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Giant Cycling World Boston p resented by Brian Hawkins, b hawkins inc Erin Dempsey, Centiva. Pembroke Pines, FL. Design a retail space that was not the typical bike shop. . Professional U pscale A ppearance. Easy to Clean & Maintain. High Durability. Softer, more - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Pembroke Pines, FL

Giant Cycling World Boston

presented byBrian Hawkins, bhawkins incErin Dempsey, Centiva

Erin: Introduction Good morning, Im Erin Dempsey from CENTIVA. Centiva is an American manufacturer of luxury vinyl tile and we are privileged to work in many retail spaces as well as hospitality, healthcare, education, and corporate. Today I am here today with Brian Hawkins of bhawkins inc. We would like to share a recent project with you featuring Giant Cycling World Boston. Im going to turn it over to Brian to discuss the needs of the customer and the design concept he developed. 1Design a retail space that was not the typical bike shop.

Brian: Introduce himself and bhawkins, Inc. History of how Giant came to the US and how they came to work together.

Giant is the largest bicycle company in the world with entities all over the planet. When they decided to start a retail presence in the United States, they joined forces with Brian Hawkins, owner of bhawkins inc, a promotional, advertising and retail design agency.

The two companies set out to design a retail space that was not like other bike shops. (Elaborate on design concept and objectives)Today we will focus on the flooring products selected for this retail space.Centiva flooring products were chosen because they met key criteria for the store.


Professional Upscale AppearanceBrian: A key objective for the store was creating a professional upscale appearance. Discuss why this was important and how it was achieved.


Easy to Clean & MaintainHigh DurabilityBrian: The Giant store was like most retail spaces - in need of a highly durable floor that could stand up to abuse. Our cyclists bring bikes in directly off the street and wheel them through the store for repairs and maintenance. Our previous stores all used stained concrete. Unfortunately, this presents many challenges in a cycling store so I wanted to find something with a similar appearance but with additional performance attributes. The winter elements of Boston were a factor that needed consideration. Customers bring in snow, sand, dirt, and salt on their shoes and on their bikes and the floor needed to withstand the elements as well as be easy to clean and maintain.


Softer, moreslip-resistant thanstained concrete.

Smooth transition between products.Brian: We needed floors that were softer and more slip-resistant than stained concrete, because the floor is made of vinyl and also has texture, its not too slick for cyclists when they walk through with bike cleats on; stained concrete can be very slippery. We were also able to combine products as seen here, with a smooth transition because all Centivas products are the same thickness.5

Support brandingwith finishes.

Brian: You can see here natural looking finishes in warm tones were used to brighten the space while Giants classic blue and white signature colors were used to reinforce the brand image. We were able to find the colors we needed to meet our objective with Centivas broad product range.6

Thank you.

Questions ?Brian: Talk a little about the end results. Giants satisfaction

Erin: Any questions for Brian about this project? Any questions about Centiva flooring? Introduce Tom & Rob National Account Managers. Thank you.7