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IMPROVE YOUR IELTS Sam McCarter Norman Whitby ~ MACMILLAN Introductio n page 4 Unit 1 page 6 Unit2 page 14 Unit3 page 22 Unit4 page 30 Unit5 page 38 Unit 6 page 46 Unit7 page 54 UnitS page 62 Unit9 page 70 Unit 10 page 78 Contents TOp ic Change and consequences The importance of the past Machines, cycles, and processes Education Youth Culture Arts and sciences Nature Health Individual and society Sample answers page 6 Key page 96 Task 1 Describing trends Related verbs and nouns Underst anding data Comparing information Adverbs in comparisons Comparing and contrasti ng The passive Sequencing General and spedfic statements Comparing information Describing proportions Describing changes Describing locations Concluding statement. Concession ( 1 ) Adverbs Using actveJ: bs to eva lu at e data Avoiding irrelevance taking predictions Factual accuracy Varying vocabulary Checking pelling Word order Linking using wi th Task 1 revision Ta..,k Z Understanding questions Expressing solutions Lin king ph rases Us ing trigger words Using itltheylthislthese Planning essays Devel ping ideas Using which to organize information Expressi ng result and purpose Avoiding ov rgenerajizati on Developing reasons Developing an d j ustifying opinions Writing introduct ions Expressing advantag sand disadvantage Advantage and disadvantage va abulary Concession (2) DiSCUSSing other people's opinion Hypolh e izing Article Wri tin g conclusions Organizing words Verb-subject agreement Paragraph struClure Relevant and irrelevanr information Task 2 revision 3 4 In trod-uction What is Improve your IEL TS Writing Skills? Improve YOllr fELTS Writing Skills is a complete preparation course for the Academic Wr iting paper o( the International Engli sh Language Te" ting System. Through targeted practice, it develops skills and language to help you achieve a higher JELTS score in the Academic Writing paper. How can I use this book? You can use Improve YOllr lELTS Writil1g Skills as a book fo r tudying on your own or in a class. If you arc studying on your own, f mprove YOllr f ELTS Wri tillg Skills is designed to guide au step"by"step through the activities. This book is also completely elf-contained: a clear and accessible key is provided so that you can easily check you r answ r as you work through the book. in addition, there is a sample answer to acc mpanyeach Task 1 and Task 2 question. If you are studying as part of a class, your teacher will direct you on how to use each activity. Some activities can be treated a discussions, in which case they can be a useful opportunity to _hare ideas and techniques with other learners. How is Improve your IEL TS Writing Skills orga n ized? J[ consists of ten units based aroun d topics wbich occur commonly in the real test . Each unit consists of three sections: Task I: exercises and examples to de velop skills and language for Ta k 1 questi ons. Ta sk 2: exerdses and examples to develop skills and language for Task 2 questions. Practice test: a complete Academic Writing paper based on the unit topiC to practi se the skills learned. Each Task 1 and Task 2 section is subdivided furthe r into skills se ti ons. These focus n spedfic areas of relevance to each task. In addit ion, there are echniqlles boxes throughout the book These rei mor e k.ey points on how to approach Academi c Writing tasks. How will Improve your JELTS Writing SkiJJs improve my score? By developing skills The skills secti ons form a detailed syllabus of essential IELTS wriling skills . For example, key elements of Task 1 preparat ion, su ch as Describing trends and COlI/paril1g information, are fully covered. Similarly, Task 2 skills, such as Expressing sO/II/iom and Dnelopil19 ideas are dealt with in detail. By developing language Each unit also contains a resour e of useful phrases and vocabular y to II e in each wri ting task. Over the ourse of Irnprol'eyollr fELTS Writing Skills, you will encounter a wide rang of ideas (0 ensure thaI you are not lost for words when you get to the real test. These include concepts such as organjzjng word, trigger words, and linking phrases, which all contribute to an appropriate academic writing style. BV developing test technique The Tedlllique boxes contain shari tips which can easily be memorized and used as reminders in the real test. These include quick and easy advice about planning, under tanding questions, and how t o use eUectively the language you have learned. Introdllctioll How is the IELTS Academic Writing paper organized? The academic wri ting omponent of the IELTS lasts one hour. 111 the test, there are two task of di fferent le ngth. both of which 'ou must all' wer. What does each task consist of? In Task I. you will hav to write at least 150 words