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Alabama District of Kiwanis International's Fall 2012 Newsletter


  • The next Kiwanis International Convention will be in Vancouver, B.C., June 27-30, 2013


    Kiwanis Kourier Fall 2012 Published by Alabama Kiwanis Foundation 20 pages

    Mark your calendars now for the Alabama District of Kiwanis Mid-winter Conference Feb. 22-23, 2013, at The Legends Marriott at Prattville.

    Pat Manasco, Alabama District secretary, says an infor-mal awards dinner is being planned at the Presidential Cottage there on Friday night.

    This will be lots of fun, she said. Also, on Saturday, Inter-national Key Club President Rebecca Riley will be attending with her family, and we are also planning some great workshops and speakers.

    Registration forms will be ready in the middle of Decem-ber.

    Blankets for hospitalsJudy Driskill of Huntsville works on a no-sew blanket during

    the District Convention in Montgomery. Her daughter, 2011-12 Governor Tammy Driskill, planned this K-Family service project during and around convention activities, with men, women and teens dropping in to help. Several dozen blankets have been completed and delivered to the new Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children in Birmingham, as well as to Helen Keller Hospital in Sheffield. I am so happy we have a hands-on project that includes Key Club, Circle K and Kiwanians, said Tammy Driskill. See more photos and information on Page 20.

    Wayne Sisk Brian RodgersBill Phillips

    Up next: Mid-winter Conference

    By Patrice StewartKiwanis Kourier Editor

    The leadership team for 2012-13 was installed and a number of awards presented during the Alabama District of Kiwanis Convention in Montgomery.

    Wayne Sisk of Alexandria, a member of the Kiwanis Club of Anniston, was installed as gover-nor, taking over from Tammy Driskill of Gadsden. Also moving up the officer ladder was Bill Phillips of Pell City, governor-elect.

    Brian Rodgers, the only candidate for vice gover-nor, was elected and installed. A resident of Indian Springs and member of the Kiwanis Club of Metropolitan Hoover, he has been serving as com-munications officer for the district, promoting it on social media and the worldwide web.

    These officers plus lieutenant governors for 2012-13 received pins (see photos, Page 8) during the Governors Banquet during the July 27-29 District Convention at Embassy Suites in downtown Montgomery, although they did not officially take office until Oct. 1.

    The convention, with the Kiwanis Club of

    Wayne Sisk takes reins as governor

    (See CONVENTION, Page 12)

  • Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Fall 2012 2

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    Growth, funding even more critical

    From the GovernorBy Wayne


    Alabama Kiwanis KourierPublished by Alabama District Kiwanis Foundation

    Address news, photos and other correspondence to:Patrice W. Stewart, Editor

    4519 Arrowhead Drive S.E., Decatur, AL 35603256-303-1668 Q

    Design and technical assistance by Steve Stewart, assistant professor, Troy UniversityWayne Sisk, Alexandria ( . . . . . . . . . . . GovernorBill Phillips, Pell City ( . . . . . . . . . . . . Governor-electBrian Rodgers, Indian Springs ( . . . Vice GovernorTammy Driskill, Gadsden ( . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Past GovernorPat Manasco ( . . . . . . . . . District Secretary

    DISTRICT OFFICE: 85 Bagby Drive, Suite 206, Birmingham, AL 35209 Phone (205) 945-1334 or (800) 745-1334, Fax (205) 942-5348;

    Hello, Kiwanis Family,Here we are a month into the new

    Kiwanis year, and everyone is show-ing excitement as we set out on our journeys to achieve the goals of 2012-2013. Whether these goals are for the district, the clubs or yourself, I wish you well and I am here to see you suc-

    ceed. I have such high hopes for you and wish you well this year.

    When your district leadership and I met in August to set the path for 2012-2013, we agreed that the two biggest chal-lenges we all seem to face year after year are member-ship numbers and finances. I would like to use the words growth and bal-anced budget, but that is difficult, since without the first we wont have the last.

    It quickly became clear to me when creating the district budget that as we continue to drop in members, we will not be able to give support to the ser-vice programs that make Kiwanis great.

