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  • 1. QuestCelebrates Grade 5Independent Projectcalled a Type III

2. Race to Retirement 3. EconomicsGeorge B.I was interested in the European Unioncrisis, because it was in the news andbegan to wonder; how do economieswork? What products do people produceand who wants to buy them? I alsowanted to know how inflation happens? 4. I decided to make agame thatsymbolizes the lifespan of a familyseconomy? I wantedto get peopleengaged in mygame, so I used myclassmatespersonalities to myadvantage. Race toRetirement was, asthey say, off andrunning. 5. Greek Mythology and Its Influence Today 6. Cultural AnthropologyMatthew B. My recent travels to Europe and Greece inspired me to explore Greeces culture, language, art, and how people live. Anthropology comes from two Greek words Antro and Logs. Those words mean Human Thought. 7. Mysearch began with a reflection of my favorite places in Greece, and how the Greek culture is explained with their mythology. I even wrote my own myth. I loved showing people how Greeks influenced our consumer products today. 8. Who took my a ? 9. Archaeological PhenomenaWalker B.Iwanted to study the scientific remains of the past that reflect human behavior like Stonehenge, The Pyramids and Macchu Pichu. This lead to archaeologists like Howard Carter and Heinrich Schliemann. 10. Themost interesting was the Terra-Cotta soldiers found in China. They were buried along with the emperor Chin Shin Huang Ti who also started the Great Wall of China. This led me to the question of ethics. Should tombs be disturbed or preserved and is this the right thing to do? 11. Heres how it might have happened? 12. Engineering the Great Pyramid Matteo C. Our mystery theme in fourth grade Quest was so interesting to me, that in fifth grade I continued exploring historical mysteries along with conspiracy theories. How the Great Pyramids were built is disputed by Egyptologists and no records exist to tell their story. 13. Anexplanation of how this may have happened was published by a civil engineer named Dick Parry in Engineering the Pyramids. I decided to build a series of models to demonstrate some of these ideas, including: primitive cranes, rollers, and tree lifters. 14. Take An Envelope From the Amelia Earhart Suitcase! 15. Amelia Earhart and FlightCristina G.How have aircraft design, aeronautictheory and psychology changedthroughout the ages? Why do peoplewant to fly and how does it affect theirfeelings and character. This led me to theicon of flight in the USA, Amelia Earhart. 16. Iexplored the mystery of her last flight, and how her childhood and personality affected her career. I used her feelings and attitudes to write a diary from her perspective. 17. How did you make youranimations? 18. Graphic Design and Animation Eryk J. In the beginning, my interest in doodlingand cartooning, and my combination ofmultiple intelligences of mathematicaland visual/spacial smarts led me to astudy in design. 19. As a product, I practiced animation and graphic design. Graphic design is used in everything from clothes to logos to skyscrapers. I made my own animations titled Eryk I and Bird with a program called Toonboom Studio and AnimationCreate on the iPad. 20. What was so great aboutCatherine the Great? 21. Female Monarchs Emily M. I became interested in Marie Antoinette afterreading a historical fiction diary about her.Her famous comment, Let them eat cakedemonstrates how those in power can beunaware of their subjects basic humanconditions. Others however, demonstratecompassion like Catherine the Great, whowas praised for her generosity and humanity.How Queens reign and maintain power isfascinating. 22. Can you find her?Icreated a matching game using paintings, quotes and summaries that would help people to understand some of the most famous queens. 23. Have you ever heard of Nikki Yanofsky ? 24. Jazz Meg C. The first time I heard jazz on the radio, I fell head over heels for it. It was so different from classical pieces like Fur Elise. Being able to play what you feel without criticism appealed to me. 25. The roots of jazz were full of musical surprises. When I heard a young Canadian jazz singer who sounded just like Ella Fitzgerald the First Lady of Song, I had to find out more. I was lucky enough to interview a jazz expert right here in West Hartford. It opened up a whole new level of understanding about Jazz. 26. See for yourself. 27. CosmologyGrace D. Spaceand the end of the universe; I couldnt stop thinking about so many questions. How could space possibly be unlimited? Why cant we see all eleven dimensions. And why are there only eleven? 28. Black holes seemed to suck me in, after my first thoughts about them. So I decided to make a model of one. It was harder than I thought but simple too. It was fun to show people how they work.


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