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<ul><li><p>July 23, 2014 GOWRIE, WEBSTER COUNTY, IOWA VOL. 124 NO. 29</p><p>Visit www.daytongowrienews.com for your local news...</p><p>Local students win Iowa State Human Sciences Scholarships The Iowa State University College of Human Sciences and its academic departments offered over $800,000 in scholarships to students for the 2014-2015 academic year. Local recipients include: From Gowrie, Cally Duncan, Sophomore, Elementary Education, Prairie Valley Jr. / Sr. High School, Ruth and J.R. Underwood Scholarship - School of Education; Katie Jaeschke, Junior, Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Studies, Prairie Valley High School, Betty Kirkbride Keller Scholarship - College of Human Sciences, Geraldine M. Bentler Endowment Fund Scholarship - Human Development and Family Studies; From Stratford, Alisha Carlson, Senior, Child, Adult, and Family Services, Webster City High School, L. Mildred Wilson Scholarship - College of Human Sciences. This weekend the Gowrie community </p><p>had an opportunity to celebrate the peace of mind they have in knowing when they dial 9-1-1, an ambulance carrying at least one trained EMT is headed their way and not a hearse. The Southwest Webster Ambulance Service, which is based in Gowrie, recognized their 40th anniversary on Saturday with a carnival-themed fundraiser. The event featured bingo that used ambulance related words instead of numbers, a magician, carnival games, and cot races. There have been a lot of people who have dedicated a lot of hours to make this [service] important, to make this an outstanding service, Terry Towne, director of the service, said. Its not just about the crew thats on today. Its about everyone who has ever served. The fundraiser also offered a lunch of hamburgers cooked by the Webster County Beef Producers and free rides on an antique fire truck given by the fire department. Attendants had the chance to give donations to the ambulance crew and toward the Gowrie Fire Department building fund. Towne said the donations for the ambulance crew will go toward purchasing new equipment and training crew members. It seems like the state is constantly asking us to do more and more with the training, she said, noting recently they had to train on how to handle individuals exposed to dangerous gases and biosecurity situations. Towne said she tried to include something for everyone in the family in the event as well as fun for the crew members with the cot races. The races operated much like a relay. For example, one race involved different people on a team strapping a person to a cot, applying a cervical collar, and then applying a splint. The first place winners of the cot races were Andrew Pepples, Bailey Baker, Sarah Tempel, and Leon Cook. Second Place winners were Joanne Anderson, Jean Sollie, Marsha Farnaham, and Bruce Towne. </p><p>Wednesday, July 23 Farnhamville Fire Dept., 7:30 p.m. at the fire station.Monday, July 28 Harcourt TOPS, 8:00 a.m. at Faith Lutheran Church Harcourt.To have the date and time of your organizations </p><p>meeting listed here,call the Gowrie News at 352-3325 or email us at gnews@wccta.net</p><p> Overall, Towne said the event was a success. Everyone who came had a good time, she said. Jeff Peterson, owner of Jamboree Foods, has been on the ambulance service for 37 years. He said before the ambulance service existed, Palmer and Swank Funeral Home transported patients to the hospital and care provided in the back of the hearse was minimal. Its a huge thing that this community formed its ambulance 40 years ago, he said. That was something really different to those people. Ned Palmer, owner of Palmer and Swank Funeral Home, said the ambulance service is extremely better than what his father Max Palmer was able to provide. Youve got trained personnel [in the ambulance], he said. Its all benefits with capital letters. Elberta Adkins was on the service when it formed 40 years ago. She said she is proud the service has lasted so long because it is needed in the community. She knows personally how useful it is because a year and a half ago she fell off a step later and broke a hip. A person doesnt realize it until it happens to you, she said. I am very grateful that there are enough volunteers that they can keep it going. I dont know what wed do if we didnt have it.</p><p>Southwest Webster Ambulance Service celebrates 40th AnniversaryCarnival-themed fundraiser...</p><p>Children and parents enjoyed a great show by Michael Oz, a magician.</p><p>Many gathered for a game of Bingo.