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<p>IELTS Reading Tips to Improve Your Score </p> <p>IELTS Reading Tips to Improve Your Score </p> <p>Practice reading every type of questionsSince there are 14 types of questions asked in reading section, therefore, you need to develop strategy to solve each type. This will help you develop your reading skills for each type of question. This way you can also save time in locating the right answer. </p> <p>Skimming and scanningStudents are told to follow skimming and scanning technique but not every one of them is able to follow it correctly. While performing skimming and scanning students tend to miss on relevant information. </p> <p>Develop your speedSince reading test has a strict time limit, therefore you need to develop your speed in order to complete the test on time. You must practice to the reading paper before examination as this way you will gain familiarity with the type of questions asked. </p> <p>Highlight keywordsEach question has several keywords which help students to locate answers. Keywords also help students save time. As soon as you have known how to spot keywords and use them correctly, you can save time and energy to a great extent</p> <p>Practice difficult passagesDo not make assumptions that you will get easy passages always. Practice difficult passages as well.Practicing difficult passages would help you build skills, understand questions and improve your vocabulary. </p> <p>Join LinguaSoft EdutechTo get more tips, come direct to LinguaSoft Edutech. We have highly experienced, skilled and knowledgeable trainers who give each student personal attention and care so that their chances of success can be increased</p>