. Regulates peoples behavior and 2. Promote correct moral values? My answer is 50. YouTube Ease the Sharing of Videos 1. Share videos by sending the links 2. Watch it on the web directlyAttract people to shoot more videos; andShare with others 51. YouTube Ease the Sharing of Videos Peoples improper behaviors may be shot and put on YouTube. 52. YouTube Ease the Sharing of Videos People will be more self-discipline. 53. Wide Spread of VideosVideos can be shared to the publicMore concerns can be awakedThe Bus Uncle : 1.7 million hits within 3 weeksChinese Idiot on the bus : 400 thousand hits within 3 days. 54. Wide Spread of VideosDiscussion will be carried out. People with different stands argue with each other Professions give their comments Public media report the issueCorrect moral value is promoted 55. Video is more persuasiveWhich one impressLets watch a short video firstyou more? Videos show things that are really happen Characters in the video instruct us throughtheir actions 56. Improper Use of YouTube Cyber-bullying Public may be misled by incorrect information 57. Can YouTube Become a new channel forpromoting the moral values? Yes A channel that should be carefully used Viewers should have their own critical thinkingon the video 58. ConclusionKnow more about YouTube 59. Conclusion Comparison between traditional media Technologies in YouTube Business aspect YouTube as a channel for promoting moralvalues 60. Thank You!Q &amp; A Section </p>