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Guide to Technical support role

General HR Interview Questions

Go Prepared

Prepare yourself Study your graduation subjects. Prepare one subject thorough.

In cultivate habit of reading news. Current affair or headlines can be asked in the interview.

Know the roles and responsibilities of the job profile you are applying for.

You should gather information about your home town, its tourists places, active political parties.

Now lets discuss some general questions that are asked in HR interview and how to answer them..

Tell me something about yourself Introduce saying : I am Neha, I am 25 years old, I was born, brought up in Kangra district which is a part of Himachal Pradesh. I completed my graduation with computers in B.Tech from Mulana university OR you can say I am pursuing my Btech from Mulana university . I completed my primary education from __You can add by giving brief information about your family : Example :I have four members in my family .My mother, father, me and my younger brother. My father is a farmer and my mother is a housewife.You can also add your interests Example :Playing cricket, carom, making friends, Browsing Internet, Music are my major hobbies, I have got some prizes in cricket and caroms also. If you have some extra qualifications or achievements or any Volunteer work like NGO then mention. Note : Never introduce yourself by saying "Myself Neha", say I am Neha

Why should we hire you? In this question you can tell the interviewer about your strengths :Some Examples :I am Quick learnerI am Hard workingI am ResponsibleI am OrganizedI am Punctual

What Are your strengths and weaknesses?Strengths :Ability to prioritize, planning skills, well organized, multitasking assuming responsibilities and duties.Possessing the capacity to cope with failures and trying to learn from past mistakes. Self Motivated and Keep trying to learn new technologies .My dedication to achieve goals in time.I am punctual.

Carefully answer your weakness : Example You can say I am a workaholic, I keep working until the job is completely done or you can say I focus at one task at a time. I state it in weakness as sometimes while doing work in such a way I forget to eat or can't even sleep.I want to improve my communication skills currently, I am working on it by improving my vocab. I am talkative and thus get frank with everyone in little time, but yes sometimes it benefits me, for people feel easy around me to speak and share. Also.if he has asked you about some current news which you did not answer then you can add that I dont have a habit of reading newspapers daily which I am slowly trying to develop.Always say that whatever your weakness are you are trying to work on them.

What are your short term and long term goals or Your career Objective ?For short term -You can say that you are working on your weaknesses to improve OR say putting more focus on learning new things.

For long Term -I would like to see myself at one of the senior positions in theorganization contributing to technology as well as participating in businessgrowth. ORAs a fresher, I am assuming by first five years will be a huge learning curve.I want to absorb much of the industry knowledge and also to sharpen mytechnical abilities. In next five years I see myself playing various roles in theteam from a developer to leading a team.

Have you been in ANY challenging situation ? Explain how you handled it ?This is usually an add-on question to explain your strengths that you mentionpreviously.This is good opportunity to give a suitable example, as to why you mentioned what yourstrengths are.Example:Yes, we did have faced some challenging situation during our final semester projectdelivery. First we were given 15 days time to complete the project, but due to some Problem we were asked to submit the project within 6 days. In order to complete this project in time along with our regular tasks I had to work more than 13 hours daily. But I was finally able to complete the same in time.The above example, explains your strength like Positive thinking, hardwork and dedication to work etc.I have been a regular member of collegeathletic team. There was an event coming up slightly ahead of one of our examschedule. Although our coach said, I can skip the competition, I was sure I canwin points for the college. So I decided, I will put in extra time in studies lateevenings, while also practicing for the event. I had to stretch a bitphysically & mentally, and also manage my time tightly. But finally I was ableto win the tournament and also come out with good scores in exam.The above showcases, you multitasking capability, time management,passion for things and hard work.OR talk about situations you faced You can also talk about your first time stage fearsand how you worked on them.

When the interviewer gives you opportunity to ask your queries

This simple question can be the deciding factor or game changer of your whole interview :This is perhaps your last chance to give a good impressionYou can Ask :What do you think are the most important qualities That one should Improve to excel in this role?ORHere you can ask the interviewer for any advice he would like to make which could be helpful to you.ORHere you can ask the interviewer about work Culture of the company.Note : Tell interviewer it was your pleasure to meet him/her. Never ask straightway you will be selected or not .