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    How to get your Genius

    Zone to reach your full potential?

    FALL 2020

    Volume 3 Issue 3

    Reaching Your Potential

    Article by Dr. Lisa Kramer

    Greetings everyone, my name is Dr. Kramer. I recently became a full time IT master’s faculty at Pembroke Pines Campus. I believe all human beings have their genius zone and need the proper tools to succeed in life.

    The first tool to help to reach your genius zone is to overcome self-doubt. Self-doubt will sabotage your professional life and personal goals. Here are the following techniques to overcome your self-doubt. The first step is to jump into action to build long-term confidence; you need to develop a new mindset. It would be best if you embraced the discomfort of weirdness when you first do something for the first time. Second, ignore being ridiculed and become unique in your field of study, the deeper you will connect with some people, and some will re-ject you. Third, is to embrace your learning mind is to adopt being igno-rant mindset. I am not stating to lower your expectation bar, but not set so high can intimidate you. You need to adjust the bar by reaching the milestone to be the best among novices in your chosen field. The fourth step is to silence your inner critic and to quiet your overthinking pro-cess. Each time you doubt yourself, say ‘doubt’ to become aware of what is going on and move forward. This stage happens to me too. However, this does not mean doubt deserves a room in your mind. Silencing your inner critic will make room for the voice to reach your genius zone. Fourth step is to eliminate your plan B mindset. Most people, including myself, use plan B to use a crutch when I doubt my ability to create a new program. If you use all of your energies on plan B, you will not reach your genius zone.

    In closing, I use these techniques in my professional and personal life to ascertain my full genius zone. I am looking forward to meeting our students working with my colleagues to take Keiser University to be the futurist in education.

    Article by Dr. Lisa Kramer

  • The Keiser University Pembroke Pines Varsity eSports program has been in full session since the start of the summer. We hosted our very first tournament on June 25th, 2020. The tournament was a 1v1 League of Leg-ends tournament. There were 32 participants battling out for a $350 prize pool. A Fort Myers High School Student won the competition! Currently we have 23 KuPP students in our eSports program. 13 students will be competing this upcoming Fall Season. KuPP we be competing in the Fall NACE (National Association of Collegiate eSports) Season and also Ubisoft Rainbow 6 preseason competition. We will be competing in Overwatch (6 person team game), Valorant (5 person team game), Smash Brothers (Solo and Team crew bat-tles), Apex Legends and Rainbow 6. The team has been practicing all summer together remotely throughout the weekdays. We recently had a friendly scrimmage vs Georgia Tech in Rainbow 6, and had a hard fought defeat for our very first scrimmage. Our season will start with pre season competition in Overwatch, Septem-ber 21st. The Fall Season NACE Overwatch Fall Cup starts September 28th and ends November 15th. The NACE Valorant Cup starts on September 30th and ends on November 15th. Smash Brothers Will start October 2nd and end November 15th as well. Rainbow 6 competitions will start October 10th, and end November 21st. The main season for Rainbow 6 will be in the spring for a chance at a $30,000 Prize Pool through Ubisofts Collegiate Championship Series. Competitions will be streamed to , so be sure to give us a follow on there!

    We are recruiting for many other games as well that will be played next year in NACE competitions. Such as, FIFA, Madden, Hearthstone, Fortnite, Rocket League, Apex Legends, CSGO, Overwatch, Valorant, Call of Duty and Rainbow 6. To learn more about our eSports program, join our discord server at: . There are over 100 members in our discord to connect with and play some video games with!

    For further information contact

    Coach Lewallen: [email protected]

  • Contributed by Geoff Stam, Director of Default Management and Finan-

    cial Literacy

    Do you ever ask yourself the question, where did the money go each month? Maybe you ask why you are falling short financially or struggling to get ahead. What do you need to do financially to be at least on even terms with your money at the end of each month? Or, are you just trying to figure out how to move yourself forward financially to achieve your monetary goals? If you are ask-

    ing yourself these questions, establishing a budget can help you track your spending and get you on track to meet your financial goals. Creating a budget may not be “fun,” but it can help empower you when it comes to your money.

    To set up a budget, there are a few steps that you need to take. Each step is important to the process, so don’t skip any, or the budget you build may not find the success you seek!

