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  • 1.Let PEOPLE tell the story

2. Getthe facts first. Is this a strong video story? What do you need to see, hear or feel to understand the story? Identify the sources and actions that will tell the story. 3. Askopen-ended questions. Be a good listener. Offer non-verbal cues of engagement. Respect your source. Help her look as good as possible. 4. Letthe location help tell the story 5. Dontcenter your subject Let them talk across the background 6. Dontcenter your subject Let them talk across the background 7. Positionthe subject just off center. Keep the eyes in the upper third. Allow appropriate head room. 8. Incorrect: Line of sight directed out of frameIncorrect: Subject too close to frame edge 9. Incorrect: Too much headroomIncorrect: Not enough headroom 10. Correct: Subject not centered Eyes in upper third of frame Line of sight directed across frame Proper headroom 11. Evenin a quiet setting, sound is hollow Wind, background noise will ruin sound 12. Interviewsaved by $17 microphone 13. Allowsmore creative framing Makes the subject more comfortable 14. Holdthe camera to the side Encourage the subject to talk to YOU 15. Askopen-ended questions Be a good listener Offer non-verbal cues of encouragement 16. Avoidpre-interview conversation Dont make them repeat themselves 17. Dontmake them feel rushed Take genuine interest in them Help them look their best 18. Let PEOPLE tell the story