to describe some data or a diagram. Data will normally be presented in the form of a graph, a bar or pie chan. a tabl e. or a ombination of these. A diagram will normall y (elate [Q a process, the worki ngs [ an object. or changes in map over time. You are always expe ted to summarize the information by describing the main features. makin J comparison " .... here relevan t. In Task 2. you will have to writ e at least 250 words on a topic. Y 1.1 wil l be presented wilh an opinion, an argument . r a problem, and you will be expected to respond in son e way. For example. in 'our re pons . you may be asked LO: xpr s an opinion . give views about two differem opinions and give your own opinion. discuss advantages and di sadvantage . give a solution to a problem by sugges ti ng meas ures. discuss ca uses of a problem and suggest sol utions. You are ahvays expe ted to give reasons and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience. How will I be assessed? In both tasks ou will be Clssessed on your ability to expre s yourself clearly an d accurately in English. In Task 1. you r an wer is assessed according to your ability to write abou t d ta in an organized wa y and compare infoID1ation where it is relevant to do so. You. hould write about the mai n features of the data an a ld rel evant d rail where n e essary. In Task 2, your answer i assessed a cording to your abili ty to wri in a logical manner as you give a solution 10 a problem, present andjuslify an opinion, compare and contrast evict nce and opinions, or evaluate and challenge ideas or arguments. How much time should I spend on each task? You are ad ised to spend 20 minutes on Task l. You are advised to spend 40 minut s on Task . Even though Task 2 carrie more marks, you should always do Task 1 firs t. This is because it is shorter, and psychologicCl lly it fee ls better if you ha ve comple ted on e task. 5 II II UN IT 1 6 Change and conseqLlences Unit aims Task t Descnl:lIng trends Related verbs and nouns Understanding data T a s ~ 2 Understandmg questIOns ExpreSSing soluttons Linking phrases USing trigger wards Task 1 Describing trends 1 The gTaphs relate to sales of media technolog . . Which graph a- h do au think shows sales for each item in the photos 1-4? 2 Match each grapb (a-h) with the most appr p riate description below (1- 10). ] Sales of auelio cassettes fell steaelily . .......... ~ ...... 2 iPo sales rose gradually . .................. 3 Plasma TV sales fluctuated wildly, but the trend was upward . .................. 4 Sales of video cassettes n uctuated wildly, and the tTend was downward ..... ....... _ .. ... _ 5 Total digital camera sales dropped slightly. .... ... - .......... 6 Sa es of audio cassettes fell and then levelled off. .................. 7 The sales of MP3-players rose gradually and then climbed sharply . ..... .... .... _ .... B Purchases of video cassett e recorders d lined dramatically . ......... ,' ....... 9 Sales of games consoles decreased and then levelled off ................... 10 CD sales dropped suddenJy ............ ....... 3 Underline the verbs in 2 used to describe trend Example I Sales of audio cassettes kU steadily. 4 The verbs in 2 are modified by adverb such as steadily. Find the adverbs and decide wheth r they mean slow or fast changes. Complete the lists below. Slow .. ~ ~ ~ ! ~ ~ . , Fas! II V iii -II . ~ iii m D ~ m .---------------iii ~ Technique Include a variety of structures In your writing. Use both verb + adverb a 1d adjective + noun structures In '{our Task 1 answer. Express nouns as The . of or as TWO nouns UNIT 1 Charlge alld COli eqllell"s Related verbs and nouns 5 containing verb phrQs es such as j eJl steadily call often be re\-\' J.iLLen using the correct form of there islare and a related noun. Read the examples. Then rewri te sentences a-j below. 6 Examples Th consumption of chocolate fell steadily. (verb + adverb) There was a steady fall in the consumption of chocolate . (there was a + adjective + noun ) There has been a dramatic rise in the producri oD of films . (there has been a + adjeCtive + noun) Th production of film has risell dramaticalry. (verb + adverb) a Spice expons fr om Afri ca fl uctuated wil dly over the period. There were ........................................ ................................. .. ..................................... . b The development of new products fell gradually. Ther was ...... ............. ..... .......................................................................................... . c There has been a noticeable decrease in investmen l. Research ......................... ............... ........... ........ ... .. .................................................. .. d The purchases of ti.cket dropped significantly last month. There .....