    Step 1; determ ine your goals. W hat do you w ant to accomplish with your m oney and your budget? Start with shorter term goals; saving for emergencies (especially right now), getting through the semester with some money left over, buying a new car, a vacation, paying off debt, or making sure you are breaking even at the end of the budget period. Also consider your long-term goals such as a new home, a child’s college, retirement. Prioritize your goals and determine what you will need to save to reach them. Using SMART goals can help:

    S for Specific; clear ly defined and concise. M for Measurable; create m easuring points to make sure you stay on task. A for Attainable/Realistic; something you can reach or complete. R for Rele-vance; what is important to you as an individual (to build your financial foundation). T for Time-framed; establish a time to complete the goal.

    Step 2; identify your incom e and expenses. To build a budget that m eets your financial be-haviors but still accomplishes your goal, you need to clearly understand what money you have, to work with. Track your monthly income; wages, salary, tips, allowances, child support, or any other forms of earnings so you know what’s available to use.

    Next track down all your expenses, from housing (rent, mortgage) down to the vending machine beverage you bought with lunch. To help find where you can make some changes in your spending, divide the ex-penses into 2 categories; fixed (do not change month to month like savings (“pay me first!!”) housing, in-surance, child care) and variable (items you can adjust your spending on with changes in behavior like food, coffee, utilities, cable TV, phones, entertainment.) Keep in mind out-of-pattern expenses like house repair, car repair, holiday gifts and so on. A spending diary is a priceless tool to track your expenses, espe-cially the ones you don’t always think about!

    Now do the math. Incom e less expenses determines your net discretionary funds. To get ahead, you should be making more than you are spending. If you are spending more than you are earning, it’s time to make some changes to how you are spending your money! Go back to the variable expenses and change some behaviors!

    I will be hosting webinars on Blackboard covering more details on this subject (budgeting), credit and student loans throughout the semester. Check your Student Services calendar on Blackboard for details on dates and times for each topic. I can be reached directly at [email protected] or 904-238-3099.

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Volume 3 Issue 3

    Summer Highlights KU Pembroke Pines nursing students are quick to respond in service to address community needs and to partner with other organizations as we work together to provide a safe, equitable, and healthy world for all.

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  • Page 5 Volume 3 Issue 3

    During these unprecedented times surrounding COVID-19, we may find ourselves anxious to know when we will go back to our normal lives. To the time where we didn’t have to worry about wearing masks, keeping six feet away from each other, or washing our hands after touching anything and everything. This added strain also impacts our future criminal justice professionals. The criminal justice profession is a field where those who have an enormous amount of passion to help others are trained to do just that. To help anyone regardless of their situation, many times risking their own lives in the process. For this reason, it is imperative that future criminal justice professionals begin to practice a positive mental health routine prior to taking on the role of their dream position. Whether it may be playing a sport, speaking out to a close friend or family member, or even trying something new! The importance of starting this “new routine” before entering the profession will assist in eas-ing the tension that comes along with taking on a new responsibility in conjunction with the nature of the job.

    For this reason, we share six helpful tips for building a positive mental health routine. 1) Practice relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation, or breathing techniques. 2) Exercising regularly. 10 to 20 mins walk alone (don’t forget your music) or with a friend

    can make a big difference. As physical and mental health seem to go hand in hand. 3) Getting enough sleep helps reduce fatigue and eliminates that cranky feeling we feel from

    being exhausted. 4) Building healthier eating habits. 5) Participate in enjoyable activities. Doing something that makes us happy changes our

    whole mood positively. 6) Seeking professional assistance will provide guidance and confidence to keep pushing for-

    ward during those times when we don’t have the strength. Keiser University offers META, an amazing tele therapy app available to you all year long, day or night, in school or out of school, rain or shine. Meta is an online remote-therapy platform focused on Keiser University’s students’ emotional wellness. The app is free to download and easily connects to you a network of licensed providers for private and secure tele therapy. We hope these tips help you as you transition into your fields with a healthy, positive, and happy mental state.

    Happy journey!

    Keiser University tracking links: Android app


    Apple App

    Article by Leris Ocean, Ph.D.

