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1. Everything you need to know..... 2. Table of Contents.....The call to Compassionate Justice Page 3From Vision to practice Page 4WHAT IS JUSTICE:MERCY Page 5What are the Core needs? Page 6MINISTRY PARTNERS and initiatives Page 7Volunteering Page 8 9Donations: In Kind Page 10Initiate Justice Page 11 12Talk to us Page 13STAY UPDATED Page 142 3. The Call to Compassionate Justice.....The call to Compassionate Justice There is a distinct theme in Scripture that calls Gods people to take up the charge of Compassionate Justice as an expression of His righteous goodness and his overwhelming love for the world. God charges his people to clothe the naked, feed the hungry, defend the vulnerable and share our worldly possessions (1 Tim 6:18). These good deeds display the character of God and are an invitation, to the people of the world, to seek after him. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Matt 516 What Makes a good deed? Good deeds are a true expression of love for our neighbour. It is this love that works on behalf of fellow men to enable them to acquire, dignity, provision and liberation from oppression. Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18 Good deeds demonstrate a thoughtful approach and make every effort, with care, to address the root causes of the complex problems that face our world. Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow. Isaiah 1:173 4. What is JustiCe:Mercy.....a ministry of Bryanston Bible Church. It exists to: 1) enable the congregation to express compassionate justice, as disciples of Christ, 2) administrate a portion of the churches collective resources to restore the balance of justice in favour of the vulnerable and oppressed. Ministry Credo Justice:Mercy is a love driven, biblically based, response to the presence of injustice in society. It aims to restore the balance of justice through acts of mercy that include generosity to the poor, advocacy for the oppressed and redemption for the oppressors. As the hands and feet of Jesus we have been loved by Him and sent out to demonstrate His character and person. We engage in good works that illustrate His predilection for justice and His unyielding affection for the least of these including orphans, widows, prisoners, slaves and the poor, Help the vulnerable; preach the Gospel...............................................................................................................................5 5. From Vision to Practice.....We seek to enable, through everything we take on, an expression of good deeds that are characterised by effective justice for the vulnerable and a sincere and measurable Gospel impact. This is the practical basis on which we review ministry opportunities against our vision of Helping the Vulnerable; Preaching the Gospel.4Click for more infoCompassionate JusticeGospel OutreachGeneral CareSocial ActionEfficacy of help offeredThe Gospel ImpactHighLowLowHigh 6. What are the Core needs.....Orphaned and vulnerable Children South Africa is currently undergoing a family crisis the result of which is the existence of an estimated 3.5* million orphans with a further multitude of children whose primary care giver is not able to provide a tenable home environment due to age, health, or addiction. As a church we seek to partner with organisations that provide a place of safety for these vulnerable children. Poverty In 2015 millions of South Africans remain trapped in a cycle of poverty which affect both their body and spirit. As a nation we are experiencing a 25.2%** official unemployment rate and a widening gini coefficient indicating that the problems of the poor are only getting worse. As a church we aim to guide and support the poorest of the poor Slaves There are an estimated 20.9 million people trapped in slavery in an industry that generates an estimated R400 billion worldwide revenue for their captors. The name given to this trade in todays terms is human trafficking and encompasses the sex trade, forced labour and others. South Africa, while only experiencing a medium to low prevalence of trafficking cases is still in the infancy of recognising human traffickings impact and caring for victims. *** There are deeper forms of slavery that exists, first and foremost, in the human heart and spirit. It is with this in mind that BBC reaches out to members of the voluntary sex industry, with love, in the belief that they are of greater value to their father in heaven than they themselves realise.Learn MoreLearn More6Learn More**Stats SA*UNICEF***U.S.S.D T.I.P report 7. J:MPartners and Initiatives.....A ministry to the kids and parents of the Kya Sands informal settlement.A ministry to the poor, that live in and around Bryanston.A mentorship ministry to Inner city teenagers.House building ministry in rural Mpumalanga.Ministry to workers in the sex industry.Home