IELTS Intensive Preparation Course - Denver, TOEFL, Intensive Preparation Course ... prepared for IELTS success. ... Learn unique templates for every section of IELTS Exam

Download IELTS Intensive Preparation Course - Denver, TOEFL,  Intensive Preparation Course ... prepared for IELTS success. ... Learn unique templates for every section of IELTS Exam

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<ul><li><p> ( H o u s t o n O f f i c e ) 4 8 2 0 C a r o l i n e S t r e e t H o u s t o n , T X 7 7 0 0 4 </p><p>( D e n v e r O f f i c e ) 1 7 1 9 E m e r s o n S t r e e t D e n v e r C o l o r a d o 8 0 2 1 8 </p><p>2013 </p><p>IELTS Intensive </p><p>Preparation Course </p><p>We guarantee to increase your test scores!!! </p><p>Expert Strategies and Tactics provided!!! </p><p>Keino Campbell, Esq. (President) </p><p>Kimberly Campbell, PhD. (Vice-President) </p><p>T.I.E., LLC (TOEFL.IELTS.EXPERTS) </p><p> WWW.TIEXAMS.COM </p></li><li><p>IELTS Intensive Preparation Course 2013 </p><p>TIE, LLC (TOEFL IELTS Experts) </p><p>IELTS Course Outline </p><p>Overall Goal: By working with specially designed academic skills materials and with teachers expert </p><p>in IELTS preparation, participants deepen their understanding of academic language and maximize their </p><p>abilities in the IELTS exam. </p><p>The course is designed to prepare candidates for the Academic Training Module in the IELTS </p><p>examination. It is aimed at students who already hold an overall IELTS band score of 4.0-5.5 and who </p><p>wish to upgrade their score in order to gain admission to a British or American University. The course </p><p>draws upon many successful factors of our unique program, but is aimed towards those who have not yet </p><p>achieved the 6.0 -7.5 levels required. The minimum requirement for admission to the IELTS program is </p><p>an intermediate English Level. The course includes full mock IELTS examinations taken at the end of the </p><p>third and fifth weeks. </p><p>We teach students from around the world each year in our Houston/Denver offices through </p><p>private courses, small group and large group workshops. The Long IELTS course is 30 Hours in </p><p>instructional and practice time and includes 2 practice tests (6 hours). Each course teaches students the </p><p>high-score strategies for all 4 sections of the exam. We keep our classes small (no more than 6 in a class) </p><p>to make sure we are able to focus on the individual students. Classes are offered during the week and </p><p>weekend and are designed to enable a student to successfully continue their ESL program while being </p><p>prepared for IELTS success. More information is included in the brochure. </p></li><li><p>IELTS Intensive Preparation Course 2013 </p><p> Start Dates: Frequent start dates which vary by location. See our Fall 2013 our </p><p>program below or contact your local TIE, LLC representative for further details. </p><p> Course Length: 4-6 weeks (depending on scheduled test date) </p><p> Course Hours Total: 33 Hours </p><p> Course Costs: Depends on Course Length (including materials and books) </p><p>IELTS Long Course Small Group (33 Hours): $950 </p><p>Private 1 to 1 IELTS Course: Price Varies </p><p>The Long IELTS course is 33 Hours instructional and practice time and </p><p>now includes 3 practice tests (9 hours). Course teaches students the high-</p><p>score strategies for all 4 sections of the exam </p><p> Course Meetings/Schedule: The classes meet on the weekends and evenings so as not to </p><p>interfere with the students ESL schedule. If the students has mornings free, they can schedule class in </p><p>the mornings. Students normally meet for IELTS class two to three times per week, with each class </p><p>lasting about 2-3 hours long. Course length can vary, depending on a students schedule, but typically a </p><p>course can last for 4 -6 week. </p><p> Books Included: </p><p>All 9 Cambridge Practice Books </p><p>IELTS Practice Tests Plus 2 Book </p><p>Improve Your Reading Skills Book </p><p>Improve Your Listening Skills Book </p><p>Collins Speaking Guide </p><p>COURSE OBJECTIVES: </p><p> To prepare you to take the IELTS by discussing, practicing, and analyzing