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  • bar & bistro menu

  • LIGHT BITES WHITEBAIT set on lemon scented leaves with aioli & lemon mayo 7.00 VEGETABLE SAMOSAS served with sweet chilli dipping sauce V 7.00 DEEP FRIED CALAMARI with citrus mayo 7.00 SMOKED CHEESE NACHOS topped with chilli prawns, served with sour cream & lime wedge 8.50 TRIO OF SPRING ROLLS, turkey & sage, shredded duck & fruity chicken with aioli & hoisin dipping sauces 8.00 HALLOUMI SKEWERS with sweet potato & cherry tomato served on roasted beetroot, drizzled with balsamic glaze V 7.00 PORTLAND CRAB CAKES with a sweet chilli dipping sauce 8.50 SMOKED SALMON PARCEL filled with guacamole & a Dorset poached egg on toast 8.50 HOMEMADE SAUSAGE ROLL with cranberry & pork filling in puff pastry and served warm with cranberry & apple dipping pot 7.00 CRUSHED AVOCADO on sourdough toast, topped with a poached Dorset egg, served with a lemon wedge V 7.00 DORSET BLUE VINNY PANKO BREADED MUSHROOMS, served with a blue cheese & spinach cream V 7.00 CHESIL CHEESEBOARD, Dorset blue vinny & coastal cheddar wedges, goats cheese with mixed stuffed olives, candied beetroots 9.00 with balsamic, served with crackers & Portland pickle

    JACKET POTATOES Choose from a classic English jacket or sweet potato jacket. Served with a side salad 8.00 QUINOA, CANDIED BEETROOTS & MELTING BRIE V with a beetroot glaze SUNDRIED TOMATO, ROCKET LEAF, AIOLI & HALLOUMI V PULLED PORK, APPLE CHUTNEY & DORSET SMOKED RED MANGO CHICKEN in a spicy curried mayonnaise with sultanas & apricot ROASTED GRAPE, GOATS CHEESE & DORSET HONEY CHILLI CON CARNE with sliced avocado, sour cream & Dorset red smoked Cheddar nachos

    SANDWICHES Served on white or granary bread with a small mug of soup & sea salt crisps (add a side of chips or sweet potato fries 2) PORTLAND CRAB with lemon mayo & black pepper 9 DORSET SMOKED RED CHEDDAR with crispy pancetta & homemade bacon jam 7 DORSET EGG & BABY CRESS with peppered mayonnaise 7 MANGO CHICKEN in a spicy curried mayonnaise with sultanas & apricot 7 HONEY GLAZED GAMMON with a Dijon mayonnaise 7 SMOKED SALMON with a candied beetroot horseradish 9 SPICED HUMMUS, pumpkin jam & sliced avocado G V vegan 7

    MUG OF SOUP served with a cottage roll


    FAVOURITES DORSET HONEY ROASTED HAM, EGG & FRIES 10.00 home cooked honey roasted ham with 2 Dorset eggs, fries & a pot of Portland pickle HOMEMADE STEAK & JURASSIC ALE WEDGE 11.00 served with rustic fries, peas & jug of gravy CHICKEN & TARRAGON CREAM 12.00 chicken breast coated with a Dorset cream & tarragon sauce, served with crushed new potatoes & seasonal vegetables LAMBS LIVER & BACON 10.00 on a colcannon potato cake with garden peas & sweet onion gravy HOMEMADE PORK & BEEF MEATBALL LASAGNE 9.50 served with a small chickpea, quinoa & beetroot salad BEETROOT & RICOTTA TORTELLINI V 9.50 tossed with pesto, baby spinach & candied beets WILD MUSHROOM, SPINACH & BUTTERNUT RISOTTO vegan 9.95 topped with vegetable crisps & asparagus fritters CHILLI CON CARNE WITH WILD BASMATI RICE 10.50 topped with crispy pancetta, served with sour cream & Dorset red smoked Cheddar tortilla chips

    FISH PORTLAND CRAB CHOWDER small 10.50 regular 15.95 prawns, mussels, Lyme Bay scallops, smoked haddock & potatoes in a rich cream sauce ESCALOPES OF SALMON 12.50 pan seared & served on a sweet potato cake with baby spinach, vine tomatoes with a locally picked sorrel cream sauce COD & CHIPS small 10.50 regular 13.50 sustainable cod in a crispy Chesil ale batter, with fries, peas minted butter & tartare sauce PORTLAND CRAB MAC & CHEESE 9.95 a pot of homemade macaroni cheese with chunks of Portland crab topped with a herb crust

