IELTS Intensive Preparation Course - Denver, TOEFL, Intensive Preparation Course ... prepared for IELTS success. ... Learn unique templates for every section of IELTS Exam.

Download IELTS Intensive Preparation Course - Denver, TOEFL,  Intensive Preparation Course ... prepared for IELTS success. ... Learn unique templates for every section of IELTS Exam.

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( H o u s t o n O f f i c e ) 4 8 2 0 C a r o l i n e S t r e e t H o u s t o n , T X 7 7 0 0 4 ( D e n v e r O f f i c e ) 1 7 1 9 E m e r s o n S t r e e t D e n v e r C o l o r a d o 8 0 2 1 8 2013 IELTS Intensive Preparation Course We guarantee to increase your test scores!!! Expert Strategies and Tactics provided!!! Keino Campbell, Esq. (President) Kimberly Campbell, PhD. (Vice-President) T.I.E., LLC (TOEFL.IELTS.EXPERTS) WWW.TIEXAMS.COM IELTS Intensive Preparation Course 2013 TIE, LLC (TOEFL IELTS Experts) IELTS Course Outline Overall Goal: By working with specially designed academic skills materials and with teachers expert in IELTS preparation, participants deepen their understanding of academic language and maximize their abilities in the IELTS exam. The course is designed to prepare candidates for the Academic Training Module in the IELTS examination. It is aimed at students who already hold an overall IELTS band score of 4.0-5.5 and who wish to upgrade their score in order to gain admission to a British or American University. The course draws upon many successful factors of our unique program, but is aimed towards those who have not yet achieved the 6.0 -7.5 levels required. The minimum requirement for admission to the IELTS program is an intermediate English Level. The course includes full mock IELTS examinations taken at the end of the third and fifth weeks. We teach students from around the world each year in our Houston/Denver offices through private courses, small group and large group workshops. The Long IELTS course is 30 Hours in instructional and practice time and includes 2 practice tests (6 hours). Each course teaches students the high-score strategies for all 4 sections of the exam. We keep our classes small (no more than 6 in a class) to make sure we are able to focus on the individual students. Classes are offered during the week and weekend and are designed to enable a student to successfully continue their ESL program while being prepared for IELTS success. More information is included in the brochure. IELTS Intensive Preparation Course 2013 Start Dates: Frequent start dates which vary by location. See our Fall 2013 our program below or contact your local TIE, LLC representative for further details. Course Length: 4-6 weeks (depending on scheduled test date) Course Hours Total: 33 Hours Course Costs: Depends on Course Length (including materials and books) IELTS Long Course Small Group (33 Hours): $950 Private 1 to 1 IELTS Course: Price Varies The Long IELTS course is 33 Hours instructional and practice time and now includes 3 practice tests (9 hours). Course teaches students the high-score strategies for all 4 sections of the exam Course Meetings/Schedule: The classes meet on the weekends and evenings so as not to interfere with the students ESL schedule. If the students has mornings free, they can schedule class in the mornings. Students normally meet for IELTS class two to three times per week, with each class lasting about 2-3 hours long. Course length can vary, depending on a students schedule, but typically a course can last for 4 -6 week. Books Included: All 9 Cambridge Practice Books IELTS Practice Tests Plus 2 Book Improve Your Reading Skills Book Improve Your Listening Skills Book Collins Speaking Guide COURSE OBJECTIVES: To prepare you to take the IELTS by discussing, practicing, and analyzing each section of the test; To improve your IELTS test-taking skills and strategies in each section of the test; To review particular grammatical patterns that occur regularly on the IELTS; To simulate actual test-taking conditions so that you become familiar with and more comfortable with test situations; To learn the scoring procedures for the exam so that you can interpret your own test scores; To improve the quality and quantity of writing you produce under time pressure IELTS Intensive Preparation Course 2013 Requirements: Notebook USB Flash Drive We have been teaching the IELTS, TOEFL iBT and GRE exclusively for the past 4 years, starting in our Houston office and now also including our Denver offices. The company is owned by an Attorney and Ph.D. who both bring their expertise to the course design. We are the only company that offers a TOEFL iBT complete online course that is sold around the world on the website. In addition, we are one of the only TOEFL/IELTS testing centers that have a book for sale on (TOEFL iBT Strategies and Tactics Guidebook). Finally, our tactics and strategies are so well recognized in Denver that we are asked to provide IELTS instruction at local ESL schools like Spring Downtown, Spring Littleton and UC Denver. Even though those schools offer a class, they recognize our unique and effective our methods are. Instructor Highlights * Expert TOEFL teachers * Expert IELTS teachers * CELTA Certified * currently writing IELTS book * TOEFL book published Jan 2013 * Unique Methods-Proven Success * GRE Training Provided * Instructors World-Traveled * Attorney Background * University Professor IELTS Course Highlights Simulate actual test-taking conditions so that you become familiar with and more