ielts intensive training - ?? improve your specific skills in listening, ... ielts intensive...

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  • IIBT offers industry-leading IELTS preparation courses based on demand.

    IIBTs IELTS trainers are native speakers of English with extensive knowledge of the requirements of the IELTS and more than 20 years of professional experience.

    Our targeted IELTS Preparation programs will help you to:

    Understand the structure and content of the IELTS test,

    Understand what band scores mean and how IELTS test performances are rated

    Improve your specific skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing (Academic and General),

    Maximise your IELTS examination strategies,

    Achieve the required IELTS scores for your migration assessment or entry into university.

    IELTS Intensive Training

    Take the stress out of IELTS - get personalised professional support.


  • Course structureWe offer a flexible course structure to cater for your individual needs. The course has four components:

    The IELTS Speaking test

    The IELTS Reading and Listening Tests (Academic and General)

    The IELTS Writing Test (Academic and General)

    Complete mock test of all modules of IELTS with one-on-one analysis and test performance feedback

    You may choose to take all four, some, or even just one of these components based on your areas of need.

    One on One Private Tuition Available

    Course Fee

    Initial consultation Free

    IELTS Intensive Course $1000 (20 hours) inclusive of course materials

    Per Course Component $130

    Private lessons $90 per hour

    Mock Test $130 includes one on one feedback session

    Course DatesThe full course is delivered 5 hours per week over 4 weeks. Dates can be arranged as required i.e. evening classes or weekends (these dates will be dependent on student numbers).

    How to EnrolFor more information or to enrol online visit |

    International Institute of Business & Technology (Aust) Pty Ltd

    P: +61 8 6180 2188 | 350 Albany Highway Victoria Park Western Australia 6100

    IIBT National Provider Code: 51687 | IELTS Intensive Training


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