</p><p>Southeast Valley HSCross Country officially begin Mon, Aug. 11 The high school cross-country season (grades 9 through 12) will officially begin Mon-day, August 11th. Athletes and managers need to meet in the Southeast Valley high school commons by 7:25 a.m. There will be a team meeting at 7:30 to cover team expectations and philosophy, followed by a practice that will last until approximately 10 am. Physicals and oth-er forms (these can be obtained from the high school office) must be up to date before students will be allowed to practice. Those who attended the meeting last spring will be receiving information in the mail that will contain a practice schedule, meet schedule and further information about what is needed for practices. If an athlete did not attend the spring meeting and is still interested in run-ning cross country this fall please contact Coach Nuss at 515-352-3570 or email HYPERLINK mailto:nuss@prairievalley.k12.ia.us nuss@prairievalley.k12.ia.us to receive the additional information. Reminder that there is currently a run-</p><p>Cross Country Continue on page 5...</p></li><li><p>July 23, 20142 THE GOWRIE NEWSTHE GOWRIE NEWS</p><p>Compare the Quality</p><p> Gowrie Lake City Lake View Rockwell City 515-352-3891 712-464-7907 712-665-8555 712-297-8989515-352-3876 712-464-7281 712-665-8554 712-297-7337www.stewartmemorial.org www.facebook.com/SMCHLakeCity</p><p>Stewart Memorial Community HospitalMcCrary Rost Clinic Community Pharmacy</p><p>Quality Rating Given By Patients St. Mary MErCy Iowa SMCH antHony grEElEy DES MoInES avEragE</p><p>Patients who reported 87% 83% 84% 76% 84%their doctors always communicated well </p><p>Patients who gave their 83% 75% 80% 67% 75%hospital a rating of 9 or 10 on a scale from 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest) </p><p>Patients who reported 84% 76% 82% 70% 74%YES, they would definitely recommend the hospital</p><p> Data is the most current information available as of July 10, 2014, which reflects results from July 1, 2012 June 30, 2013. Source: www.medicare.gov/hospitalcompare/</p><p>the voice of the customer:</p><p>After suffering the loss of his mother and brother, Phil Hammen realized his own health was in jeopardy. Read Phils story </p><p>at www.stewartmemorial.org</p><p>By Cassidy Riley Gowrie United Methodist is the six-teenth church Pastor Annette Ruhs Kruse has led. Kruse arrived in Gowrie on June 17 and she replaced Pastor Jane Shepherd. Kruse said since her arrival in town she has been positively overwhelmed by how welcoming people have been to her and her family. Her first day in her office she said a parade of people came to see her. I am not kidding it was nonstop people stopping in to welcome me, she said. It kind of blew my mind. Kruse and her husband Pastor David Kruse have been pastors in the United Method-ist Church since they entered seminary together in 1984. Annette Kruse said she knew since junior high she was destined to be involved in church ministry but she resisted the idea of be-coming a pastor because she didnt think it was something women were supposed to do. She didnt even meet her first female pastor until college. I had to really wrestle with that because so many people would say to me women cant be pastors, she said. I kept fighting that call with God. According to an article from 2005 on the United Methodist Church website, there are nearly 12,000 female clergy members in the church. Additionally, the Heartford Institute for Religious Research reports in 2010 about 10 percent of all congregations in the United States have a woman serving as the senior or sole church leader. As of 1994, this percentage increases to 15 when only the United Methodist Church was considered. It wasnt until after she and David Kruse had been married five years she decided to be-come a pastor. She said after talking to other pastors and looking at the Bible as a whole, she saw God called women in powerful ways to lead, including Deborah of the Old Testament and Pricilla of the New Testament. Through that realization she came to peace by answering the call she felt from God. She soon discovered her husband had been fighting the same call. </p><p>Gowrie United Methodist Church welcomes Pastor Annette Ruhs Kruse</p><p> God had been working in his heart too so when I said yes it meant he had to say yes because he couldnt run anymore, she said. The couple has rarely co-pastored over the years but all together, David Kruse and An-nette Kruse have pastored around 30 churches. David Kruse is currently retired but still preach-es every other week at churches in Boxholm and Otho. While Pastor Annette Kruse is 58, she says she intends to stay in Gowrie for a while and has given no thought to retirement. I dont anticipate Ill ever retire retire, she said. I dont feel my age. Having been here a little over a month, she is still getting to know the community and said she doesnt yet have specific goals for the church. We are to make disciples for Jesus Christ and the transformation of the world, she said. I think this church does a pretty good job of grasping what that means but theres always room for improvement. Youve got to begin somewhere and I guess thats where Ill begin. Jane Shepherd, who formerly pastored the church, said Pastor Annette Kruse has a great positive attitude as well as a beautiful voice and musical talent she may be able to use to help grow the church. Annette Kruse said be-fore she felt called to be a pastor she thought God would use her in musical ministry. Her and her husband both enjoy singing and occasion-ally sing together at church. Christian people