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    If you currently have ageing and vandalized ATMs maximize the value of your assets by remanufacturing, upgrading and redeploying them.

    At iTAS we repair, re-fit, repaint, customize and reconstruct with technology & security upgrades to bring your costs without cutting quality. iTASs established renewal process ensures your ATMs are aesthetically and mechanically refurbished to an as-new condition.

    iTAS is highly experienced technicians on all brands use detailed documented procedures and a point quality assurance check lists to independently test every aspects of your machine with high quality guaranteed.

    Our upgrade and customization facility ensure your ATMs are equipped with the most up to date hardware, software and security available, cosmetic customizations to paint and body work can be produced to your own specification.

  • Advantage iTAS on ATMs refurbishment

    Highly cost effective.

    Premium Quality Assurance.

    Individually customizable.

    Incredible Attention to Detail

    Engineers more than 8 years of experience on all leading brands


  • Repair rather than replace your ATM cassettes and save 60% against replacement cost.

    iTAS offers an unrivalled ATM Cassette refurbishment and repair service to a truly global Market.

    Repairing rather than replacing your ATM Cassettes not only money but is a risk freeinvestment. in recent tests iTAS have had a 100% configuration accuracy rate on over 5,000 Cassette .iTAS also offers a 45 days Warranty on all refurbished and ATM cassette services Provided.

    The repair and refurbishment service, rather than replacing, is better for environment and ATM Cassettes will be returned as good as new.The ATM Cassette repair service includes:1.ATM Cassette cleaned to as new condition.2.Detailed inspection to prevent early life failure.3.ATM Cassette is given an independent check and test using a fail-safe system for correct Configuration and operation.


    Atm cassette Refurbishment and repair

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  • If you currently have an Glue struck and Key struck EPPs maximize the value of your assets by breaking the Glue struck , and by changing the keys by without dismantling the EPP and redeploying them.



  • Advantage iTAS on EPP Glue struck Breaking

    Highly cost effective.

    Reduce Machine down time.

    Premium Quality Assurance.

    Individually customizable.

    Engineers more than 8 years of experience on all leading brands

  • ATM Module servicing As the independent ATM parts repair centre in the India, we constantly work toward offering world-class quality, timeless of repair and competitive pricing to our valued customers. Our broad experience and capabilities allows us to offer the most comprehensive ATM parts repair portfolio in the industry. Coupled with our philosophy of continuous improvement and a creative engineering team, we work to give our customers a value-added competitive advantage. All repairs are performed on-site in our state-of-the-art facility in Chennai.


    Our Company, iTAS provide reworking on

    Electrical works

    Replacing CCTV

    False Ceiling (GypBoard)

    Solid Full Height Partition

    Main Door


    Front fixed glazing

    Rolling Shutter Painting and Changing

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