each section of the </p><p>test; </p><p> To improve your IELTS test-taking skills and strategies in each section of the test; </p><p> To review particular grammatical patterns that occur regularly on the IELTS; </p><p> To simulate actual test-taking conditions so that you become familiar with and more comfortable </p><p>with test situations; </p><p> To learn the scoring procedures for the exam so that you can interpret your own test scores; </p><p> To improve the quality and quantity of writing you produce under time pressure </p></li><li><p>IELTS Intensive Preparation Course 2013 </p><p>Requirements: </p><p> Notebook </p><p> USB Flash Drive </p><p> We have been teaching the IELTS, TOEFL iBT and GRE exclusively for the past 4 years, starting </p><p>in our Houston office and now also including our Denver offices. The company is owned by an Attorney </p><p>and Ph.D. who both bring their expertise to the course design. We are the only company that offers a </p><p>TOEFL iBT complete online course that is sold around the world on the website. In </p><p>addition, we are one of the only TOEFL/IELTS testing centers that have a book for sale on </p><p> (TOEFL iBT Strategies and Tactics Guidebook). Finally, our tactics and strategies are </p><p>so well recognized in Denver that we are asked to provide IELTS instruction at local ESL schools like </p><p>Spring Downtown, Spring Littleton and UC Denver. Even though those schools offer a class, they </p><p>recognize our unique and effective our methods are. </p><p>Instructor Highlights </p><p>* Expert TOEFL teachers * Expert IELTS teachers </p><p>* CELTA Certified * currently writing IELTS book </p><p>* TOEFL book published Jan 2013 * Unique Methods-Proven Success </p><p>* GRE Training Provided * Instructors World-Traveled </p><p>* Attorney Background * University Professor </p><p>IELTS Course Highlights </p><p> Simulate actual test-taking conditions so that you become familiar with and more comfortable with test situations; </p><p> Learn unique templates for every section of IELTS Exam; </p><p> Synonym Language Strategy for Reading Comprehension. </p><p> Tactics which clarify Listening Comprehension answers. </p><p> Phonetics Review to ensure spelling correctness. </p><p> Secret of a Band Score 7-8 for Live Speaking section </p><p> Improve the quality and quantity of writing you produce under time pressure </p></li><li><p>IELTS Intensive Preparation Course 2013 </p><p>The course is aimed at getting the IELTS score you want. As well as plenty of opportunities to practice </p><p>for the test, you will be given information and tips to help you, such as: </p><p>o How to approach the tasks / questions </p><p>o What the examiners are looking for </p><p>o What to do (&amp; what not to do!) </p><p>o How to prepare for the writing tasks </p><p>o How to manage your time in the exam </p><p>o Examples of good and bad answers </p><p>You will also learn more about the English language during the course so your vocabulary, pronunciation, </p><p>fluency and grammar will improve as well. </p><p>Course Highlights: </p><p> Exceptional instructionour tutors are truly the best-of-the-best in terms of training, expertise and dedication. </p><p> Completely customyour instructor will design plan targeted to your specific needs. </p><p> Stellar Resultsour teachers are goal oriented and results driven. Guaranteed.* </p><p> Flexibility and conveniencea schedule built around your hectic lifestyle and the freedom to choose inperson or web-based sessions. </p><p> No distractionsyour tutor will keep you motivated and help you to focus on achieving your best score. </p><p> Our Unique TIE IELTS Teaching Method </p><p> Ideal for business professionals and students </p><p> Learn unique templates for every section of IELTS Exam. </p><p> Psychological strategies provided for test day success. </p><p> Specific question strategies for every single question on the exam. </p><p> We teach you specific strategies and tactics so that you know how to find answers to each </p><p>question type. </p><p> IELTS vocabulary provided </p><p> Each student is provided with 32 IELTS accurate practice tests with their tuition. </p></li><li><p>IELTS Intensive