really love music and its a way to connect with God that sometimes doesnt happen listening to a sermon or going to a bible study for some people, Shepherd said. Music really touches the heart directly and doesnt go through the cognitive brain as much. Its more of a spiritual experience that you dont have to think through. Alan Wooters, a member of the churchs council, said there is always apprehension when a church is assigned a new pastor but he and many others are very excited about their new pastor joining their church. Theres an immense sigh of relief that shes exciting and has some real dynamic ser-mons and seems to be fitting into our congrega-</p><p>tion and the community, he said. He said she was baptized by fire with one of her first duties in the church being help-ing with the annual chicken dinner on July 4 but he saw she worked hard to greet people and par-ticipate in the celebration. She seems to be excited to be here and were excited to have her, he said. </p><p>4th of July part 3 continued on page 9...</p><p>Fourth of July...part 4By Cassidy Riley Everyone enjoys a bit of friendly compe-tition once in a while. On the Fourth of July in Gowrie, competition can be found around every corner. There are water fights and awards at the car show sponsored by the Gowrie Fire Depart-ment. The Gowrie Municipal Golf Course host-ed the annual Armature Mens Golf Tournament and the American Legion hosts a raffle. Among all the ways residents can find themselves locked in a battle among their friends and neighbors there are at least two unforgettable competitionsthe Bill Riley Talent Show and cow pie bingo. Bill Riley Talent Show The Gowrie Area Arts Council begins planning for the Bill Riley Talent Show in Febru-ary by applying to be an official show and reserv-ing their spot on the list of shows posted online. Diane Adam, who coordinates the show, said being listed on the website is very important because performers begin contacting them from around the state to participate immediately. You have people looking online as soon as our shows hit the list, she said. To be considered an official show and send winners to the big competition in Des Moines the Gowrie show has to have four entries in the sprouts and senior categories. Julie Peterson, who also helps coordinate the show, said their planning process involves a lot of simultaneous activities. After being regis-tered as an official show they start looking for an MC, judges, and contacting music teachers to look for performers. Peterson said they try to look for judges who have experience in performance. This years judges were Drew Palmer, who has experience in piano and trumpet; Deb Letcher, with experi-ence in tap, band, and choir; and Jacie Simon, who studies music at Simpson College. On the day of the competition the en-tire arts council meets in City Park to help set up sound and equipment and organize the event. The event is sponsored by Jamboree Foods and the American Legion and money is used for prize money and judge payments. Cow Pie Bingo There are likely few in the world who can appreciate the value of a game built around the location of a cows manure but fans of cow pies are in ample supply on the Fourth of July in Gowrie. In fact, cow pie bingo has become so </p><p>Pastor Annette Ruhs Kruse</p></li><li><p>July 23, 2014 3THE GOWRIE NEWSTHE GOWRIE NEWS</p><p>POSTMASTER: Send address change to THE GOWRIE NEWS</p><p>P.O. Box 473, Gowrie, IA 50543</p><p>Official County Newspaper (USPS 224-240). A local news-paper as prescribed by law. Published weekly by The Gowrie News, 1108 Market Street, Gowrie, Iowa 50543. Periodicals postage paid at the Post Office at Gowrie, Iowa 50543.</p><p>Glenn Schreiber, Editor and PublisherTonya Harrison, Graphic Designer,</p><p>Linda Barber, office and clericalJill Viles, Staff Writer</p><p>Aletha Stienstra: Tech support, clerical</p><p>Card of Thanks ...............................................$650 first 15 words, 20 per word thereafter</p><p>SUBSCRIPTION RATESWithin the State of Iowa - $3000 Per Year</p><p>Out of state - $3300 Per YearSnowbird - $3200 Per Year</p><p>STAFF</p><p>ADDRESS CHANGES</p><p>1108 Market Street, P.O. Box 473 Gowrie, IA 50543-0473</p><p>Ph.: 515-352-3325 Fax: 515-352-3309email: gnews@wccta.net www.daytongowrienews.com</p><p>Webster Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association</p><p>Wed. July 23: Meat Loaf, Boiled Potato, Mixed Vegetables, JelloThu. July 24: Chicken Salad Sandwich, Potato Salad, Tomato Spoon Salad, Melon Cup, Raspberry LemonadeFri. July 25: Hot Pork Sandwich, w/WW Bread and Potatoes w/Gravy, Carrots &amp; Broccoli, Oatmeal Raisin BarMon. July 28: Swiss Style Gr. Beef, Baked Potato, Triple Salad, Blushing Pears, Tomato JuiceTue. July 29: BBQ Pork on WW Bun, California Blend, Potato Salad, PeachesWed. July 30: Golden Baked Chicken, Scalloped Potatoes, Harvard Beets, Sunshine Salad, WW Roll</p><p>TOPICS COVERED:~How trusts can save money and keep your farm in your family~How Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) can reduce your taxes</p><p>FREE</p><p>S...</p></li></ul>