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This is an assortment of worked conducted by Ignition ID, my design studio


  • 1. DESIGN

2. CLIENT: King Kahuna Bean BagsBRIEF: A complete brand and 01 Website re-design 3. CLIENT: King Kahuna Bean BagsBRIEF: Character and logo 01 design for King Kahuna Bean Bags. 4. CLIENT: King Kahuna Bean BagsBRIEF: Product Brochure 01 including Illustration, design and document layout. 5. www.vivaclevercleaning.com.auCLIENT: Kleenex VIVA BRIEF: As part of a larger campaign02 create a website design to house information on the two products in the range and a competition section, which tied into a national ad campaign. 6. www.kleenexcubbyhouse.com.au CLIENT: Kleenex Kids BRIEF: Create a competition mini- 03site for Kleenexs Kids rangeof toilet papers and wipes. 7. CLIENT: Kleenex Kids Other pages on the siteBRIEF:03 included a Build Your Ultimate Cubby House flash game. Other elements designed for the campaign included prize cards, bookmarks and POS stands. 8. www.razoraus.com.auCLIENT: Razor AustraliaBRIEF: Razor Scooter Website04Redesign with Games,Competitions, Board Design,News, Magazine 9. CLIENT: Razor AustraliaBRIEF: Downloads, such as04wallpapers are constantlyadded to the site and flashgames are made seasonallyfor the site. Social mediaplays an important part, too. 10. CLIENT: Stella ArtoisBRIEF: World Draught Masters 05 Promotion featuring a website,Passport card, Posters, Table Card, T-Shirt and Banners. 11. www.onetruluv.com.auCLIENT: One Tru Luv BRIEF: Website design for tween06fashion brand, One Tru Luv. 12. www.southsidepromotions.com.au www.manlymasqueradeball.com MISC: Captain Brirds Eye, Southside07Promotions & ManlyMasquerade Ball Websites. 13. LOGOS 14. ILLUSTRATION 15. CLIENTS