    Dinner menu served in bistro from 6pm every evening

    PARSNIP & PORTLAND HONEY SOUP V A delicious thick soup blended with parsnips & honey,

    drizzled with local cream PORTLAND CRAB & CRAYFISH TOWER

    A combination of Portland crab & crayfish tails sat on leaves, tomato & cucumber, dressed with lemon mayonnaise

    SMOKED SALMON WAVES Waves of smoked salmon sat on lemon scented leaves with

    a fine black egg caviar, crme fraiche & pickled samphire CHICKEN LIVER & WHISKY TERRINE

    A rich homemade pate of chicken livers roasted with Whisky served with mini brioche rolls & Portland pickle

    WESTCOUNTRY BRIE & BLACKBERRY TARTLET V Roasted wild blackberries in a pastry tartlet, topped with melting local

    brie with Winter berry confiture & fruit glaze ALL STARTER COURSES 6.75 EACH


    Medallions of venison pan seared, sat on a sausage meat & venison croquette cake with potato gratin, braised red cabbage, & baby spinach,

    topped with a juniper berry deep red wine jus DORSET RED & BRAMLEY APPLE CHICKEN 16

    A succulent chicken breast filled with Dorset red smoked cheese & bramley apple & sage stuffing, wrapped in pancetta, sat on sauted

    potatoes with baby spinach, coated with a Dorset cider jus LOCALLY SOURCED BELLY OF PORK 16

    A melt in your mouth pork belly braised in Dorset milk sat on roasted tarragon potatoes with candied beetroots

    topped with a fine wild garlic red wine sauce ROASTED FILLETS OF SEA BASS 18

    Sat on a creamy mash with locally picked samphire, baby spinach & vine tomatoes surrounded by a Portland crab cream

    SUPREME OF SALMON WITH PESTO CRUST 18 A generous supreme of salmon with a basil pesto crust

    wrapped in leeks, sat with sweet potato mash, cherry tomatoes & asparagus with a Dorset dill cream

    BUTTERNUT SQUASH PITHIVIER V 16 A pastry case filled with butternut squash, red wine glazed shallots & walnuts topped with melting goats cheese, sat with a tomato fondue



    PORTLAND PLATTERS All served with dipping pots, crusty bread & salad garnishPerfect for sharing FIELD PLATTER V 12.00 Vegetable samosas, halloumi kebabs & panko breaded blue vinny mushrooms FARM PLATTER 14.00 Cranberry sausage roll, spring rolls & chicken liver & whisky terrine OCEAN PLATTER 18.50 Portland crab, smoked salmon, whitebait & calamari strips

    FROM THE GRILL 8OZ SIRLOIN STEAK * 22.00 GRILLED TERIYAKI CHICKEN 14.00 FILLETS OF SEABASS 15.00 All served with a small chickpea, quinoa & beetroot salad, sweet potato fries & onion rings Add a grill sauce, PEPPERED, DORSET BLUE VINNY, OR PORTLAND CRAB CREAM 3.50

    HOMEMADE BURGERS Served in brioche buns with rustic fries, onion rings & barbeque sauce WESSEX STEAK 12.00 local beefsteak burger with caramelised onions & gruyere cheese CANDIED BEETROOT V 12.00 candied beetroot & sweet potato burger topped with avocado, served with beetroot horseradish PORTLAND CRAB & LOBSTER 12.00 served with tartare sauce & a wedge of lemon


    TRIO OF OREO SHORTBREAD Handmade Oreo shortbread with piped Dorset cream & Winter strawberries, finished with our own Heights cookie dough ice cream SALTED CARAMEL PEAR TART TATIN Poached pears then baked in salted caramel under a puff pastry lid topped with a star anise ice cream (or vanilla custard) SWEET MAPLE BREAD & BUTTER PUDDING Dorset eggs, cream, mixed dried fruit baked with maple sauce, capped with Dorset honey & rosemary ice cream (or vanilla custard) VANILLA BEAN SPIKED CINNAMON CHEESECAKE Biscuit base topped with creamy cheese studded with vanilla & cinnamon, crowned with sweet cranberry ice cream PORTLAND MESS Crushed meringues, Dorset whipped cream & strawberries PORTLAND BILL LIGHTHOUSE OUR CLASSIC Set on Portland rock candy, layers of raspberry sorbet & vanilla ice cream topped with Dorset ice cream & an orange sorbet beam HOMEMADE ICE CREAMsee the board for our homemade delicious varieties! DORSET CHEESE Blue vinny, brie, coastal cheddar, served with crackers & grapes

    SIDES served with a main meal 3.95 Curried sweet potatoes, with coconut & mint Cauliflower & broccoli cheese Brussel sprouts, crispy pancetta & sherry cream Candied beetroots & honey glazed carrots Steamed vegetables House salad Buddha bowlchickpeas, beets & hummus Sweet potato fries Rustic fries Skinny fries

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