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JudaismThe first of the monotheistic traditionsSouth of Phoenicia 2000 BCAbram the Sumerian found in (Genesis 11-25) lived to be 175 years old!

Married Sarai and left for Canaan with father and nephew

Told by God that he would be the founder of a chosen people Abram was 75 and his wife was old as well and they, as of yet, had no children.Abram was required to have faith

Abram has a sonAbram leaves with his wife for Egypt since Canaan was in famine(Story from Genesis 12)

Abram is told by God to go back to Canaan God makes the Abrahamic Covenant (two way promise between man and God)

God will bless him to be the founder of a great nation to control the promise land

Abram has a lot of money but no kids

Hagar (handmaiden of Sarai) gives birth to Ishmael but are banned

Abram picks up an HAt 99 years old Abram is told that his name is to be changed to Abraham and Sarai to Sarah

Law of Circumcision is followed and Abraham is a prophet

Abraham and Sarah have a child of their own after 3 visitorsIsaac is born but then God tells Abraham to sacrifice him!Abraham goes to kill Isaac but is stopped by an angel and is accepted by God

Abrahams GrandsonJacob became a powerful ruler in Canaan and through 2 wives and 2 servants had 12 sons (12 tribes)

Joseph was despised by his brothers and eventually sold into Egypt (Rachels first born)

In Egypt he becomes powerful in Potiphars house then is placed in jail for doing the right thing

In jail he reads the dreams of some prisoners and helps the Pharaoh out and made the right hand man of the Pharaoh

Heading to EgyptWhen the famine hits Egypt and the rest of Mesopotamia many come from all over to get grain from Egypt

Josephs brothers show up and Joseph plays a trick on them to test them

Joseph invites them all to Egypt where they will stay until Moses

Out of EgyptOnce Josephs decedents stay in Egypt they are eventually mistreated and enslaved.

The Hebrews pray for God to deliver them out of Egypt and Moses comes to the rescue

Moses was born a Hebrew but then raised as an Egyptian by the Pharaoh's wife.

Moses discovers that he is a Hebrew and runs away to Midian where he meets Jethro and Zipporah

MosesWhile living in the mountains he sees a burning bush and God speaks to him

Moses is commanded to go back to Egypt and demand that Pharaoh release His peoplePlagues inflict Pharaoh until he finally lets them goBloodFrogsGnats and LiceFliesPestilenceBoilsHailLocustsDarknessDeath of FirstbornMosesMoses leads the people out of Egypt and God promises them a promised land

Moses travels up to Mt. Sianai and there receives the 10 Commandments; the new law code of the Hebrews

When Moses returns he is angry because his people have been worshipping other gods.

The people wander for 40 years until all die but their posterity make it to the promised landHebrews are UnitedAfter Moses, the remaining Hebrews place the 10 commandments into the Arc of the Covenant

The people are divided into 12 tribes (after 12 sons of Jacob)

Saul first to unite the tribes as a King of Israel (10 tribes)

Built the Capital in Samaria

Drove the Canaanites out but could not drive out PhilistinesDavid the giant slayerDavid grew up as a Shepard from Judah (the southern kingdom)

Fights against Goliath of Philistines and kills him with a sling

Becomes king and places the capital of Judah in Jerusalem

Makes a covenant not only with God but a promise with his people as well

SolomonDavids son and successor, Solomon brought Israel to its high point

Constructed a great temple to replace the tabernacles of Moses timeThe temple was a place to worship God

Made trade relations with other nations and was known for being wise and fair

Ruled in the 900s BCEnd of the Tribes After Solomon the 10 tribes of Israel revolt and break from Judah (Jeroboam sides with 10 northern tribes Rehoboam with Judah/Benjamin)

Israel is destroyed by 722 BC by Assyria and scattered

Judah is conquered and the temple destroyed by the Chaldeans in 587 BC

From this time until WWII they would be a wandering peopleKnown for their hard work ethic the Jewish people today are disproportionally wealthyFinal Jewish Terms to knowMoses writes down the history of his people in 5 books known as the Torah

Jewish people today celebrate Passover in remembrance of Gods protection with the plagues in Egypt

Celebrate the Sabbath (holy day) on Saturday as the 7th day of the week

Yom Kippur ( ) is the most important holiday as day of Atonement where people fast

Hanukah is a small holiday although gets more publicity

Bar Mitzvah for boys at 13 years acceptance to manhood

Star of David became a well known symbol of Judaism after the time of King David


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