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Contains program notes for Northern Lights performance and Safety Last! from the Silence is Gold series.


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  • We are in the middle of a veryexciting season.It has been so rewarding to see so manypeople enjoying music in Saskatoon thefirst half of the season proved that theorchestra is a vital part of what makes it agreat place to live!

    Im proud to say that over the course of thelast 12 months, weve made majorachievements in terms of how theorganization operates. Were on budget,growing our revenue, on target for asurplus, and making some really greatmusic.

    We wouldnt be experiencing thisremarkable a year if it werent for theincredible support from our audience. Aswe turn our focus to the future, I hopeyoull join us as we embark on the nextphase of our success.

    I want to invite each of you to be a part ofour Share in the Future campaign theconcept is simple: find 2000 donors to give$100 to the SSO before May 31. In additionto your receipt, youll join us this fall for agala concert with a very special surpriseguestthe only way to get in is to be oneof the 2000. We want a chance to musicallysay thank you.

    Thanks to the great generosity of the Frankand Ellen Remai Foundation, the moneyraised from the Share in the Futurecampaign will be matched all 2000 giftsmatched, completely retiring the deficitand allowing the SSO to focus on thefuture.

    On March 4, we will announce our 16thmusic director; Saskatoons newestmusician will step on to the podium thisfall and help the SSO define a newsoundtrack for the city. It is an exhilaratingtime to make music.

    I hope you will join us in preparing for thefuture. Its clear you love music and a gift toShare in the Future will ensure thatSaskatoons oldest arts organization staysaround for a long time.

    See you at the symphony,

    Mark TurnerExecutive Director

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  • HONOURARY PATRONSHonourable Brad Wall, Premier of Saskatchewan, and Mrs. Tami Wall

    His Worship, Mayor Donald J. Atchison and Mrs. Mardelle Atchison

    Dr. Gordon Barnhart, Interim President, Vice-Chancellor, University of Saskatchewan



    SASKATOON SYMPHONY CENTRE408 20th Street WestSaskatoon, SK S7M 0X4

    Telephone: 306.665.6414Fax:

    Twitter: @SSO_stoon

    Facebook: Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra

    GROUP SALESTelephone: 306.665.6414


    Phone: 306.975.7799

    Victor Sawa, Music Director

    Mark Turner, Executive Director

    Theresa Torgunrud, Office Manager

    Sarah Stack, Director of Operations

    Terry Heckman, Director of Personnel

    Lillian Jen-Payzant, Orchestra Library

    Electric Umbrella,

    Angela Kempf, Director of Development

    Mike Covey, Director of Sponsorship

    Saskatoon Symphony Board and Administration

    Sarah Alford

    Judy Balon

    Andrew Beaton

    Rob Dobrohoczki

    Lynn Ewing

    Annalisa Govenlock

    Shawn Heinz

    Sharon Hildebrand

    Nicholas Kokkastamapoulos

    Shelly Loeffler

    Neil Reddekopp

    Bryn Richards

    Twitter: @SSOyxe

    Instagram: SSOyxe


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  • VIOLIN 1Michael SwanConcertmaster

    William BoanAssistant Concertmaster

    Mary Lou Day

    Lillian Jen-Payzant

    Joan Savage

    Marcel van den Hurk

    Simon Fanner

    Maxim Pletnev

    VIOLIN 2Oxana Ossiptchouk Principal

    Karen Bindle

    Rosanne Daku

    Sophie McBean

    Arthur Boan

    Evan Friesen

    VIOLAJames Legge Principal

    Supported by the Viola Section of the Saskatoon Philharmonic


    Saache Heinrich

    Jeremy Janzen On Leave

    Heather Wilson

    Miles Buchwaldt

    Stacey Mennie

    CELLOLahni Russell Principal

    Supported by Sandra Beardsall, Bill Richards, Esther Cherland,David Jobling

    John Payzant

    Bernadette Wilson

    Carman Rabuka

    Christina Bakanec

    Scott McKnight

    BASSRichard Carnegie Principal

    Supported by Kay and Mark Turnerin memory of Wayne Turner

    David Humphrey

    David Grosse

    Stephen Kreuger

    Zachary Carter

    FLUTERandi Nelson Principal

    Supported by Lilian and Doug Thorpe

    Brenda Moats (flute, piccolo)

    OBOEErin Brophey Principal

    Kevin Junk (oboe, english horn)

