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  • 7/26/2019 Kalzip Image UAE (1)


  • 7/26/2019 Kalzip Image UAE (1)




    Lightweight and environmentallyfriendly 4-5

    Flexible shapes 6-7

    Functional elementary system 8-9

    A well-conceived system 10

    Various colours and finishes 11

    Proven technical construction 12

    Totally convincing 13

    Advantages of rigid insulation 14-15

    Elegant surface structure 16-17

    Sound-proofing and heat-insulation 18-19

    Guaranteed corrosion-proof 20

    Long-lasting function 21

    Range of well-proven products 22

    Mature complementary products 23

    KalzipSolar Power Systems 24

    Trend-setting innovations 25

    Excellent for renovation 26-27

    Manufacturing on-site 28-29

    Saves resources 30

    Autodrome (Dubai), 2006.Architects: HOK, Dubai.

    Sharjah International Airport

    Airport (Dubai).

    H10 Airbus Hangar, Toulouse/Blagnac Airport (F),1991.Kalzipstucco embossed.Architects: M. Laborie, Toulouse.

    Skislope (Dubai).Architects: Majid Al Futtaim Group.

    Geesthacht College (D), 1995 (see also coverphotograph). KalzipRAL 9006, partly tapered.Architects: Hchel Engelken + Partner Beinhoff,Buxtehude.

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    Architektur ganz oben


    Yesterday just a vision. Today Kalzip.

    It is non-flammable, conducts heat and

    electricity, is non-toxic, can be recycled

    and used again.

    Kalzipis the product

    The result is something which is often

    exceptional and unique in its technology.

    We admire the creativity and far-sighted

    planning of our customers. We appreci-

    ate the confidence placed in us as

    manufacturers and reciprocate by

    providing corresponding products and

    services. It is our aim to unburden the

    designer, leaving him free to concentrate

    on what is important the room

    for the essential.

    A new architectural dimension

    There are visionaries amongst our custo-

    mers. We complement them with techni-

    cal collaboration. The result are buildings

    which set the standard and lead the way

    in terms of shape and function.

    High demands for safety and quality of

    construction merge into a new architec-

    tural dimension as demanding, functio-

    nal and economic as the task requires.

    Aluminium is the material

    Lightweight yet strong, corrosion-resist-

    ant, durable, easy to work with, can be

    welded and combined with other materials.

    Retractable roofing construction with Kalzipstucco embossed sheets.

    Autodrome (Dubai), 2006. Architects: HOK, Dubai.

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    Leicht und umweltgerecht


    The environmental friendly building envelope with a lightweightstructure. Thats Kalzip.

    Lightweight structure using Kalzip

    The lightweight Kalziproof structure

    can easily bridge large spans, even withcurved lines.

    Kalzipis a well-proven, environmentally

    friendly building system: lightweight,

    strong, weather-proof, can be precisely

    adapted and is flexible in shape. Whats

    more, it is ideal for combining with other

    building materials such as those used in

    the roof build-up which create what we

    consider indispensible, comfort and safety.

    Living in harmony with nature that is

    both our aim and our challenge.

    Saving energy and resources by utilising

    re-usable building materials in light-

    weight structures are important factors

    when planning building work. Kalzipdoes this very simply. Because it is light

    weight, only 3-5 kg/m2, the amount of

    material used in the supporting structure

    is reduced, thus saving resources.

    Installing large sheets instead of layers

    of small components saves time. High

    costs on-site are replaced by more

    efficient industrial production techniques.

    Photograph right:Nad Al Sheba MilleniumGrandstand (Dubai), 2001.Kalzip65/400 stucco-embossed.

    Architects: Engineer.

    IKEA Home furnishings (Dubai)

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  • 7/26/2019 Kalzip Image UAE (1)


    Flexibel in der Formgebung


    You conceive the designs. We supply the protective shell.

    Your imagination is our challenge

    Every day, we work for innovative

    building shapes. So every day we rise tonew challenges. The result is often more

    than just a building shell in the normal

    sense because, with Kalzip, there

    are many buildings which have a strong

    visual impact.

