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A Knowledge Innovation Project Proposal For The National Council for Egyptian Expatriates. (NCEE). June 26, 2005 Cairo. OUTLINE:. Executive Summery. Project Description and Key proposed activities. Dimensions Assessment Results and Radar Chart. Success Criteria - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • A Knowledge Innovation Project ProposalForThe National Council for Egyptian Expatriates.(NCEE)June 26, 2005Cairo.

  • OUTLINE:Executive Summery.

    Project Description and Key proposed activities.

    Dimensions Assessment Results and Radar Chart.

    Success Criteria

    Recommendations and Future Steps

  • BRAIN DRAIN Vs. BRAIN GAINBrain Drain refers to intellectual and technical elites from the Third World who emigrated to an industrialized country represent a potential resource for the socioeconomic development of their home country. This has almost exclusively negative impacts on the Third World.

    The Brain gain expands this perspective by predicting long-term positive effects in case of a return or network building processes of the emigrated Third World elites.

    However, there are attempts to show how such a resource loss (brain drain) can be converted into a long-term resource profit (brain gain) for the developing country.

  • THE CASE IN EGYPT:Most of Egyptians who lives abroad are highly successful and accomplished scientists and experts in various specialties. Egyptian expatriates have extensive resources (skills, education, expertise and financial resources) that are not being effectively utilized positively in Economic development of Egypt.

    Many Egyptian Expatriates aspire to participate in Egypts development yet have no channels to contribute through.

    However, In recent economic thinking each dollar remitted has a multiplier effect on increases in GDP. And there may be unique attributes of the remitting behaviour of highly skilled emigrants, for they earn more and when they do remit they may remit larger amounts, which will be considered as one of the important sources of Foreign Exchange.

  • The National Council For Egyptian Expatriates (NCEE):Establishing the National Council For Egyptian Expatriates, aims to:Reverse patterns of brain drain to a brain gain, as skilled emigrants abroad can be a significant resource, especially if ongoing contact between the Government and Egyptian skilled expatriates is fostered. Aiming to ensure knowledge transfer through National Expatriates.

    Cooperation between the Government and private sector (especially SMEs) seeks to increase communications, knowledge transfer, remittances, and investment.

  • The National Council For Egyptian Expatriates (NCEE):

    Integrating efforts of the Government relevant Ministries (Ministry of Scientific Research, Ministry of High Education, Ministry of Investment and Ministry of Emigration and Manpower), and relevant NGOs.

    Increase the flow of Remittances of Expatriates, which is considered a significant source of Foreign Currency.

    Develop retention policies to stop the increasing numbers of highly skilled labour, and attract who were already immigrated. (for example: improve education sector and research environment in Egypt, also Economic development and creating employment opportunities)

  • Key Proposed Activities:Promoting the collaboration between the Government and Development partners (NGOs and Donors), unifying exerted efforts, emphasise the common vision and purpose of Development, through frequent meetings and workshops.

    Build Networks to connect Egyptian expatriates (highly skilled emigrants) with the demand for expertise within Egypt.

    Identifying knowledge gaps in areas where Egypt Small & Middle Enterprise (SMEs) lacks expertise such as innovation in science and technology.

  • Key Proposed Activities:Encouraging the investment climate through increasing flow of remittances.

    Holding annual Forums on highly skilled emigrants to discuss Knowledge transfer through Egyptians Expatriates and investment issues, releasing annual reports measuring the effectiveness of knowledge transfer and Expatriate role in development.

    Media campaigns to attract highly skilled Egyptian Expatriates.

    Develop networks between Education and Research centres, Universities and schools, with Egyptian Expatriate Scholars.

  • Expected Financial Value:Increase in the flow of remittances.Increase in Foreign Exchange.Increase investment and the return on investment.Creating job opportunities, reducing unemployment.Increase in Countrys GDP.Increase in Economic Growth rate.Reduce the cost of Brain Drain or highly skilled labour immigration.Reduce the Demand on Foreign Technical Assistance.

  • Expected Financial Value:Better allocation of financial resources.

