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  • Next Action Discovery Platform

  • How can I connectmy discovery and intent events?

  • Our Secret Sauce ( Zoom Team) Algorithms Machine learning Server & Architecture Front End Semantics Search & Data Mining NLP Content Q Product &UX Online Marketing

  • Analyze User BehaviorExtract entities and topicsCorrelate & predict actions Create Action CardsProduct Platform Building Blocks

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  • Whats in it for the publisher?CPACPCCPMCPICPM

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  • New Pivot launched focusing on Contextual DiscoveryBasis Technology signed. Raised $2M angel seed roundLaunch first product offering related searches on Ask. ComFounded in Tel Aviv IsraelRaised $2M angel round + Signed with 3 major customer dealsCompany Roadmap2012 2013 2014

  • Yoran BarHead of Product yoran@zoomd.com Thank you for your time and attention.

    Our revolution is we provide monetized recommended actions which are based on context and user.

    *Too much contentintent focus is lostFinding stuff on mobile is a night mare ( small screen, typing, back and forth..)***Zoomd analyzes the context of any web page in real time.

    The solution compares the contextual results with crowd BI and user profiling,and offers next intended actions the user would most likely perform while reading the article, without leaving the webpage.



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