for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children.Childrens home.See MoreSee MoreSee MoreSee MoreSee MoreSee More7Evangelical outpatient drug rehabilitation program.See More 8. Under The Bridge is a home-grown initiative that aims to reach out to the poor with a message of love. The name was inspired by a BBC congregant who was taken by the need of the people living by the river near Bryanston Drive. This ministry is an excellent opportunity for us to extend a hand of hospitality to the migrant workers and homeless job seekers who live in and around Bryanston.Kya Sands is a community development ministry that take place in the Kya Sands informal settlement. The ministry operates around three key needs that affect this poor community, namely the early childhood development of children, prevention of illness in homes and the development of life skills among woman and teenagers. We address those needs through three programs: Play with a Purpose, Primary Healthcare and Bible Studies......TUESDAY PLAY WITH A PURPOSE 09:30-11:30WEDNESDAY PLAY WITH A PURPOSE 09:30-11:30WEDNESDAY PRIMARY HEALTHCARE 09:30-11:30THURSDAY LADIES BIBLE STUDY 10:30-12:00FRIDAY BI WEEKLY TEEN BIBLE STUDY 16:30-18:00Monday Night Worship/feeding Scheme 16:45-18:45Wednesday Night Zulu Bible Study 18:00-19:00Thursday Night Zulu Bible Study 18:00-19:00Learn MoreLearn More8Volunteering 9. Cherished is a faith-based support group for women and men working in the local sex industry. The aim is to reach, restore and equip people in the sex industry. We pray that they will come to know that they are valued, purposed and loved. We hope to provide friendship, support and access to avenues that they can utilise in pursuit of a healthy, fulfilling lifeYou can mentor an orphaned teenager in 2015. It is a annual commitment Alternatively join in our weekly bible studies held at the 5Cs centre in Hillbrow. Additionally you can become a tutor......Wednesday Night Bible Study 18:45-21:30Mentor an inner city TEEN Annual CommitmentSign up for a Trip in 2015Building Trip 12 - 16 June, Youth Day WeekendFriday Night Prostitute Outreach 21:00-24:00Saturday Night Strip Club Outreach 19:00-23:00Tutoring Weekly at your own timeLearn MoreLearn MoreLearn MoreAs a church we make our way to Shongwe multiple times a year. We build a house with our own hands while investing time and love into the recipients of the home.9Building Trip 24 - 28 Sept, Heritage Date WeekendBuilding Trip 24 - 27 April, Freedom Day WeekendVolunteering 10. Donations: In kind.....In Kind: A Charitable Gift of goods or Services10Justice:Mercy serves as a channel through which you can give away:Depending on your professional background we will try match your skills with a good cause. Volunteerism deployed in the area of an individuals proficiency has been proven to be a potent driver for charity and development. Finance, Design, IT, Trades, Engineering, Art, Humanitarian, Education, Legal, Medical, Administration, Entrepenurial If you have passion and the availability email expertiseIf you have first or second hand goods that you would like to distribute to worthy causes feel free to contact us. We will distribute you goods, old clothes or jumble in ways that are just and promote dignity through relationship. Donations can be dropped off at church, outside the admin office, during business hours, after services on Sunday. For advice on larger items email Charitable Goods 11. Initiate Justice...............................................................................11Initiate is a Justice:Mercy ministry through which church congregants, individual or groups, can put forward a plan or initiative that is close to their hearts and receive structured assistance if that plan or initiative lines up strategically with the ministries vision of Helping the vulnerable and Preaching the Gospel.Do you have a plan to aid the oppressed; are prepared to do it right and see it through to fruition?We are excited about your passion and want to aid you with the tools you need to make it effective.If you are willing to champion the cause we are willing to help you get there. 12. Initiate Justice...............................................................................12If you have a cause then help comes in the form of 3Cs; Coaching, Cash and Communications.Get coaching from the JM coordinator in how to make your proposal effective. Together create a proposal for consideration.Access cash or other resources that you may need to make your proposal effective.Access church communication platforms to promote your initiative and sell your vision to others.Click here for a full ministry outline 13. Talk to us.....The call to compassionate justice is bigger than just the official Justice:Mercy ministry partners and initiatives. We want to know what you are up to. Are you planning or hosting a c


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