It's Not Who They Are, It's What They Do

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David Carroll's presentation on using analytics (statistics) to qualify your website visitors.


<ul><li> 1. Its Not Who They AreIts What They Do<br />Presented by:<br />David Carroll, Founder Dude (a.k.a CEO)<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Bridging the Gap with Technology?<br /> 3. Bridging the Gap with Technology?<br />Conversion with Personal Interaction<br /> 4. Bridging the Gap with Technology?<br />Conversion with Traditional Registration<br /> 5. Bridging the Gap with Technology?<br />Conversion with Auto Registration<br /> 6. Forced Registration Debate!@$#<br /><br />2 Websites Open vs Forced Registration<br />Avg 1,200 Unique Visitors Per Month<br />Open Registrations: 2<br />Forced Registrations: 49<br /> 7. Forced Registration Debate!@$#<br /><br />Stats per Visit: <br />Open: 12.6 Pages Viewed / 8 min 41 sec / 35% Bounce<br />Forced: 10.1 / Pages Viewed / 5 min 56 sec / 44% Bounce<br />Good Activity with no Conversion on sites with 1,200 unique visitors. <br /> 8. Analytics Who Are You?<br />Speakers Session Analytics Experiment<br />How many people are here?<br />Each person is here for some reason.<br />Your commitment on my first session:<br />You must identify your:<br />Full Name<br />Phone Number<br />Email Address<br /> 9. Analytics What You Do<br />Speakers Session Analytics Experiment<br />From Atlanta, Chicago, SOCAL, Mid Florida<br />You are a Real Estate Agent or Broker<br />Your commitment on my first session:<br />ZERO COMMITMENT<br />Listen to my session for 35 minutes.<br /> 10. Home Buyers: Who Are You?<br />What does this say about a Home Buyer?<br />Name<br />Email Address<br />Phone Number<br />IP Address<br /> 11. Home Buyers: What Are You Doing?<br />What does this say about a Home Buyer?<br />Havent registered.<br />Visited 5 Times this Week.<br />Viewed the Same House 7 Times.<br />Searching by subdivision, school district, and price range.<br /> 12. Actionable Stats to Increase Business<br />Actionable Statistics for Your Website<br />Actionable Statistics for Your IDX/Property Search<br /> 13. Bounce Rate<br />Actionable Stats: Website<br /> 14. Bounce Rate<br />Referrers<br />Wrong traffic<br />Message is bad?<br />Wrong ad word<br />Page Views<br />Bad Content<br />No call-to-action<br />Actionable Statistics: Website<br /> 15. Traffic<br />Overall Traffic Tracking<br />Qualify marketing Campaigns<br />Actionable Statistics: Website<br /> 16. Time on Site<br />Overall Time on Site Changes<br />Qualify New Content<br />Video<br />Blog<br />IDX<br />Actionable Statistics: Website<br /> 17. Actionable Statistics: IDX<br />Visits<br />Individual<br />Qualify Individual Interest Level<br />Aggregate<br />Qualify marketing success <br /> 18. Actionable Statistics: IDX<br />Visits<br />Site Level Performance<br /> 19. Actionable Statistics: IDX<br />Attributes: What are they Searching On? <br />Qualify web leads based on:<br />Price<br />City<br />Type of Residence/Neighborhood<br /> 20. Actionable Statistics: IDX<br />Attributes: Example of Site Level Price Ranges<br /> 21. Actionable Statistics: IDX<br />Anonymous Website Visitor Stats<br />Very few of your website visitors register<br />Find out if these visitors are qualified leads or not<br /> 22. Just Because I Love Comics<br /></p>