Preparation Course 2013 </p><p>IELTS Schedule: (each class is normally 3- 4 hours long) </p><p>Week </p><p>1/ class </p><p>1 </p><p>Introduction </p><p>Class 2 </p><p>&amp; 3 </p><p>Reading strategies/Test taking skills </p><p>Reading Comprehension practice. </p><p>Extract information from and understand a variety of academic-</p><p>style texts including magazine, newspaper and journal-type </p><p>articles. Focus on speed reading, skimming and scanning, sentence </p><p>completion, yes/no/not given-type comprehension questions. </p><p>Week </p><p>2/ </p><p>Class 3 </p><p>&amp; 4 </p><p>Listening strategies </p><p>Listening Comprehension </p><p>Understand a variety of general and academic-type listening with </p><p>native British, Australian, Canadian and non-native accents. </p><p>Anticipating the text, using picture/graphic clues, predicting from </p><p>questions, predicting language according to relationships/topics </p><p>listening for specific information, predicting the required words </p><p>identifying key words, Identifying word classification, form filling </p><p>identifying when there is a need to listen, predicting possible </p><p>context of the language, multiple choice and pictures, separating </p><p>main ideas from supporting detail, recognizing introductory </p><p>phrases, interpreting meaning, understanding the speaker's </p><p>attitudes, stress, interpreting intonation, prosodic features of </p><p>speech including hesitations, repetitions, avoidance, tone. </p><p>Can understand conversations between two speakers in a social </p><p>situation </p><p>Can understand a discussion between up to four speakers on an </p><p>educational or training </p><p>situation </p></li><li><p>IELTS Intensive Preparation Course 2013 </p><p>Can understand monologues on nonacademic topics and of </p><p>general academic interest </p><p>Have practice and feedback on your listening and reading in exam </p><p>conditions </p><p>Class 4 Review basic rules for Listening and Reading </p><p>Week </p><p>3/ </p><p>Class 5 </p><p>&amp; 6 </p><p>Speaking strategies/Test taking skills </p><p>Speaking practice </p><p>Make contributions to discussions on a variety of concrete and </p><p>more abstract topics. Fluency, accuracy, range and relevance are </p><p>practiced. Introducing oneself, focus on fluency, linking ideas, </p><p>predicting topics/familiar situations, providing personal </p><p>information. Cue Card analysis and 2 minute presentation practice. </p><p>Can identify the stages of the IELTS speaking interview and what </p><p>is required </p><p>Can answer general questions about yourself and things that are </p><p>personal to you </p><p>Can talk confidently about everyday topics and expand on them </p><p>appropriately </p><p>Can give a short monologue (12minutes) with an improved degree </p><p>of fluency </p><p>Can respond to questions of a more abstract nature </p><p>Have practice and feedback with the speaking interview </p><p>Class 6 Reading, Listening, Speaking Practice </p><p>Week </p><p>4/ </p><p>Class 7 </p><p>&amp; 8 </p><p>Graph and Independent Essay Writing strategies/Test taking skills. </p><p>Write short academic-style essays, including describing data or </p><p>processes and presenting arguments coherently and cohesively. </p><p>Describing facts and figures, bar and pie charts, tables, describing </p><p>trends, line graphs Summarizing data In a table, selecting </p></li><li><p>IELTS Intensive Preparation Course 2013 </p><p>important information, grouping information, describing a process </p><p>Cohesion, outlining presenting an argument, the introduction, </p><p>expressing views, making concessions. </p><p>Writing Task 2 </p><p>Can plan and organize your response so as to use your time more </p><p>effectively </p><p>Can write a discursive essay, or a defense of an opinion, relating to </p><p>a topic of general interest </p><p>Analyze different band score samples of Writing Part 2 </p><p>Have practice and feedback on your writing </p><p>Class 8 </p><p>Writing Task 1 </p><p>Can identify the requirements of the task types in Writing Task 1 </p><p>Can plan and organize your response so as to use your time more </p><p>effectively </p><p>Can