    CLARINETMargaret Wilson Principal

    Melissa Goodchild

    BASSOONStephanie Unverricht Principal

    Supported by Mary Marino, inmemory of Lucia Marino

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  • Marie Sellar (bassoon, contrabassoon)

    HORNCarol-Marie Cottin Principal

    Arlene Shiplett

    Dubrena Bradley

    Anna Millan

    TRUMPETTerry Heckman Principal

    Daniel Funk

    Dean McNeill On Leave

    James LeBlanc

    TROMBONEDon Schmidt Principal

    Brian Unverricht

    Dawn McLean Belyk

    TUBABrent Longstaff Principal

    Supported by Electric Umbrella

    TIMPANIDarrell Bueckert Principal

    PERCUSSIONMathieu Pouliot Principal - On Leave

    Bryan Allen Principal

    Supported by the Ewing Family inmemory of Earl and Mary Ewing

    Kevin Grady

    HARPCcile Denis Principal


    Personnel varies by concert. We gratefully acknowledge the support of additional musicians who perform with the orchestra when larger works are presented.

    Violin: Evan Barber, Bryn Rees, Kristan Couture, Luke Hnenny Viola: Emily Woytiuk, Michael Hrycay Flute: Jennifer McAllister Bassoon: Peter Gravlin Horn: Roxanne Inch Trumpet: Frank Harrington

    Piano/Keyboard:Gillian Lyons Percussions:Brad Litster

    Our Named Principal Chair Program offers a unique opportunity for music lovers and donors to be recognized for their gifts and allowsyou to foster deeper and personally meaningful connections with the orchestra. A Named Principal Chair presents the opportunity for anindividual, group, company, or foundation to name, honour, or remember someone special by attaching their name to one of the key positions in the orchestra.

    Being recognized as a donor to the SSO through the Named Principal Chair Program is about more than a financial commitment to yourorchestra. This program will provide you with an important link to our musicians and artistic team. To name your chair, please contactAngela Kempf at 306.665.6414 or email,

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  • 306.665.0213

    1011 Broadway AvenueSaskatoon SK S7N 1C1

    * BEST Quality

    * BEST Prices

    * BEST Service* Lessons Available



    :LPSLY 2UHILYamaha Disklavier, AvantGrand , Clavinova, and Keyboards

    SaskatchewDQs destination for high qualitypiano sales & service for over 34 years

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  • SSO Shoots and ScoresTAKING THE ORCHESTRA TO CENTRE ICE!Did you read The Hockey Sweater as a kid?Did you read it to your kids or grandkids?Remember the movie version that was onCBC? Well, now it comes to your orchestra.

    In the 30th anniversary year of RochCarrier, the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestrais proud to partner with the SaskatoonBlades and SaskTel Centre in an event thatcombines sport, music, childhoodmemories and new ones about to bemade.

    A few years ago, the National Arts CentreOrchestra commissioned a composer toput the famous childrens book that followsa hockey-loving boy through thedisappointment of getting the gift of thewrong jersey to music.

    Imagine the SSO at centre ice stand forthe anthem, throw the iconic images ontothe score clock, and live out Canadasgreatest hockey tale. The story comes tolife with Mayor Don Atchison (a formerBlade himself!) as our narratorand when

    its all done, the kids will hit the lockerroom, play mini-sticks on the concourse,and take to the ice to skate with the Blades.

    This is one of the most unique eventsweve ever done, said Steve Hogle,president of the Saskatoon Blades Hockeyteam. When the opportunity came alongto partner sports with music in such a greatway, we just had to make this one of themost unique things you can take your kidsto.

    The SSO will be the first orchestra to performthis concert in a rinkand definitely thefirst to do it on ice.

    In a season where the SSO is finding outwhat it means to be an orchestra on theprairies, it goes without saying thatsomehow there needed to be a rinkinvolved; I think this is one of the best kidsconcerts in Canada this year. Nothing elselike it, said Mark Turner, SSO.

    The game takes place on March 15 atSaskTel Centre dont miss the puck drop!

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  • 1950s 1980s 2015

    Saturday,March 14, 2015Prairieland Park Hall A

    Cocktails 5 p.m., Dinner 6 p.m.$80 adults, $60 students

    (partial tax receipt issued) &

    with VERY SPECIAL GUESTSand a real

    DeLorean DMC-12!

    (306) 955-6336

    Symp sponsor of the Saskatoon


    ou thr


    306.242.2434 l

    p chestraphony Or o of the Saskatoon R oud Ridge is a pr