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instytut mechaniki sp. z o.o. company presentation, december 2014

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  • instytut mechaniki sp. z o.o.

    company presentation, december 2014

  • key figures

    employees: 640

    location: Jelcz-Laskowice 50 min. drive to Wrocaw Airport

    company area: 82000 m2

    area under roof: 48000 m2

    turnover 2014: 28 m

    established in: 1984

  • expertise







  • engineering

    instytut mechaniki develops welding jigs, assembly

    jigs, control gauges and other tools and fixtures.


    autodesk inventor

    mechanical desktop

    auto cad

    solid edge

    NX CAM express

    dxf, dwg, igs, par, crt, stp, sld,


  • quality systems

    Quality Management System

    certified according to

    ISO 9001: 2009


    Environmental Management

    System certified according to

    ISO 14001: 2004, EMAS

    Quality Management System

    in welding certified according to

    EN ISO 3834-2 and EN 15085-2

  • quality systems

  • quality control

    coordinate measuring machine:

    - 2000x1000x600 mm

    - 1200x900X450 mm

    measuring arm (2 pcs), range up to 3 m

    X-ray laboratory

    dimensions microscope

    electronic height gauge

    ultrasonic defectoscope

    profile measurement gauge

    hardness testing machine Rockwell, Brinell

    devices for measuring thickness

    of the surfaces

    universal measuring tools

  • laser cutting

    bench 2500x6500 mm, max

    4,4 kW

    3 Machines

    processed thickness:

    -carbon steel up to 25 mm

    -stainless steel up to 20 mm

    -aluminum up to 12 mm

    plasma and flame cutting

    bench 2500x6000 mm

    processed thickness carbon


    -up to 300 mm for flame


    -up to 8 mm for plasma


    guillotine shears

    thickness: 13 mm, width:

    3000 mm

    band-sawing machines


  • bending brakes

    CNC 320 tons/ 4 m

    220 tons/ 3,15 m

    120 tons/ 3,15 m

    eccentric presses 160 tons

    hydraulic presses

    700 tons

    table size 2,2x1,3 m

    leveling machine

    width: 2,5 m

    thickness: 16 mm


  • machining

    milling: CNC milling machines

    x=1400, y=650, z=675 mm Smax=10000 turns/ min milling-boring machine

    x=4000, y=2500, z=1600 mm Smax=3500 turns/ min milling planner x=3000, y=900, z=700 mm planning

    milling machine with grinding x=6000, y=1200, z=1000 mm universal milling machines x=1450, y=600, z=600 turning: CNC lathes

    710 mm over table L=2000 mm universal lathes up to 1000 mm automatic lathes 5 up to 40 mm

  • CL1 to EN 15085-2 qualified welders: 90 welding processes: MAG (135) MIG (131) TIG (11) GAZ (311) (111) testing: VT, MT, PT, UT, X-ray KEMPI and LORCH semi-automatic welding machines CLOOS welding robot


  • shot-blasting chamber 7,7x3,9x2,9 m steel blast-cleaning abrasives aloxite blast-cleaning abrasives

    automatic shot-blasting cabin

    chamber window 1,5x0,5 m

    wet painting & backing booths 5,6x3,6x3 m

    7x4x2,8 m

    solvent-based paint systems water-based paint systems

    powder painting 2 stations


  • trams

  • trams

  • metro

  • metro

  • regional trains

  • regional trains

  • buses

  • buses

  • construction equipment

  • construction equipment

  • various parts / rail vehicle

  • various parts / rail vehicle

  • various parts / rail vehicle

  • various parts / rail vehicle

  • bogie parts / bogies

  • instytut mechaniki sp. z o.o. / [email protected]