    Attract more Foreign Direct Investment FDI, a result of the encouraging Investment climate.

    Reducing cost of Foreign Training and Technical Assistance.

    Economic Development and better standards of living that will decrease numbers of highly skilled labour immigration.

  • Expected Non-Financial Value:Facilitate communication between all relevant parties and Egyptian Expatriates.Unify the vision and purpose to all participants.Flexibility of dialogue among participants.Enhancing performance and Increase work efficiency.Global competences promote the world wide presence of NCEE.Ensure the transfer of knowledge and innovation.Higher credibility and accountability.Higher productivity of personnel.

  • Expected Non-Financial Value:Deeper understanding of the global community.

    Promote an International Dialogue on International Immigration.

    Social harmony and decrease in family disorders.

    Reduce duplication of Work and effort in issues of Brain Gain.

    Integrate efforts of the civil society along with government goals for development.

    Enhance Education Tools and strategies.

  • Measurement of non-financial value:More Integration in the global community.The overall success made by the council after setting the proper mechanisms for the intelligence-gathering system in compare to the previous status.Knowledge transfer indicators.The well-going of the project.The increase in number of Expatriate who wants to participate with their knowledge in this project.

  • Measurement of non-financial value:The increase of Number of Grants offered to NCEE, including technical assistance grants.Public opinion in newspapers and magazines.Communication between local universities and the council, in order to build networks with their expatriate scholars.More achievements in Education development and developing new teaching techniques.The increase of knowledge-based educational system.Performance measures will approve the better performance of the Council.Increasing Productivity measures.

  • Radar Chart

  • The Detailed Results:

  • Priority Group 1 Dimensions

    Technology/InternetLearning NetworksCollaborative ProcessLeadership/ Leverage

  • Improvement Goal Priority Group 1

    Promote communication and collaboration, in order to ensure NCEEs learning and innovation capabilities.

    This will enhance the leadership inside the Council and promote its leadership globally.

  • Project Suggestion Priority Group 1Establishing Information Technology Unit, to facilitate activities carried out by the Council, and to ensure its learning and innovation capabilities. Build Knowledge Network for expertise exists within the NCEE to provide assistance to employees in the areas of technology, organizational behaviour, and general information. Build Website for the NCEE.Build a Network connecting the Egyptian Expatriates with their home courntry.

  • Priority Group 2 Dimensions

    Performance MeasuresMarket PositioningMarket Penetration

  • Improvement Goal Priority Group 2Carry out research and studies on the market and ensure the accessibility to Information and data is available to all employees within the council.

  • Project Suggestion Priority Group 2Establish Research and Development Unit, to manage a Research Study on Methodology of dealing with Strategic Alliances and to design performance measurements.

  • Priority Group 3 Dimensions

    Product ServiceEducation/DevelopmentMarket Image

  • Improvement Goal Priority Group 3Building a good market image.

  • Project Suggestion Priority Group 3Educational training courses, that will emphasize knowledge based products and services.

  • Resources Required:Financial Resources.Human Resources ( experts, expatriates,...etc).Technology Infrastructure ( computer, internet access, Networks ... )

  • Time Required:Total time reqired:

    Strategic (6-12) months

  • Success Criteria:Enhance Education and training.International dialogue on International immigrationBetter Economic Conditions Increase of remittances transfer that will be reflected on a number of New investment projects.Decrease Number of immigration.Promote the role of the R&D unit in NCEE.

  • Organizational Readiness:Can this project can be started immediately, because required recourses are available.

  • Projected Start Date:Tactic (3-5) months

  • RECOMMENDATIONS:WHAT CAN WE DO TO STOP BRAIN DRAIN:Improve Economic and Political conditions.Design new immigration policies and regulations.Create Job opportunitiesBuild knowledge networks, to ensure connect knowledge transfer through Egyptian Expatriates.Hold media campaigns Online and on Satellite channels to attract more flow of remittances.Learn from Foreign Experiences. ( Case of India)Promote the Idea of Establishing a National Council For Egyptian Expatriate.

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