describe visual information provided in a graph, table, chart or </p><p>diagram </p><p>Analyze different band score samples of Writing Part </p><p>Have practice and feedback on your writing </p><p>Week </p><p>5/ </p><p>Class 9 </p><p>&amp;10 </p><p>Practice and Review All Sections </p><p>Week 6 </p><p>Class </p><p>11/12 </p><p>Review practice exam analyze skills </p></li><li><p>IELTS Intensive Preparation Course 2013 </p><p>Testimonials </p><p>"I didn't think coaching was going to make much of a difference in my TOEFL score. Boy, was I ever </p><p>wrong! T.I.E. helped me get the scores I needed to get into my first-choice college." Ben A. from </p><p>Houston, TX, now a science major at MIT </p><p> "Having been through the tutoring process once before for my IELTS I was weary of the big tutoring </p><p>companies when it came time to hunker down. T.I.E. is different, and they gave me all the personal </p><p>attention I needed to succeed." Mishal Alkhaldi, MBA Univ. of Houston </p><p>Keino is a teacher not only training you with most useful tips for the IELTS test, but coaching your </p><p>mind set to be ready for the condition. Im now on the way to be a lecturer in my country. The KEINO </p><p>WAY for teaching was penetrated in part of my thoughts and will be revealed in part of my teaching </p><p>future. Thank you Keino for the times in Houston. Your publication will be a gospel for anybody who are </p><p>looking for high scores on IELTS field. (Huang YiChiaTaiwan) </p><p>It is very easy to get the best scores on TOEFL test by using Keino's strategies. He gives all the </p><p>knowledge that you need. Also, he is a TOEFLat teacher and has the golden rules for the TOEFL. Trust </p><p>him, perform his rules and get your score. (Muhamad Gurburz Turkey) </p><p>He is a wonderful teacher with extraordinary teaching skill and test taking strategies that i have ever </p><p>had. I highly recommend you to take his TOEFL classes. His teaching method is perfect and clear. I am </p><p>glad I have a TOEFL teacher like Keino. (Fatma Eris Turkey) </p><p>As an ESL instructor, I was initially intimidated by the thought of teaching a TOEFL preparation </p><p>course, as I myself had never been a particularly good test taker. Under Keino's tutelage I found the tools </p><p>to teach my students essential test-taking techniques that are applicable to any exam. Keino's approach is </p><p>simple and easy to understand. Following his guidelines has bolstered my confidence in my own teaching </p><p>abilities as well as helped me pass that confidence on to my students. (Jennifer Townsend - United </p><p>States) </p><p>Keino is one the best IELTS teachers in the US. He teaches what to do and what not to do about </p><p>IELTS and how to use the time wisely. As you consider the importance of time management on the </p><p>IELTS exam, you have to have a teacher who teaches the time strategies. Keino also gives you the tricks </p><p>on the IELTS exam, which is very important for students...Due to these reasons, Keino is your best </p><p>alternative. (Cagatay Atmaca-Turkey) </p><p>If you want to get the score you wish to be accepted in a university, you got take the TOEFL with </p><p>Keino, he is the TOEFL super hero, I got 96 after two months studying with him, he has all the tips that </p><p>help. (Kawther Al-Basha Saudi Arabia)\ </p></li><li><p>IELTS Intensive Preparation Course 2013 </p><p>Keino Campbell is a tremendous teacher. I recommend him 100%. I scored 8 on the IELTS after 2 </p><p>months studying with him. (Carlos Blanco Venezuela) </p><p>Learning TOEFL is so much fun; if only you could find the best teacher to do so, it's even much </p><p>more fun! Keino not only teaches you clues and techniques to make TOEFL your favorite subject to learn, </p><p>but he also uses ways and tactics in a fun, enjoyable way. My TOEFL classes with him were so much fun </p><p>and I guarantee you, you'll be so much improved than you were before. (Jevrin Alviando, Indonesia) </p><p>I'm very thankful to Keino for teaching me TOEFL. I was afraid to take a real test but Keino helped </p><p>me a lot. I could pass the test from the first time and I'm satisfied with my score. H...</p></li></ul>