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  • 1. Interview Tips Government of the Northwest TerritoriesLeadership | Innovation | Quality

2. The goal of this presentation is to.Provide you with some interview tips to improve your chances of success in finding employment with the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT)!Leadership | Innovation | Quality2 3. Opportunities The GNWT employs approximately 5000 people in a wide range of positions, in all communities of the Northwest Territories. Career opportunities exist in diverse areas such as: Health care Education Finance Justice Communications Engineering Resource DevelopmentLeadership | Innovation | Quality3 4. OpportunitiesThe opportunities at the GNWT are limitless, you can work in front line roles and interact with the public on a daily basis or work behind the scenes in vital supporting roles.No matter what your area of interest, the GNWT has an opportunity for you. Check out our website at: | Innovation | Quality4 5. Affirmative Action Policy The GNWT is committed to a competent public service that is representative of the people it serves. To achieve this, the GNWT uses the Affirmative Action Policy to provide priority hiring to candidates belonging to eligible designated groups. It is an applicants responsibility to declare their affirmative action status if they want it to be taken into account during the hiring process. For more information on this policy visit: | Innovation | Quality5 6. Process Job closes Screening of resumes is completed Testing and/or assignments Interview Job offer Appeal (for more information visit | Innovation | Quality6 7. Increasing Your Chance of Success Let us know if you require an Accommodation Review these Interview TipsLeadership | Innovation | Quality7 8. Assessment PhaseAfter screening is complete, the Assessment Phase begins. The Assessment phases is meant to assess applicants for the job through an interview and possibly an assignment. How are you going to prepare for the interview?Leadership | Innovation | Quality8 9. Interview Preparation The selection committee gets an opportunity to gather information about your knowledge, skills and abilities as they relate to the job and your ability to do the job. You get an opportunity to ask questions about the job and to sell yourself to the selection committee. You will likely be asked a blend of technical and behavioral based questions.Leadership | Innovation | Quality9 10. Interview Preparation When preparing for the interview you should review: the job description; and the hiring department, board and/or agency website. Be certain you: Understand the position; understand what the department, board/or agency does and its purpose; and understand the program and the area the position works in.Leadership | Innovation | Quality10 11. During the Interview Listen carefully to the question and be sure that you understand what is being asked. Ask to have the question repeated if necessary or ask to come back to a question later in the interview. Write down questions that have multiple parts to them so that you do not miss part of the question. Watch your time. Make a note of questions you may wish to add to or return to if you have additional time at the end of the interview. Focus on your strengths and how they relate to the position. Demonstrate how your past experiences relate to this position.Leadership | Innovation | Quality11 12. Interview Scoring GNWT interview responses are scored on a scale of 0-5. The scale is as follows: 0 1 2 3 4 5Provides no response Very little understanding of the subject matter Provides an answer that satisfies only part of the question Provides an answer that closely resembles the suggested response Provides an answer that expands on the suggested response Provides an impressive response that greatly exceeds the suggested responseLeadership | Innovation | Quality12 13. Interview Scoring Even though the selection committee is now familiar with your education and your work experiences from having reviewed your resume or from knowing you outside of the interview process Answer ALL Questions Fully! Points are awarded for each question and are based only on your responses for that question. If you do NOT say it, it will not be considered towards your interview score.Leadership | Innovation | Quality13 14. References At the end of your interview, the Human Resource employee will ask you for 3 references, if you have not already provided them. One of these references must be your current or most recent direct supervisor. **If your references are not positive, you may not be considered for the position.** Reminder.. ask your references before you list them on your resume if they are willing to provide you with a positive reference; make sure your references are available and that the contact information you have for them is accurate; and make sure you let them know what the position is you are applying on, it may be helpful to provide them with a copy of your resume. Leadership | Innovation | Quality14 15. Verification Applicants to GNWT positions may be asked to provide verification of their: Affirmative Action Status; Education; Certificates; and/or Disability. Be prepared to provide these, if applicable.If you are unsure what would be considered as verification (proof), speak to a Human Resource representative.Leadership | Innovation | Quality15 16. Eligibility Lists Keep in mind that the GNWT may make use of eligibility lists. An eligibility list is a list of candidates that were successful in the competition process but were not offered the position. If you were successful in the process, but were just not the top candidate, you may receive a call about your interest if another, similar vacancy comes up within 6 months.Leadership | Innovation | Quality16 17. Post Interview TipsTake advantage of the opportunity to book a post Interview debrief with a Human Resource Officer.Leadership | Innovation | Quality17 18. Casual Employment Opportunities Dont forget about the opportunity to work with the GNWT in a casual position. The GNWT has an ongoing need to fill short-term employment opportunities in a variety of different fields. Casual employment is a great way to get your foot in the door and gives you the opportunity to demonstrate and showcase your skills and abilities, and to gain valuable work experience.Visit for more information. Leadership | Innovation | Quality18 19. Other Employment OpportunitiesThe GNWT also has programs for post secondary students and northern graduates of post secondary studies. For information on these programs, please visit our Employment Opportunities page | Innovation | Quality19 20. Questions? Thank you for taking the time to view this presentation on interview tips. We hope that you learned something and we will be seeing a copy of your resume soon.Contact us at: Human Resources Helpdesk Phone: 1-867-678-6625 / 1-866-475-8162 (tollfree) Email: HRHelpdesk@gov.nt.caLeadership | Innovation | Quality20