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This was the first photography contest I entered and I got first place. I was pretty happy to discover this little suprise when I opened the paper after my vacation to Disneyland.


<p>The Issaquah PressSection</p> <p>B</p> <p>COMMUNITY</p> <p>WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 27, 2008</p> <p>A moment in timeThe Issaquah Press announces the winners of the 2008 Issaquah/Sammamish Amateur Photo Contest. More than 100 people sent in more than 150 images. Photos were judged based on composition, lighting and local identity. First-place winners each will receive $100. Yes, the contest will be held again next year! Look for more contest entries throughout the year in our newspapers and special sections. Heres a look at the first- and second-place winners, as well as a few runners up.</p> <p>First Place Scenic Hailstone Feed Store, by Ronald MartinsenRonald Martinsen, of Issaquah, calls this photo Wicked Solarization. Its a different twist on the Shell gas station that has been photographed by many, Martinsen said.</p> <p>Second Place Scenic Hannah and the butterfly, by Suzi ProutySuzi Prouty, of Issaquah, took this picture of her 6-year-old daughter, on a Sunday evening in their back yard after a day spent swimming with friends. She was chasing and playing with this butterfly when she lost sight of it and asked me where the it went. I told her to look up at her hair, Prouty said.</p> <p>First Place People The Days of Summer, by Keri GreenheckThis was an overwhelming favorite of the judges. The photo was taken in the Timberline neighborhood in Sammamish on one of our hot days this summer, when my son Riley Greenheck and the neighborhood kids were jumping through our sprinkler to cool down. Greenheck said. (By the way, all of the tattoos are fake, leftovers from his birthday party.)</p> <p>Second Place Scenic East From Sammamish, by Dollye PawloskiThis is a picture taken from my front yard overlooking Lake Sammamish, the Mormon temple in Factoria and the Olympics in the background, said Dollye Pawloski, of Issaquah.</p> <p>First Place Animals Merganser Family, by Xing DuI was in Lake Sammamish State Park one day morning, and caught this lovely family picture of Common Merganser, said Xing Du, of Sammamish.</p> <p>Second Place Scenic Eagle-Pine Lake, by Robert HarrisAn eagle sits perched in a tree on Pine Lake.</p> <p>This macro photograph of a bee on a yellow coreopsis blossom, was taken by Robert Harris at his Pine Lake home.</p> <p>Fishing, by Kenji Onozawa, of Issaquah, features Kody, his nephew, fishing from a dock in Lake Sammamish early one morning.</p> <p>Old Hay Barn on the corner of Southeast 43rd Way and East Lake Sammamish Parkway, was taken by Don Peters, of Issaquah.</p>