    Criminal Justice Professor

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  • Staying home during these challenging times doesn’t have to be without fun. Over the next few weeks, our social media team will be bringing our students games, friendly and fun competitions (prizes) and even some workout videos to keep you in shape. We hope that you will join us! Get engaged -- and let the fun begin!

    KU Facebook:

    KU Twitter:

    KU Instagram:

    KU LinkedIn:

    KU YouTube:


    with us on



  • Student Services at Keiser University Pembroke Pines

    Remains committed to helping our students in their professional development!

    On the hunt for a new job! Where to start your search? Despite the effects of COVID-19, there are many re-mote, jobs available, depending on your expertise, experience, and needs. We have a plan for delivering ca-reer support and services virtually for our students and graduates. How you consider where you might like to work after graduating in your field of student. In what direction do you hope to evolve professionally? Keiser University Student Services provide the tools necessary for our student success.

    Student Services provide our students with the knowledge and experience necessary to tackle the most im-portant issues of our time. Now is the time to call upon that knowledge and experience. Now is the time to be bold in your efforts, to seek help should you need it, and to do your part to transform the world with your education and talent. Student Services has modified its in-person business operations in accordance with public health guid-ance. Our Student Services offices are available to assist you and support via email, remote connect Zoom or Tel: 954-431-4300 Remote Access Service Student Services Support Remote Virtual Operation Monday to Thursday 9 am to 8 pm Friday 9 pm to 5 pm Saturday 9 am to 5 pm.

    Job Search Online

    During a traditional job search, it can be important to job search and network in person as well as online. In the current climate, however, you'll want to focus on searching and applying for jobs online on the top job sites, social media, and directly on company websites.

    Find and keep track of new job postings quickly and simply by:

    Taking the time to organize your job search. It will make the process smoother.

    Setting up job alerts, so you are notified about new postings as soon as they are listed.

    Using to expedite your job search.

    Know your career goals.

    Plan ahead.

    Get resume and cover letter help.

    Use all job search resources.

    Customize your resume.

    Research companies.

    Apply with confidence.

    Job hunting tips to focus your search

  • Student Government Association


    Get involved in your campus! Contact Jakelin Miranda,

    Director of Student Services for more information, jmiran-

    [email protected] Join SGA! There will be monthly

    meetings, activities to help in and community outreach

    opportunities to get involved in. Meet with Campus leaders

    and meet other students while

    being a voice for your campus.

    Do you have ideas to make the

    campus a better place? Take

    this opportunity to get involved

    on campus while building your

    leadership experience that you

    can add to your resume. Have a

    voice and make an impact!

    Our mission is to actively engage the stu-

    dents in activities related to their profes-

    sional growth and career development. In

    close collaboration with our student Sa-

    mantha Santiago, Student Services Depart-

    ment, and Dean Soares will achieve its mis-

    sion by conducting fun motivational events,

    informative workshops, and professional

    tours designed to provide further exposure

    to the student's selected fields. The goal is

    to attract new members by expanding and

    enhancing the variety of career-related ac-

    tivities on and off-campus. We will strive to

    cultivate a life-long commitment to profes-

    sionalism and stress work ethics as a key to

    career development. An opportunity to

    create a solid network of peers and a com-

    prehensive support system for active stu-

    dents in their career aspirations.

    Contact Samantha Santiago for more infor-


    [email protected]

    Keiser University is among a handful of Flori-

    da-based schools, with this program’s launch in

    2019, in actively helping and encouraging stu-

    dents to hone their gaming skills, explore vari-

    ous opportunities, and compete at a high level

    in this exciting emerging online gaming indus-

    try. Contact Mr. Harvey Lewallen to learn more

    about the esport games.

    Email: [email protected]


    If you are interested in writing an article, contributing stories, or topics to share with the Keiser University Newsletter team, please email your article, story, or pictures to Jakelin Miranda Director of Student Services. Student articles will be reviewed, and approved

    writings will be featured in the selected month chosen by the team. We highly urge students to become involved with a student the

    organization that will enhance their experiences here at Keiser University and build upon student resumes and portfolios.

    We look forward to making the Keiser University Student Newsletter YOUR INSIDE SCOOP to what’s happening on campus.

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