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Case 8 A case of impacted supernumerary teeth

A 12 years old male patient came to Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry with crown # of 11 and 21.

IOPAR was advised for 11 and 21, and showed no pulpal exposure but a supernumerary tooth was seen between 11 and 12.

For locating the position of supernumerary tooth, a standard occlusal radiograph advised which showed another supernumerary tooth.

Treatment plan:

Surgical extraction of supernumerary teeth;Followed by light cure composite build up of crown of 11 and 21

Pre- operative photograph

Intraoral operative view showing two supernumerary teeth in palate


Empty socket after extraction of supernumerary teeth Extracted supernumerary teeth

Suture given Surgical splint given

Post operative after removal of sutureLight cure composite build up done.


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