comfortable with test situations; Learn unique templates for every section of IELTS Exam; Synonym Language Strategy for Reading Comprehension. Tactics which clarify Listening Comprehension answers. Phonetics Review to ensure spelling correctness. Secret of a Band Score 7-8 for Live Speaking section Improve the quality and quantity of writing you produce under time pressure IELTS Intensive Preparation Course 2013 The course is aimed at getting the IELTS score you want. As well as plenty of opportunities to practice for the test, you will be given information and tips to help you, such as: o How to approach the tasks / questions o What the examiners are looking for o What to do (& what not to do!) o How to prepare for the writing tasks o How to manage your time in the exam o Examples of good and bad answers You will also learn more about the English language during the course so your vocabulary, pronunciation, fluency and grammar will improve as well. Course Highlights: Exceptional instructionour tutors are truly the best-of-the-best in terms of training, expertise and dedication. Completely customyour instructor will design plan targeted to your specific needs. Stellar Resultsour teachers are goal oriented and results driven. Guaranteed.* Flexibility and conveniencea schedule built around your hectic lifestyle and the freedom to choose inperson or web-based sessions. No distractionsyour tutor will keep you motivated and help you to focus on achieving your best score. Our Unique TIE IELTS Teaching Method Ideal for business professionals and students Learn unique templates for every section of IELTS Exam. Psychological strategies provided for test day success. Specific question strategies for every single question on the exam. We teach you specific strategies and tactics so that you know how to find answers to each question type. IELTS vocabulary provided Each student is provided with 32 IELTS accurate practice tests with their tuition. IELTS Intensive Preparation Course 2013 IELTS Schedule: (each class is normally 3- 4 hours long) Week 1/ class 1 Introduction Class 2 & 3 Reading strategies/Test taking skills Reading Comprehension practice. Extract information from and understand a variety of academic-style texts including magazine, newspaper and journal-type articles. Focus on speed reading, skimming and scanning, sentence completion, yes/no/not given-type comprehension questions. Week 2/ Class 3 & 4 Listening strategies Listening Comprehension Understand a variety of general and academic-type listening with native British, Australian, Canadian and non-native accents. Anticipating the text, using picture/graphic clues, predicting from questions, predicting language according to relationships/topics listening for specific information, predicting the required words identifying key words, Identifying word classification, form filling identifying when there is a need to listen, predicting possible context of the language, multiple choice and pictures, separating main ideas from supporting detail, recognizing introductory phrases, interpreting meaning, understanding the speaker's attitudes, stress, interpreting intonation, prosodic features of speech including hesitations, repetitions, avoidance, tone. Can understand conversations between two speakers in a social situation Can understand a discussion between up to four speakers on an educational or training situation IELTS Intensive Preparation Course 2013 Can understand monologues on nonacademic topics and of general academic interest Have practice and feedback on your listening and reading in exam conditions Class 4 Review basic rules for Listening and Reading Week 3/ Class 5 & 6 Speaking strategies/Test taking skills Speaking practice Make contributions to discussions on a variety of concrete and more abstract topics. Fluency, accuracy, range and relevance are practiced. Introducing oneself, focus on fluency, linking ideas, predicting topics/familiar situations, providing personal information. Cue Card analysis and 2 minute presentation practice. Can identify the stages of the IELTS speaking interview and what is required Can answer general questions about yourself and things that are personal to you Can talk confidently about everyday topics and expand on them appropriately Can give a short monologue (12minutes) with an improved degree of fluency Can respond to questions of a more abstract nature Have practice and feedback with the speaking interview Class 6 Reading, Listening, Speaking Practice Week 4/ Class 7 & 8 Graph and Independent Essay Writing strategies/Test taking skills. Write short academic-style essays, including describing data or processes and presenting arguments coherently and cohesively. Describing facts and figures, bar and pie charts, tables, describing trends, line graphs Summarizing data In a table, selecting IELTS Intensive Preparation Course 2013 important information, grouping information, describing a process Cohesion, outlining presenting an argument, the introduction, expressing views, making concessions. Writing Task 2 Can plan and organize your response so as to use your time more effectively Can write a discursive essay, or a defense of an opinion, relating to a topic of general interest Analyze different band score samples of Writing Part 2 Have practice and feedback on your writing Class 8 Writing Task 1 Can identify the requirements of the task types in Writing Task 1 Can plan and organize your response so as to use your time more effectively Can describe visual information