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IPMPlus celebrates Earth Hour 2013


<ul><li> 1. ENABLING POWER SAVINGS INCOMPUTERS - CELEBRATING EARTHHOUR 2013 IN A NEW WAY </li> <li> 2. Earth Hour 201323 March 2013 8.30 PM Earth Hour is WWFs global campaign inspiring governments, businesses, communities and individuals to take a stand against Climate Change. It is that one crucial hour uniting the world and building synergies through the collective action of switching off non essential lights in celebration of life and our planet. Earth Hour is a unique opportunity for individuals, groups, businesses and governments to do something positive for the environment. It is not just about saving energy for that one hour, but it symbolizes the first step in the direction of adopting environment friendly activities into everyday life, which will lead the way towards a cleaner environment and sustainable lifestyle. </li> <li> 3. What is new in 2013?Saving power in computers This year we are starting a new trend in India by enabling power savings in computers using a software made in India by Vigyanlabs called IPMPlus which helps in intelligent power management of IT infrastructure. Here is why In 2012, data centres worldwide consumed 322 TeraWattHours of electricity. This is enough to power entire Russia for 1 year. Newspapers have reported last year that internet and IT infrastructure emit 830 million Tonnes of CO2 every year. You could say, well, we need the internet; we need our PCs and mobiles. What can we do about reducing the environmental impact? You can easily help by enabling power savings in your computers. The unique aspect about computers (PCs or Servers) is that when you save 1 Watt of Power in them, you are effectively saving 2-3 Watts of power at the source. </li> <li> 4. How can I help?Join the Earth Hour Contest You can help by installing a special Earth Hour edition of IPMPlus in your Windows PCs. The software is available for free at www.earthhour.techgig.com till Earth Hour Day . IPMPlus measures power consumption on your PCs and also helps you configure how you wish to optimize power savings. You can save upto 40% power on your PC without any impact on usability or performance. When you save power on computers: - Someone else gets to use it. There are fewer power cuts. - There is lesser pressure on Government and Utilities to add to generation capacity - CO2 emissions get reduced and in turn, slows down climate change. You can make a big impact through a small step !Note: IPMPlus is a Safe Software. It is certified by Microsoft and works on alleditions of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. It is certified by Softpedia as 100%safe and does not contain any adware, malware or viruses. </li> <li> 5. Joining the contest is easy. Download the Installers from this page Enter your details Its Game On as soon as you complete installation ! Need help? -&gt; Leave a message on the Facebook page ! We are listening ENABLING POWER SAVINGS IN COMPUTERS - CELEBRATING EARTH HOUR 2013 IN A NEW WAY </li> <li> 6. How can I know what is the impact of myhelp? See live, worldwide results at www.ipmplus.com </li> <li> 7. HOW DOES IPMPLUS EARTH HOUREDITION LOOK LIKE? </li> <li> 8. IPMPlus Home Screen shows you your power consumption andsavings. Helps you manage various power modes of yourcomputer with the click of a button. </li> <li> 9. Power savings reports give you detailed information on howpower was consumed and how it was saved. </li> <li> 10. You can create your own power schemes withadvanced settings to manage power in your PC </li> <li> 11. See the worldwide impact atwww.ipmplus.com </li> <li> 12. Thank you </li> <li> 13. Winning Tip: Friends of Earth Hour ContestRefer Friends! Ask them to provide your Email ID as theReferral Email ID during installation.Why? When you want to make a difference, its not enoughthat you do your part. You have to involve everyone.This is the spirit of the game. You get full credit forwhat others do based on your reference ! ENABLING POWER SAVINGS IN COMPUTERS - CELEBRATING EARTH HOUR 2013 IN A NEW WAY </li> </ul>