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New Zealand ICT Trends

October 2016



Insights for October 2016Trademe IT Job Adverts: Down 3.4 percent on the September figure of 952Up 3.0 percent on the October 2015 figure of 893 Seek ICT All NZ Job Adverts: Total job adverts;Down 0.9 percent for the monthUp 0.1 percent on October 2015 Up 45 percent for the year to dateWellington is the only major region to buck the downward trend for this month, up 5.2 percent, although the figure for Auckland is almost identical to last month TechRepublic Report: Tech sector is growing, but IT is hemorrhaging jobsJob growth in the IT sector slowed in September, but is still increasing.Scoop Independent News: Buoyant IT industry allows skilled workers to job-hopResearch shows that, on average, 60% of workers across six key job fields;DevOps and Infrastructure,Financial Services, IT Executive,Software Development, Testing and QA, andProject Management, intend to look for a new role in the next year.Flashback: ICT Trends article October 2011 (Slide 8)

Note: Data analysis performed on Tuesday 19th October 2016

Job FieldNZ Seek ICT Job Adverts for October 2016NZ Indicative Salary (Hudson & Seek ICT)1DevOps and Infrastructure91$80k to $120k2Financial Services158$60k to $120k3Project Management317$55k to $135k4IT Executive51$90k to $180k5Software Development637$45k to $100k6Testing and QA342/152$60k to $130k

Table 1 Six Key Job Fields (http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/BU1608/S00259/buoyant-it-industry-allows-skilled-workers-to-job-hop.htm)

Peaks before the 2007-2008 GFC

Oct 2015 (893)Oct 2015(2066)Source: Seek ICT (Accessed 19 October 2016)

Source: Seek ICT (Accessed 19 October 2016)

Source: Seek ICT (Accessed 19 October 2016)

October 20152066

Source: Seek ICT (Accessed 19 October 2016)

Flashback: ICT Trends, October 2011The talent pipeline and women in techNZ is a world leader in the development and adoption of information technology. There is no reason why it can't also become a world leader in the development of a talent pipeline that deals with gender imbalance in ICT education and careers.http://techblog.nz/209-ICTTrendsThetalentpipelineandwomenintech