introducing ecec ecec - enterprise-class express communication (pronounced as: ez-ez) an intelligent...

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Download Introducing ECEC ECEC - Enterprise-Class Express Communication (pronounced as: EZ-EZ) an Intelligent content server that contribute to effective communication

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  • Introducing ECECECEC - Enterprise-Class Express Communication (pronounced as: EZ-EZ)

    an Intelligent content server that contribute to effective communication and productive collaboration via integrating data into voice communication

    Installed on eCLIC Service Server*

    * Please refer to appendix for detailed information of eCLIC Service Server

  • eBulletinBringing bulletin information onto individual employees desktop. Regardless of the physical location of the person in charge of making new announcements, important announcement and memo are updated and delivered to all employee instantly.

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  • Speed DialerCompany directory are listed right on the phone screen display with self-explanatory in Chinese (or language of ones choice) description of each function.

    No need to memorize the complicated digit combination of branch offices or individual staff, making training/re-training easier then ever.

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  • Address bookGet a hold of someone who is currently working out of office by navigating through the address book available on the phone display. Best of all, no need to update your personal address book when there are changes made. As soon as the HR personnel update the corporate directory services menu, the entire company is updated instantly.

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  • EmployeeProfileDisplay employees personal information such as department, job title, contact information, and personal photo, etc. This is particularly useful for large size enterprises with multiple branch offices and thousands of employees.

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  • Instant MessagingStay connected despite of the full-screen work status of your desktop computer. The always-on IP terminal on everyones desk remain an open channel for emergency message broadcast and important announcement.

    Send a silent reminder to a party while conferencing

    Correctly convey information such email address or new technical terms without the influence of ones accent

  • eCatalog Through data-binding, users may view a catalog or search for specific inventory information on the phone. Image with inventory data information may also be delivered to a called party to facilitate effective communication

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  • eSecurity Your work environment is secured then ever with eSecurity System. The surveillance camera may passively send the image captured upon the request of a IP phone set or proactively take necessary action such as notifying the security guard with image when there is an alarming event. Your receptionist may deliver the guests image right to ones desk top, then gives permission to enter upon confirmation of the party visited.

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