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  • 1. Internet Marketing Tips: Branding your company of yourself

2. Branding could be The smell of subway Logo Reputation Style Cloth Behavior 3. It terms of branding yourself Promoting yourself on internet and life. 4. Why it is branding so important Looking to improve yourself and your career Personal brand is very important and extremely useful Link yourself to your business. Helps promote individuals. 5. Writing materials helps for promotion Avoid spamy articles - Write blogs Answer questions - Give advises => And To be a specialist in your sphere 6. Great way to develop your brand to start with social network 7. You can start your promotion on It good both for personal promotion and business marketing 8. You can start your promotion on It good both for personal promotion and business marketing 9. Create your business profile List the services, or products are offering Publish your work via publication you can create from your profile and share it via social marketing tool 10. For example, Once I met a couple, they are making clothe design, they create beautiful page and list their design products. Their names are Denial and Irina. They have created their business page and personal pages, (It took them a couple minutes), you can link your social media profiles, put your resume, it will be parsed automatically to your profile, adjust your URL, putting the name you like. 11. Set up business profile, provide main information Link to your social media business pages with your Glabex business page, it gives you opportunity your post automatically, and update all social web profiles in same time, once youve updated your Glabex news. 12. If your business has a bad reputation, or some of your nasty customers recently provided bad comments, or review. Obviously you cannot delete this information from Google search. You have another choice to improve it, to post fresh updates and attract your customers and followers for deeper collaboration. Involve your customers to conversation about your products, services, as your customers to leave feedback, offer coupons (Glabex Coupon builder) or discounts (send discount to your client) for provided feedbacks. Everything is possible via Glabex tools. 13. Glabex communities could be found via people search (only accessible for registered users). Find people, connect with them, share your products and invite your friends and co-workers to help to promote your services and widen your connection networks. 14. Come up with an article which has not been written before. Create new topics. Rewrite an existing article with new ideas, in a unique way to be valuable to get published. Good articles attract many people and followers, come up with fresh view. 15. Contribute to your company blog, video or presentation, organize seminars and workshops. Videos is a very powerful tools to develop your image, both your personal and your business image. Describe your business, your products, services. Tell people how your product could be improve their live, tell people how to use your products, 16. Showcase your company Give introduction of your team Show your building Introduce your team Speak about your business rules Discover your company insights for your customers 17. Video hoisting is expensive if you try to download this video to your website, but you can simple upload your video on your profile on and share this video with your customers in a same time cross social platforms or emails. 18. If you have information, or industry insights, please share them on your blog, or Glabex news, share with everybody, attract more people. 19. Image are another great tool to create your image online. Try to upload good quality, attractive, interesting images, to attract customers to your products. 20. CREATE PRODUCT LISTING SET UP MARKETING CAMPAIGN GET YOUR BUSINESS PROFIEL PAGE READY CREATE JOB POSTING What do you want to do? Click to get started