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<ol><li> 1. DATA JOURNALISM Nika Aleksejeva Infogram 2015 </li><li> 2. Design Journalism Programming Statistics </li><li> 3. Florence Nightingale The Cholera Map of John Snow (1854) </li><li> 4. Florence Nightingale </li><li> 5. Alastair Dant David Leigh Afghanistan war logs: our selection of significant incidents (2010) </li><li> 6. Pro Publica </li><li> 7. DATA JOURNALISM VS. JOURNALISM WITH DATA </li><li> 8. WHERE TO GET DATA FROM? From someone Yourself International organisations National bureau of statistics Governmental agencies NGOs Researches Companies Social media Crowdsourcing Pooling Surveying Monitoring Experimenting </li><li> 9. PROCESS OF DATA JOURNALISM Find Analyse Clean Visualize </li><li> 10. Find </li><li> 11. Find Search certain sites key word Find cashed site cache: Exact phrase searching refugee crisis Two words are close to each other, but not necessarily in a specific order refugee AROUND(2) crisis Exclude terms European refugee -crisis File type searching refugee crisis filetype:pdf Occurrences in the title of the page allintitle:refugee crisis Occurrences in the links to the page allinanchor:refugee crisis Similar terms Christmas ~dessert recipes Google advanced search advanced_search </li><li> 12. Find Google scrapers </li><li> 13. Clean </li><li> 14. Analyse </li><li> 15. Visualize Manual AutomatedSemi-automated HTML CSS Javascript </li><li> 16. One dimension Two dimensions Three+ dimensions Bar LineAreaPie Picto Scatterplot Bubble Compare See tendency Relationships Map Visualize </li><li> 17. AN EXAMPLE + Are many of immigrants in EU refugees? </li><li> 18. QUESTIONS OF INTEREST To which European countries most of the immigrants are going to? Is it a lot for those countries? How many people received refugee status from which European countries in 2013? Is it a lot for those countries? </li><li> 19. FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS What are the most common reasons for asylum seekers to be rejected? What happens with rejected asylum seekers? What policies do countries with big immigrant populations implement to: integrate provide equal opportunities </li><li> 20. RESOURCES Youtube Twitter #ddj #datajournalism Forums NICAR-L DDJ mailinglist Books Data Journalism Handbook Finding Stories With Spreadsheets Movie Journalism in the Age of Data Blogs Dear Data Flowing Data Data Counts (Spanish) Organizations Open Knowledge - School of Data EJC - Data Driven Journalism </li><li> 21. HAVE A GOOD DATA- DRIVEN TIME! @nikaaleksejeva </li></ol>