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<p>fold</p> <p>fold</p> <p>CONDITIONS OF ENROLMENTGy m</p> <p>IELTSMGSM</p> <p>Mna siu m RoLighthouse Theatre E11A</p> <p>2M</p> <p>Please sign below to accept these conditions. All fees are payable in advance NCELTR reserves the right to cancel a course.l Cu lo de n Ro</p> <p>ot or</p> <p>ad</p> <p>ad</p> <p>wa y</p> <p>INTENSIVE PREPARATIONTa lav era Ro ad</p> <p>Sports &amp; Aquatic Centre SAM Building Central Courtyard Lincoln Building C5C E5B C5A C3A Western Road C3B C4C Macquarie Drive Security C4A C4B E3A E7B E7A E5A Eastern Road E6A</p> <p>Hotel F11A F9A F9C F9B Science Road E8B F7A E8A F7B E8C E6B Research Park Drive</p> <p>F10A</p> <p>a Ro tie ris Ch F8A</p> <p>d</p> <p>Library X5B</p> <p>Innova tion Ro</p> <p>ad</p> <p>g</p> <p>Ro</p> <p>LEGEND PARKING</p> <p>Signature: ______________________________________________________________ Where did you hear about this course? Website Newspaper Friend Postcard</p> <p>UNIVERSITY BUILDINGS BUS STOP RESIDENTIAL &amp; COMMERCIAL PUBLIC ROADS PATHWAYS &amp; PRIVATE ROADS</p> <p>Proposed Railway Station</p> <p>University AvenueR va cla oad</p> <p>Bala</p> <p>Building E3B Level 3: Location for IELTS Test and IELTS Intensive Courses</p> <p>Wa ter lo</p> <p>He</p> <p>ad</p> <p>E4A</p> <p>rrin gR</p> <p>Refunds are assessed against NCELTRs refund policy as outlined on our website: www.nceltr.</p> <p>W6C Banksia Cottage X5A</p> <p>W6B</p> <p>W6A</p> <p>Macquarie W5A Theatre C5B W5C W3A</p> <p>E3B E3B</p> <p>Ep p</p> <p>in</p> <p>Film, TV &amp; Radio School</p> <p>E4B</p> <p>MACQUARIE SHOPPING CENTRE</p> <p>oa doR oa d</p> <p>Other (please specify):</p> <p>NEED A TEXT BOOK?______________________________________________</p> <p>Preparation books Focusing on IELTS: Reading and Writing Skills $24.95 $15 Focusing on IELTS: Listening and Speaking Skills (includes CDs) $54.95 $30</p> <p>PAYMENT DETAILSPayment can be made by credit card on this form or online at Payment can also be made in person by credit/debit card at Building E3B, Level 3 or by cheque/money order payable to Access Macquarie Limited. Credit card details Type of card: MasterCard Card number: Bankcard VISA</p> <p>Practice Test books Focusing on IELTS: Academic practice tests (includes CDs) $39.90 $29.90 Focusing on IELTS: General training practice tests (includes CDs) $39.90 $29.90</p> <p>HOW TO CONTACT USFor further information contact: IELTS Intensive Course Coordinator National Centre for English Language Teaching and Research (NCELTR) Building E3B Level 3, Macquarie University NSW 2109 AUSTRALIA Tel: +612 9850 9642 Fax: +612 9850 8129 Email: Website: IELTSprep.html NCELTR Provider Code: 00945F</p> <p> Innovative University</p> <p>Expiry date:</p> <p>mm/ y y</p> <p>Amount payable: ___________________________________________________________ Cardholder name: _________________________________________________________ Cardholder signature:____________________________________________________</p> <p>fold</p> <p>fold</p> <p>IELTSINTENSIVE PREPARATIONNCELTR offers two part-time courses to prepare candidates for the Academic and General Training IELTS tests: Saturday IELTS Intensive Course 9am 3.30pm on three Saturdays (15 hours) $335 (materials and GST inclusive) Evening IELTS Intensive Course 6.30 8.30pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for five weeks (20 hours) $365 (materials and GST inclusive)</p> <p>Indra HandrikaThe IELTS Intensive Preparation course prepares students so that they feel confident on the test day.</p> <p>ENROLMENT AND PAYMENT FORMPlease complete the form below and post or deliver it to NCELTR in person with your payment. Enrolment is subject to a telephone interview. Title: Mr Mrs Miss Ms</p> <p>Where are these courses held? Level 3, Building E3B Macquarie University, North Ryde. Who are these courses for? Candidates taking the IELTS test in the near future with an English level of upper intermediate. How will this preparation help you? In the IELTS Intensive courses you will: develop an understanding of the test format develop effective strategies for the listening and reading tests learn how to improve your speaking learn how to construct effective writing tasks get intensive feedback from experienced IELTS teachers.</p> <p>Family name: ________________________________________________________________________ First name/s: ________________________________________________________________________ Date of birth: Sex: Male</p> <p>d d /mm/ y y y yFemale</p> <p>Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________</p> <p>Please enquire about our Writing Workshops and IELTS Online course.</p> <p>Postcode: _____________________________________________________________________________</p> <p>Saturday courses 26 January, 2 &amp; 9 February</p> <p>Evening courses 29 January 28 February</p> <p>Examination dates 16 &amp; 23 February 1 &amp; 8 March 29 March, 12 &amp;19 April 10 May 31 May &amp; 14 June 28 June</p> <p>BONUS OFFERS!NCELTR can offer: priority test date booking discounts on IELTS texts discounts on IELTS Online course access to NCELTR library (Building E3B).</p> <p>Contact phone: ______________________________________________________________________ Email: __________________________________________________________________________________ Which IELTS Intensive course do you wish to enrol in? Saturday OR Evening</p> <p>1, 8 &amp; 15 March 8 April 8 May 10, 17 &amp; 24 May 7, 14 &amp; 21 June 21, 28 June &amp; 5 July 5, 12 &amp;19 July 9, 16 &amp; 23 August 26 August 25 September 20 &amp; 27 September, 4 October 14 October 13 November 15, 22 &amp; 29 November 29 November, 6 &amp; 13 DecemberCheck the website for any new intensive course dates.</p> <p>Course start date:</p> <p>d d /mm/ y y y y d d /mm/ y y y y</p> <p>10 June 10 July</p> <p>12 July 26 July &amp; 9 August 30 August &amp; 6 September 27 September 11 &amp; 25 October 15 November 6 December January</p> <p>Intended examination date:</p> <p>Which module do you wish to study? Academic OR General</p> <p>Previous IELTS examination result (if applicable): Score L: __________ R: __________ W: __________ S: __________ Overall: __________ Date of this examination:</p> <p>d d /mm/ y y y y</p>