    Networking Operating Center (Bahrain)

    A multitude of shapes and colours

    can be used


    is flexible and can be adaptedto suit the requirements of progressive

    architects, both in terms of building

    geometry and size. Planning details are

    computer-controlled and transferred to

    production using CAD/CAM systems.

    Dimensional accuracy of manufacture

    guarantees the maximum precision and

    consequently, fast, trouble-free


    As experienced advisers, we can give

    you all the support you need right from

    the early planning stages.

    Aspire Sports Dome, Qatar (Dubai). Architect: Roger Taillibert.

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    Creativity Centre of shoe factory Rohde, Schwalmstadt (D),1999. Kalzipstucco embossed, factory curved incor-porating 3 different radii. Architects and overall planers:Koschany, Zimmer & Assozierte, Essen.

    Congress Palace Valencia (E), 1998. Kalzipstucco embossed and curved. Architects: Foster & Partners, London (GB).a

    Jumairah Beach Hotel (Dubai), 1997. Architects: W.S. Atkins+Partner.

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    Attention to detail. Youll recognise this in Kalzip.

    Town Hall, Apeldoorn (NL), 1995. Kalzipstucco embossed, partly tapered. Architect Group, Amsterdam.

    IKEA Home furnishings (Dubai)

    Kalzipis much more than just an

    industrial prefabricated metal roofing


    Precision, functionality and great shapes

    in regards to both detail and fixing

    thats Kalzip.

    The Kalzipsystem offers proven


    For roof openings

    Complementery items for verge,

    ridge and eaves areas

    Translucent elements including



    Cover strips

    Seam clips

    Specially made components, e.g.

    for walkways, solar equipment etc.

    Kalzipis a building system which has

    been continually developed over more

    than three decades. All components

    complement each other both functionally

    and visually.

    This allows the user to ensure that he has

    made the right decision.

    Hypermarket (Dubai)

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    BMW showroom, Kuwait City. Architects: Salem Al-Marzouk and Sabah abu Hama. Airport Office Centre, Munich Riem Airport (D), 1988.Kalzipstucco embossed, smooth curved.Architects: Mhlmeier + Scheller, Mnchen.

    Jumairah Conference Centre (Dubai), 1997. Architects: W.S. Atkins+Partner.

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    Durchdacht im System


    The Kalzipsystem the result of great innovative effort.

    Kalzip the complete solution

    In its standard form, Kalziphas a stuccoembossed finish with a protective plating

    on both sides.

    This helps to make the material

    impervious to external influences.


    Core material

    Rolled on both sides, Kalzipprotective

    plating increases the strength and

    service-life of the buildings aluminium

    shell. Colour coating fulfills a purely

    visual function.

    Kalzipmeets current-day

    requirements in a special way:


    Great strength

    Resistance Corrosion-proof

    Practically maintenance-free

    Resistant to atmospheric effects

    Flexible shape

    Non combustible

    Can be used as lightning conductor

    Can be re-usable

    High quality material

    Can be recycled

    Can be re-used, maintaining full

    functional quality

    Kalzipis a flexible, weather-proof,

    easy-to-install system made of aluminium

    profiled sheets and well co-ordinated


    Installed using the modular design princi-

    ple, Kalzipis the complete solution for

    high quality shape and function

    throughout the buildings entire life.

    Physical construction aspects such as

    sound-proofing, heat-insulation and

    moisture-protection, as well as climatic

    and health requirements, are taken into

    consideration in the layers of the roof


    If produced on site the lightweight sheets

    can be supplied in lengths of 80 metres

    and more and allow a particularly fast and

    economical installation.

    The mechanical zipping of the seams

    produces a load bearing connection.

    Vapor diffusion, however, is still possible

    in this area enableing residual moisture

    to evaporate after the installation.

    Special aluminium clips have to be usedfor joining the Kalzipprofiled sheets with

    the substructure of the roof. They are

    locked into the seam and will be over-

    lapped by the following Kalzipelement,

    so that the fixing elements are hidden

    under the roofing. This ensures that the

    roofing elements need not to be punc-

    tured for fastening.

    The newly developed E clip even im-

    proves the as such excellent sliding

    properties of the Kalziproofing.