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Impossible Sale

Impossible Sale: The SunAmy WilburSheltonBUSS 120

Company BackgroundPerfect Light was founded in 2013. It was developed for people who enjoy the benefits of the sun; such as light, energy, power, nutrients, and much more.We are an online based company.Perfect Light is a company that wants people to get involved with helping our planet and having a good time doing it.

Needs k OpportunityThe sun provides us with many resources that helps everything live and grow.Perfect Light gives most of its proceeds to helping the environment and protecting its wildlife.

Proposed Strategy / PlanPerfect Lights plan is to offer people a chance to invest in the sun.Our goal is to show people that Perfect Light offers a great opportunity to get people involved with helping the environment.

Our Package DealsSilver Package: $250 a monthSun certificateDiscount on the trip to Alaska for the Sunrise & Sunset parties.Gold Package: $500 a monthSun certificateFree trip to Alaska for Sunrise & Sunset parties.Platinum Package: $1,000 a monthSun certificateFree trip to Alaska for Sunrise & Sunset parties.Four free trips a year to wherever you believe the sun shines perfectly.

Sunrise k Sunset PartiesWe plan to hold two parties in Alaska two times a year.Tickets go for $50-$100 for non-membersFor our Silver members, the tickets are 25% off.For the Gold members, the tickets are half off.For our Platinum members, the tickets are free.All proceeds from both parties go to helping our sponsors with their environmental campaigns.

Our SponsorsPerfect Light has 4 main sponsors:World Wildlife FundForest Stewardship CouncilLeonardo DiCaprioHayden Panettiere

WarrantiesIf someone wants to cancel their membership with Perfect Light, they can do so at any given time.Although, with canceling, the lose all the benefits of whichever package they had.But they get to keep their Sun Certificate.

Why choose Perfect Light?Perfect Lights prices are reasonable for the people we want to target.We currently do not have any competitors.Proceeds from the parties go to helping the environment.With every package one would receive a certificate saying they have an investment in the Sun.

ConclusionPerfect Light is a company that wants people to get excited about the sun and what it does for the environment.Purchasing from Perfect Light ensures fun, travel, and all the sunlight anyone could ever ask for.