    I know that times are hard for most everyone, and it seems that every-where we turn we are being asked for donations to support a good cause. Well, I cant think of a better cause

    than that of Kiwanis, and because of that, we cant let this great service organization falter in its commitment to children. The Kiwanis-supported programs are not just good; they are great!

    All of us who have spent time with the kids and young adults know how important they are, and we can quick-ly see their passion for service. Lets not let them down. To that point, your commitment to service, membership growth and fundraising is more criti-cal than ever before.

    The goals set out for the Alabama District this year are tied to the six Objects of Kiwanis that have been the theme for this great service organiza-tion since 1919. I am asking that we refresh our memory in respect to these objects and proceed with them in mind in everything we do. Thats why we have set the Distinguished Club criteria with the six objects in mind (see separate article on distinguished

    criteria).The Alabama District of Kiwanis

    fully supports the Eliminate Project, Reading Is Fundamental, Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs, Key Leader, Kiwanis International Foundation and Alabama District Foundation. I encourage all members to get involved through fundraising and promoting these causes. As with anything we support, if it has a real purpose and is important to us, we will support it fully to see it succeed. All of these programs and founda-tions ultimately save lives and improve the health, safety and educa-tion of children in our communities and around the world. Every dollar we raise will come back in the way of powerful rewards. These are our children and their future, so gener-ously and unselfishly give and sup-port all of them with your time and donations.

    You are the greatest element of the greatest service organization in the entire world. Kiwanis International and I thank you for your commitment. I look forward to visiting you and your divisions and hearing of your successes. Please let us know what you are doing in your clubs through your monthly reports and newsletters. I know we are a humble people, but sharing your clubs activities and suc-cess for others to see will go a long way towards helping other clubs improve.

    I am your greatest fan and am root-ing for you. Lets make a turnaround in membership by inspiring others to be passionate about Kiwanis. Thank you for your service and leadership. God bless and have an awesome year chock full of fun and success!

    Wayne Sisk and some of 2012-13 leadership team at training in Montgomery.

  • Alabama Kiwanis Kourier, Fall 2012 3

    Put the Mid-winter Conference in Prattville on your calendar: Feb. 22-23, 2013

    Membership growth: District membership has been falling for the past several years (4,074 members in July 2012) and that is causing a major loss in service hours, fewer children served and less money raised for support of Kiwanis spon-sored services. Increase membership by 10 percent.

    Revitalize existing Kiwanis clubs that are under charter strength: While increasing the num-bers of club members sounds easy, it has been nearly nonexistent. Develop a campaign that will spark the interest of existing members to invite potential new members to club meetings and to service projects, which is vitally important when ask-ing someone to join our organization. I will be preparing a message that will be sent to the membership and communicated through the lieutenant governors. I want to see struggling clubs with fewer than 15 members grow beyond the minimum charter strength and become effective clubs again in their communities, rather than fade away.

    New club building: In addition to growing existing K-Family clubs, the District will build new clubs. For the 2012-2013 year, the Alabama District will build the following: five Kiwanis Clubs; two Aktion Clubs; five Circle K Clubs; two Key Clubs; five Builders Clubs; and five K-Kids.

    Celebrate 25 years of Women in Kiwanis: Encourage programs that highlight women as we celebrate 25 Years of Women in Kiwanis in 2012-2013.

    Encourage member involvement in District and International Conventions: Encourage all clubs to be represented at the Alabama District Conventions and Mid-Winter Conferences. Encourage all clubs to send voting delegates to International Conventions.

    Key Leader program: Have a minimum of 60 participants (mini-mum of four students for each divi-sion) for the April event. Encourage clubs to engage in communicating with local schools to find emerging young leaders and support the pro-gram by providing more scholarships and chaperones/assistants.

    RIF (Jean Dean Reading Is Fundamental): Educate clubs on the state of the Districts signature service project and its financial needs. We will determine the cost of the program and request funding from the clubs to supplement the loss of funding from federal grants in order to continue providing three books per year to 25,000 Head Start students across the state.

    Eliminate: In my visits, I will stress the urgency of all members and clubs getting involved now in

    this Kiwanis International service project. We should promote the proj-ect statewide to get funding increased and get


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