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Download Marketing / PR Kiwanis International 2005MAXIMIZING KIWANIS SERVICE 1 Kiwanis International Serving the Children of the World Kiwanis International Todd

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  • Marketing / PR Kiwanis International 2005MAXIMIZING KIWANIS SERVICE 1 Kiwanis International Serving the Children of the World Kiwanis International Todd E. Siebels
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  • One can make a difference campaign Increase name and brand recognition of Kiwanis Develop and promote the Kiwanis service and fellowship brand Strengthen our voice as an advocate of children and communities worldwide to drive membership growth!
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  • One can make a difference campaign Tool Kits for Clubs: Marketing and Public Relations Handbook Promotional Materials, Print Ads and Billboards Public Service Announcements for Radio and TV ORDER via our website:
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  • One can make a difference campaign > Successes New Ideas Concerns Recommendations
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  • Ideas that deserve mentioning again Club Websites make your club available 24/7 Billboards FREE exposure! Business Cards spread the word
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  • Club Websites Great way to promote your club while sleeping Visit Carolinas District website. Download website template Instructions located in the README file
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  • Billboards FREE exposure! Clubs pool money to buy billboard paper. Leads go to participating clubs. Cost of $45 per sign (SHIPPED)
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  • Business Cards Pay for shipping only!!! Give to prospective members. Include the following: Contact info Meeting time and location Website Phone number
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  • Pay shipping only! You are Invited! Club Name Time & Place Website Phone number FREE LUNCH!
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  • Club PR / Marketing Chairs Create a Division PR / Marketing team Divide media outlets equally to PR/Marketing chairs Eliminates contacting media too much When meet again, discuss what went well What can we do to do better Attack again
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  • Think Like a Reporter Why should he/she care about your story? What questions might he/she ask? Who else should he/she talk to support your story? What is his/her deadline?
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  • Newspaper / Press Release Newspaper / press release Submit articles with a photo to newspaper every opportunity Letter to the Editor Do not get discouraged. They never print what they dont receive - keep sending!
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  • Guest speaker at other organizations Other Ideas - Spread the word Inform other organizations about Kiwanis and its mission American Legion Senior Groups Church Groups Parent Teacher Associations Book Clubs
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  • Recruit New Members Send letters to local businesses explaining why they need to be represented in a local Kiwanis club Visit local business owners with the same message Add visitors to the mailing list. Post website on all materials.
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  • Participate in charity events Relay for life March of Dimes Childrens Miracle Network Special Olympics Always have members wear something to identify themselves as Kiwanians
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  • Certificates of appreciation Print Thank You certificate Include a Kiwanis sticker Buy frames from Dollar Store Present to businesses for appreciation
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  • Bottled Water 4 sale! Bottled water with club logo Sell at events club participates in Cost is 50 cents Sell for $1.00 or more
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  • New Citizen Packet Club brochure w/contact information to give to new residents. When have events, post flyers in businesses and schools. Include information about how to become a member. Come join in the fun! You are invited! Example: Hand out cards while ringing bell for Salvation Army.
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  • Speaker Gifts for $1.00 Get nice hardback books from the Dollar Tree. Put a Kiwanis sticker in back of book with club name and logo presented in honor of Guest Speakers Name Donate book in their name to a school library.
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  • Kiwanis Inciter Marketing and Public Relations E-newsletter Free monthly newsletter from Kiwanis Intl.
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  • Resources Download this presentation, links, PSAs, website templates and sample forms at:
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  • Lifes Little Instructions When meeting someone you dont know well, extend your hand and give them your name. Never assume they remember you even if youve met them before.
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  • Lifes Little Instructions Have a firm handshake
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  • Lifes Little Instructions Look people in the eye.
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  • Lifes Little Instructions Buy whatever kids are selling on card tables in their front yards.
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  • Lifes Little Instructions Stand at attention and put your hand over your heart when singing the national anthem.
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  • Lifes Little Instructions Be punctual and insist on it in others.
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  • Lifes Little Instructions Be kinder than necessary.
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  • Lifes Little Instructions Never cut what can be untied.
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  • Lifes Little Instructions Wave at children on school buses.
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  • Lifes Little Instructions Buy ladders, extension cords, and garden hoses longer than you think youll need.
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  • Lifes Little Instructions Show extra respect for people whose jobs put dirt under their fingernails.
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  • Lifes Little Instructions When there is a hill to climb, dont think that waiting will make it smaller.
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  • Lifes Little Instructions Answer the easy questions first.
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  • Lifes Little Instructions Buy raffle tickets, candy bars and baked goods from student who are raising money for school projects.
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  • Lifes Little Instructions When there is a piano to be moved, dont reach for the stool.
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  • Lifes Little Instructions Never ignore evil.
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  • Lifes Little Instructions Encourage anyone who is trying to improve mentally, physically, or spiritually.
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  • Lifes Little Instructions Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk.
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  • Lifes Little Instructions When you see visitors taking pictures of each other, offer to take a picture of their group together.
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  • Lifes Little Instructions Be as friendly to the janitor as you are to the chairman of the board.
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  • Thank you! Todd E. Siebels (252) 321-3226


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