Abbi - Winner of the Israel Mobile Summit 2016 contest

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  • Mobile companies are using the best data scientists in the world to understand their users and increase engagement and revenues.

    The process is lengthy, expensive, not scalable and sometimes inaccurate.


  • Abbi is a big data, machine learning system, that learns and analyzes over 300 user behavior parameters and finds the users happy moments. The system identifies the emotional sentiment and knows how to interact with the user at the right moment to

    maximize user experience and conversions.CONFIDENTIAL

  • Abbi collect data from all device sensors and GPU

  • Device Sensors

    UI Scheme


    Phone parameters

  • User retention for apps using in-app promotions (messages)

  • The importance of targeting at a right time in the app flow

    Apps using in-app promotions get more engagement from users

  • Maor Ezer CEO[2014 2015]

    Verint Systems Director of Product & Sales OSINT Web Intelligence and Data Analytics[2013-2014]

    Motilo UK Director of Product[2007-2012] CEO & Co-Founder

    Notable mentions: Board member iAlbums Ltd. Advisory board LiveTune Ltd. Advisory board AppMyDay (sold to HoneyBook)

  • Kobi Stok CTO[2014 2015]

    Pixie R&D Director of mobile applications[2010 2014]

    LiveTune ( CEO & Founder[2004 2010]

    SAP Senior SW Engineer, front end expert

    Notable mentions: Part of the Microsoft Accelerator Program Patents in Music information retrieval and DSP Products used by over 1 Million users

  • Maor Ezer | | +972-544462020