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Introduction The festival of Uttarayan is a uniquely Gujarati phenomenon, when the skies over most cities of the state fill with kites from before dawn until well after dark. The festival marks the days in the Hindu calendar when winter begins turning to summer. Kites of all shapes and sizes are flown, and the main competition is to battle nearby kite-flyers to cut their strings and bring down their kites. For this, people find their favored kite-makers who prepare strong resilient kite bodies with springy bamboo frames and kite-paper stretched to exactly the right tension. Lastly, the kites are attached to a spool (or firkin) ofmanja, special kite-string coated with a mixture of glue and glass to be as sharp as possible for cutting strings of rival kites.

The kite festivalProduction of kites and kite supplies can be seen on the streets of Ahmedabad beginning in November. Since 1989, the city of Ahmedabad has hosted the International Kite Festival. Bringing master kite makers and flyers from all over the world to demonstrate their unique creations and wow the crowds with highly unusual kites. A master kite maker and famous kite flyer Rasulbhai Rahimbhai of Ahmedabad trains of up to 500 kites on a single string have come to be a classic attraction. Kites like box kites to high-speed sport kites, from windsocs and spinsocs to hand-painted artistic kites can be seen.

The kite festivalKites of vibrant colours and different shapes adorn the skies of Ahmedabad. On the banks of Sabarmati River, competititors gear up for a fierce battle of kites.Kites are made with various materials like wood, plastic, nylon, etc. For the Kite Festival, they're specifically made of light weight paper and bamboo. Usually, these look like the fighter kites with a central spine and a single bow. Special dishes are also prepared and served during the events.

Visitors from across the worldIndiaSingaporeNewzealandSouth KoreaIndonesiaThailandMalaysiaChinaVietnamFranceCombodia

The International Kite Festival (Uttarayan)When Uttarayan is celebrated every year on 14th January, known as Makar Sankranti in other parts of north India, and Pongal in Tamil Nadu, and continues on the 15th.

Date and Venue : 10th and 11th January, 2016 at RiverfrontAhmedabad WhereUttarayan is celebrated across Gujarat, with major centers of kite-flying in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Nadiad, among others.

The kite festivalKite Festival is one of the prominent events which entertain large crowds of people together.

It is a matter of pride to cut other kites through the long strings attached to it.

The overall process of making or preparing for the festivities is more than just fun in Gujarat.

Expected crowdA minimum of around 400,000 people are expected to visit the kite festival.

Revenue for the IKF 2016 was 700 crore.

Main attraction of the eventInternational kite flying competition.Kite flying mela for general public.Exhibition of international kites.Celebrity performances.Special activities for kids.Night kite flying.

Promotions and marketingTV advertisements.Newspaper advertisements.Magazines.Hoardings.Social media.Radio.Collaboration with travel agents, restaurants, hotels.Flyers.Gujarat tourism.Schools and colleges.

Safety & Security CCTV Surveillance.Drone camera.Local police.Private security agency.Fire extinguisher teamBomb squad.Medical tents.Ambulance.

Safety during snake boat race festivalBoat crew and must attend a safety meeting organised by the competition organiser.Boat crew members must be water-competent and able to swim at least 50m in wet clothes.They should be medically and physically fit during the competition.The safety officers are responsible for all safety issues during the competitionemergency plan to cover major incidents

Medical and safety teams are properly certified and briefed about the safety plan.

SuggestionNew product developmentKite surfing.Kite buggying.Laser, light, music show.Live performance-DJs, Singers, dancers.Exhibition onLocal food.Local drinks.Handicrafts.

Kite making competition in the schools.Kite making workshops.Aerial advertisements.

Kerala Snake Boat Festival

IntroductionSnake boat, so called for its resemblance to the shape of a hooded snake, is the traditional war boat of Kerala

Chundan Vallam (Beaked Boat), Vallam Kali known outside of Kerala as Kerala snake boats, are one of the icons of Kerala culture used in the Vallamkali boat race.

The local populace called it by the pet name Chundan Vallam, which literally means beaked boat, for it has a pointed prow which stands four feet above the water and gives the impression of a beak.

Constructed according to specifications taken from the Sthapathya Veda

These boats vary from 100 to 138 feet in length

With the rear portion rising to a height of about 20 feet, and a long tapering front portion

Hulls are built of planks precisely 83 feet in length and six inches wide

The boats are a good example of ancient Vishwakarma' prowess in naval architecture.Introduction

Vallam Kali originated in Assyria, on a New Year's Day in 300 BC

Vallam Kalli events were conducted by several ancient Indian states.

650 years old

Vallam Kali has mainly been conducted during the season of the harvest festival Onam in Autumn

The race of Chundan Vallam is the major event

Vallam Kali also includes races of many other kinds of traditional paddled longboats of Kerala, and is one of the major tourist attractions in the state.


Designed by an architect named Devanarayana, the snake boats were originally conceived as war boats

Though the wars were resolved later, people wanted to keep up the spirit of this wondrous multipurpose boat

Hence started the spectacular sport called boat race.Introduction

While the strongest oarsmen sit at the front to set the pace, the back is managed by six hefty amarackars (helmsmen) who stand and help steer the boat

The person at the highest point of the boat is the chief oarsman

A single snake boat can occupy 100 oarsmen and thus a boat race is the largest team sport in the world.Introduction

IntroductionPalliyodams are Aranmula's unique snake boats. Devotees of Aranmula Sree Parthasarathy temple regard it as the divine vessel of the deity

It is unique in its shape and structure that only the amidship portion of the boat touches the water

Over the years the snake boats have become an icon of pride of Kerala

The Nehru Trophy boat race, held on the second Saturday of August every year, is the most popular of all boat races

TRADITIONS & CUSTOMSTraditionally each boat belongs to a village, and the villagers worship that boat like a deityOnly men are allowed to touch the boat, and to show respect they should be barefootedTo make the boat slippery while in the water and to reduce absorption of water and thereby reduce the resistance of the hull, it is oiled with a mixture of fish oil, the ash of coconut shells, and eggsRepair work is done annually by the village carpenter.

SNAKE BOAT RACEOther types of boats which do participate in various events in the race are Churulan Vallam, Iruttukuthy Vallam, Odi Vallam, Veppu Vallam, Vadakkanody Vallam and Kochu Vallam

The Nehru Trophy Boat Race is a popular Vallam Kali event held in the Punnamada Lake near Alappuzha, Kerala, India.

Snake Boat RacesAlappuzha (or Alleppey) is a city on the Laccadive Sea in the southern Indian state of Kerala. It's best known for houseboat cruises along the rustic Kerala backwaters, a network of tranquil canals and lagoons.

Where are the Races Held?

Four main snake boat races (and as many as 15 minor ones) are held each year, in and around Alleppey.The spectacular Nehru Trophy is held on Alleppey's Punnamda Lake.The oldest race, the Champakkulam Moolam, is held along the river at Champakkulam around 25 kilometers (15 miles) from Alleppey.The Payippad Jalotsavam is held on Payippad Lake, 35 kilometers (22 miles) from Alleppey.The Aranmula Boat Race is held along the Pampa River at Aranmula, near Chengannur, around 50 kilometers (31 miles) south of Alleppey

Safety & securityLife guard team.

Local police.

Ambulance service.

suggestionsCreate social media presence.Advertise in travel and tourism fairs.Introducing new activities like-Kayaking.Parasailing.Motor scooter.Selling the video coverage rites to international channels.Marketing the event through celebrity endorsement.Making a special Itenary for the event.Live coverage on YouTube.