if content is king, who is sheriff? 2014 sxsw panel

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Thanks to the Internet, the proliferation of low-cost publishing has changed what journalistic integrity means to digital content, affecting the quality—and ethical integrity—of online “news.” With bad—and wrong—online content, readers don't always know what to believe online. “The problem with quotes on the Internet is that it’s very hard to verify their authenticity,” Abraham Lincoln said. Didn't he? Readers can't always tell the difference between a "journalist" and a "blogger," and it may not matter. Technology can be leveraged to solve some of the same problems it creates, by helping us navigate the high seas of crap content or aiding content creators with automated infringement protection. This panel is for publishers wanting to understand unwritten professional courtesy and rights, artists and writers looking to protect their content, and readers wondering who—and how—to trust online. A publisher, professor and marketer debate: Who is the new sheriff in town?


  • 1. If Content is King, who is Sheriff? March 10, 2014 SXSW Interactive#SXSheriff

2. Speaker Gail Marie Content Editor, McKinney @ gmariethatsme SpeakerSpeakerSpeaker Kristina Eastham Digital Strategist, Digitaria @kreastham Robert Hernandez Web Journalist, Asst. Professor, USC @ webjournalist Mike Schmidt Multimedia Director, National Geographic @ mohawkstreet Moderator #SXSheriff 3. Why Content? 4. Content marketing is not new. #SXSheriff 5. Writing for robots (img goes here) #SXSheriff 6. Spectrum of Digital Publishers 7. Spectrum of Digital Publishers #SXSheriff 8. Spectrum of Digital Publishers #SXSheriff 9. Stolen Content Ethics & professional courtesy 10. Code of Ethics 11. #SXSheriff 12. #SXSheriff 13. #SXSheriff 14. XIncorrect Content False. 15. The problem with quotes on the Internet is that it is hard to verify their authenticity. - Abraham Lincoln 16. False. 17. False. 18. We assume a certain level of sophistication and skepticism of our readers. - John Cook, Editor-in-Chief, Gawker #SXSheriff 19. $Sponsored Content Pay to play 20. The elephant in the newsroom 21. Enforcing Content Rules How to protect yourself 22. #SXSheriff 23. Ethical use is now easier than stealing images! #SXSheriff 24. #SXSheriff 25. So who is the Sheriff of Content? 26. Readers: Be your own sheriff. #SXSheriff 27. Publishers: Be diligent. Understand and embrace the culture of the web. #SXSheriff 28. Content owners: Understand your rights. Use technology that help you manage them. #SXSheriff