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  • The Kays Culture Code Values, beliefs and behaviors as we practice

  • Lets start with an important question

    What defines a great workplace culture

    Delicious Food ? Nice coffee ? Lush benefits ?

    Grand parties ? Swanky offices ?

    The truth is, none of these.

  • At workplace, what actually matters is

    AWESOME COLLEAGUES and values and behaviors they practice.

    Thats what defines a great workplace culture.

  • Because companies never succeed, its PEOPLE who do.

  • That brings us to the 2nd question

    Does culture at workplace actually matters?

  • Well


  • And Why?

    Because culture is what we



    eat and

    respond to...

    while we are at the workplace each day.

    No doubt, it helps us deliver our best.

  • But the biggest reason

    It helps us attract the best talent

    and retain it too.

  • Amazing people are not just happy with a paycheck, they look for a purpose too.

    And culture helps build that environment of purpose.

  • So does culture grow AUTOMATICALLY in an organization?

  • We doubt

    Culture is

    carefully and thoughtfully nurtured over TIME

    and repeated

    till it TRICKLES down to every level.

  • Enough said

    Tell me something about the culture at

    Kays Harbor.

  • Before we say anything lets see how employees at Kays Harbor perceive the culture

    Based on the team survey

  • Heres our Culture code in writing

    Always do whats RIGHT, not necessarily whats best Be For the PEOPLE, By the PEOPLE RESPECT and ACKNOWLEDGE individual potential, DESPITE DIFFERENCES SAY what you MEAN, DO what you SAY Practice TRANSPARENCY and clear COMMUNICATION, no matter the situation






  • Always do whats right, not necessarily whats best

    Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching - C S Lewis

    Do the right thing for your clients for your company for your peers


  • For the people By the people

    Since none of us is as smart as all of us - Ken Blanchard

    Empower people and put them at center of all decisions and actions


  • Respect and acknowledge individual potential despite differences

    Because if everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself - Henry Ford

    We are a united team where every one plays their special part


  • Say what you mean, do what you say

    Sincerity, even in error, is strength George Lewis

    Being sincere is not an option, its a must.


  • Focus on transparency and clear communication, no matter the situation

    The success of our work stems from us being truthful Catherin OHara

    Honesty is the best policy period.


  • We dont just believe in these values

    We Live by It.

  • No doubt we aspire to be


    We are still EVOLVING

    And continuously improving our culture as we GROW.

  • Will you like to be a part of our journey?

    Explore your opportunities at

  • This presentation is inspired by

    The Hubspot Culture Code Tech in Asia Culture Code The Netflix Culture Code

    and countless others around the web