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PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint PresentationsMake a good presentationAvoid making a bad presentation

Making an effective PowerPoint PresentationPowerPoint 2013 offers so many wonderful possibilitiesyou could have the most fantastic presentation ever or just as well, a very bad presentation, if the design is cluttered and unfocused

With too many different fonts and styles, for example, your presentation could begin to look like a ransom note here is a ransom note which I found in Online Pictures:

Crystallize Visualize Organizefor startersOutline on paper - your objective

Put your ideas on letter-size sheets of paper landscape orientation (like your slides) and visualize your ideas for each slide keep in mind your target audience

Arrange and rearrange the sheets so that your presentation will flow logically

Have fun learning all of PowerPoints featuresYou will quickly learn how to put all your ideas directly into the slides and shuffle them as easily as a deck of cards in fact, PowerPoint calls the group of slides a deck like a deck of cards

The PowerPoint Artists Palette

Transition stylesLayouts and color themesShapes, SmartArt, WordArt, FontsAnimationImages from clipart, Online PicturesSound clips and video clips

Transition Styles set the rhythmClick the Transitions tab to see all the different types and how they are grouped:

Subtle such as fadeExciting such as curtainsDynamic Content such as rotate

Layouts and color themes unifyThe layout feature is under the Home tab - Color themes are under the Design tab -

Two Content layout, for example

This slide show uses the facet theme

Shapes, SmartArt, WordArt, Graphics, Fonts Shapes such as this callout - or WordArt can add interest or focus attention -

WordArtFeatures used in Word such as text boxes are also available in PowerPoint


Shapes, SmartArt, WordArt, Graphics, Fonts

SmartArt and Charts or Graphscan be informativebut should be kept simple

There are other features that you might find useful for your educational presentations, such as TranslateIn English:Throughout his diplomatic and political activity he produced works which rank among the highest that his country's literature contains. For purity of diction and beauty of style Valera has never been surpassed in Spain

The above is a segment from Wikipedia about the Spanish diplomat and writer, Juan Valera

In Spanish:

A lo largo de su diplomtico y poltico actividad produjo obras que alinean entre el ms alto que contiene literatura de su pas. La pureza de diccin y belleza del estilo Valera nunca ha sido superado en Espaa

Animation helps keep the attention focusedThe Animation tab can be used to create special effects with your text, images, shapes

Clipart and Online Pictures illustrate

Sound and video clips make it memorable

video from Cengage Learning

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