provided in a graph, table, chart or diagram Analyze different band score samples of Writing Part Have practice and feedback on your writing Week 5/ Class 9 &10 Practice and Review All Sections Week 6 Class 11/12 Review practice exam analyze skills IELTS Intensive Preparation Course 2013 Testimonials "I didn't think coaching was going to make much of a difference in my TOEFL score. Boy, was I ever wrong! T.I.E. helped me get the scores I needed to get into my first-choice college." Ben A. from Houston, TX, now a science major at MIT "Having been through the tutoring process once before for my IELTS I was weary of the big tutoring companies when it came time to hunker down. T.I.E. is different, and they gave me all the personal attention I needed to succeed." Mishal Alkhaldi, MBA Univ. of Houston Keino is a teacher not only training you with most useful tips for the IELTS test, but coaching your mind set to be ready for the condition. Im now on the way to be a lecturer in my country. The KEINO WAY for teaching was penetrated in part of my thoughts and will be revealed in part of my teaching future. Thank you Keino for the times in Houston. Your publication will be a gospel for anybody who are looking for high scores on IELTS field. (Huang YiChiaTaiwan) It is very easy to get the best scores on TOEFL test by using Keino's strategies. He gives all the knowledge that you need. Also, he is a TOEFLat teacher and has the golden rules for the TOEFL. Trust him, perform his rules and get your score. (Muhamad Gurburz Turkey) He is a wonderful teacher with extraordinary teaching skill and test taking strategies that i have ever had. I highly recommend you to take his TOEFL classes. His teaching method is perfect and clear. I am glad I have a TOEFL teacher like Keino. (Fatma Eris Turkey) As an ESL instructor, I was initially intimidated by the thought of teaching a TOEFL preparation course, as I myself had never been a particularly good test taker. Under Keino's tutelage I found the tools to teach my students essential test-taking techniques that are applicable to any exam. Keino's approach is simple and easy to understand. Following his guidelines has bolstered my confidence in my own teaching abilities as well as helped me pass that confidence on to my students. (Jennifer Townsend - United States) Keino is one the best IELTS teachers in the US. He teaches what to do and what not to do about IELTS and how to use the time wisely. As you consider the importance of time management on the IELTS exam, you have to have a teacher who teaches the time strategies. Keino also gives you the tricks on the IELTS exam, which is very important for students...Due to these reasons, Keino is your best alternative. (Cagatay Atmaca-Turkey) If you want to get the score you wish to be accepted in a university, you got take the TOEFL with Keino, he is the TOEFL super hero, I got 96 after two months studying with him, he has all the tips that help. (Kawther Al-Basha Saudi Arabia)\ IELTS Intensive Preparation Course 2013 Keino Campbell is a tremendous teacher. I recommend him 100%. I scored 8 on the IELTS after 2 months studying with him. (Carlos Blanco Venezuela) Learning TOEFL is so much fun; if only you could find the best teacher to do so, it's even much more fun! Keino not only teaches you clues and techniques to make TOEFL your favorite subject to learn, but he also uses ways and tactics in a fun, enjoyable way. My TOEFL classes with him were so much fun and I guarantee you, you'll be so much improved than you were before. (Jevrin Alviando, Indonesia) I'm very thankful to Keino for teaching me TOEFL. I was afraid to take a real test but Keino helped me a lot. I could pass the test from the first time and I'm satisfied with my score. His class was TOEFL and it really improved my skills. Keino is your right choice of studying TOEFL. (Margarita Kim- Kazakhstan) Dear all prospective TOEFL students, First, I am not a sycophant. The truth must be told!!! KEINO is your BEST choice. There are teachers and teachers and the majority just come and go like a season; however, Keino is the one that sticks in your soul for a TOEFL reason, and the reason is that as a student I learned not only TOEFL strategies, but also I learned how to succeed in everything I was seeking. Dont worry about the TOEFL, you are going to succeed sooner or later, but what matters is how fast you can achieve your dreams that goes beyond any TOEFL barriers. This is the point that differentiates Keino from any other teacher; he knows exactly how to train you for what you really want. Under no circumstances will you regret his course for the TOEFL!!! (Rodrigo S Maeda-Brazil). "He is the best TOEFL teacher I have ever seen. He shows hints for each part which helps to get good grades from TOEFL. I am thankful to him for getting me an admission from University as soon as possible." (Ayca KARACAY- Turkey) " I still remember myself in the first TOEFL class. I set in the first row stressed and anxious from the TOEFL materials. But, right there were standing my teacher Keino, from the first time he encouraged me. I still can't forget him saying to me "don't quit". I am very thankful to him for being the best teacher, who can teach TOEFL ever." (Marwa Jakob, Israel) The course was an improvement of my English skills and taught me the proper strategies to succeed. Definitely a 5 on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best. (Rashad Al ghamdi-Saudi Arabia)


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