workplace culture shock what you don’t know about how culture influences the workplace

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Workplace Culture Shock What you dont know about how culture influences the workplace. Eddie Calisto-Tavares, C.I.M. company name here. Overview. HOW CULTURE INFLUENCES THE WORKPLACE Increase cultural intelligence and reduce culture shock - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Workplace Culture ShockWhat you dont know about how culture influences the workplace

    company name hereEddie Calisto-Tavares, C.I.M


    Increase cultural intelligence and reduce culture shock

    Understand cultural barriers and contexts in the workplace

    Increase the ability to identify the risk tolerance of an individual

    Develop clear strategies based on cultural competencies


  • Caveat

    Don't assume everyone fits exactly into the generalized view of that culture. People are individuals and may not exactly mirror their culture, generation or gender.

    Generalizations - Stereotypes

  • Although Canadian organizations seem to better understand the need for equity and diversity in the workplace, it is not translating into integration.

    Employers still expect new hires/newcomers to do most of the changing and adapting!

    Does culture shock impact the workplace?

  • For our purpose culture is defined as the shared beliefs and values of a group of people.

    What we are thought to think, feel and do in a society where we were/are raisedWhat conditions individuals and directs how we think, feel and behave

    Definition of Culture

  • For our purpose culture shock is defined as:

    A stressful experience when moving into a new environment that affects the physical, emotional and mental well being of an individual.

    Culture shock is especially difficult for immigrants (under 5 years) who have to adjust to a new country/society, language, behaviours, job expectations and so on.

    Definition: Culture Shock

  • Recruitment and retention strategies Group dynamics and team building Training and development Performance management Advancement/promotions The bottom line

    Culture affects ..

  • People dont just bring their skills and experience, they bring their beliefs, values, attitudes, assumptions and many other cultural norms.

    Recruitment & Retention

  • Case in Point: Eye Contact

    In some cultures, looking people in the eye is assumed to indicate honesty and straightforwardness; in others it is seen as challenging and rude. Western culture most effective way to connect with people is to look them into the eye. Most people in Arab cultures regard direct eye contact as disrespectful. In South Asian and many other cultures direct eye contact is generally regarded as aggressive and rude.

    Recruitment & Retention

  • Challenges & Opportunities:Ethnic cultural norms Context and frame of referenceLanguage fluency and communication skills Meaning or interpretation of words

    Cross Cultural Communication

  • Case in Point: Cultural Norms

    Newcomers stories Context of Health & Safety Interpretation of rights & responsibilities Losing face

    Workplace Health & Safety

  • Cultural Intelligence Activity

  • Caf conversations are built on the assumption that people already have within them the wisdom and creativity to address emerging challenges.

    Learn more by visiting:

    Caf Conversations

  • 8-10 participants are seated at each caf table (with markers and doodle paper to capture insights and ideas)Conversation will focus on two powerful questions via two rounds of 15-20 minutes eachTable hosts will act as ambassadors of meaning to help connect stories and ideas and will stay at one table for the two roundsAll other participants will change tables between roundsThe entire group will participate in a harvest where themes and insights will be shared

    The Caf Process

  • The Caf Etiquette Play Experiment Improvise

    Focus on what matters Contribute your thinking Speak your mind and heart Listen to understand Link and connect ideas together for insights and deeper questions Draw writing on the tablecloth is encouraged!

  • Remind people at your table to jot down key connections, ideas, discoveries and deeper questions as they emerge

    Remain at the table for the second caf round and welcome travelers from other tables

    Briefly share key insights from the first caf round conversation so others can link ideas from their respective tables

    Im a table host what do I do?

  • Themes

    Recruitment & Selection Training & Development Employee Engagement & Retention Workplace Health & Safety

    Idea Harvest

  • 5 Cultural Competencies

    Self-AwarenessMutual Adaptability Valuing Diversity Recognition of Prior Learning Modeling an Individualized Approach

    Cultural Competencies

  • Every action we take for ourselves and our clients reflects a commitment for the work we do in breaking down cultural, generational and economic barriers to success.

    Options for Success Inc.

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