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ICSC Fall 2011 Winick Realty Group Properties Magazine


<p>155th</p> <p>Winick Websitewww.winick.comVisit our website: www.winick.com</p> <p>N</p> <p>EW</p> <p>Harlem</p> <p>LO</p> <p>O</p> <p>K</p> <p>www.winick.com</p> <p>110th Street</p> <p>www.winick.com</p> <p>Follow us at</p> <p>Tw i t t er</p> <p>www.twitter.com/winickrealty</p> <p>Read the latest Winick Blog</p> <p>Upper West Side</p> <p>Central Park</p> <p>Find us on the Web</p> <p>Upper East Side</p> <p>W i ni ck B l o g</p> <p>www.winickrealty.blogspot.com</p> <p>View our exclusive site photos</p> <p>Googl e P i c a s a Yout ube</p> <p>59th Street</p> <p>www.picasaweb.google.com/winickrealty</p> <p>Watch our exclusive site video clipswww.youtube.com/winickrealty</p> <p>Midtown West</p> <p>Midtown East34th Street</p> <p>Murray HillRead all the latest Winick News</p> <p>30th Street 23rd Street</p> <p>ChelseaMeatpacking District</p> <p>www.winickdaily.com</p> <p>GramercyUnion Square</p> <p>14th Street</p> <p>Download the Magazinewww.winick.comDownload the PDF copy of the magazine</p> <p>West Village Village</p> <p>GreenwichNoho</p> <p>East VillageLower East Side</p> <p>Astor Place Houston Street</p> <p>Soho TriBeca</p> <p>Nolita</p> <p>Canal Street</p> <p>WINICK REALTY GROUPSCAN ME</p> <p>Chinatown</p> <p>Chambers Street</p> <p>Visit us at winick.com</p> <p>FiDiSouth Street</p> <p>www.winick.com</p> <p>WINICK REALTY GROUP LLC</p> <p>Fall/Winter</p> <p>2011 Table of Contents</p> <p>Editorial Letter</p> <p>From Steven E. Baker, PresidentFA LL / W iN T ER 20 11 VOL 13</p> <p>Financial District ...........................................pg 04 SoHo ............................................................pg 09 Meatpacking District ....................................pg 12 Midtown........................................................pg 18 Upper East Side ...........................................pg 28 Upper West Side ..........................................pg 34 Brooklyn .......................................................pg 38 Queens .........................................................pg 45 Bronx ............................................................pg 48 Long Island, etc ............................................pg 53 Investement Sale ..........................................pg 55 Retailers &amp; Landlords ...................................pg 56 Winick in the News .......................................pg 58 Brokers Contact Info ....................................pg 59 Dear Friends and Colleagues, As we progress into the Fall and Winter of 2011/2012, we proudly unveil the 13th edition of the Winick Realty Group magazine. As always, we devote our attention to the dynamic growth in the retail market. With new energy and exciting spirit in the industry, this year promises a wealth of opportunity for retail leasing. Winick Realty Group remains at the forefront of retail. Our brokers are educated, attentive and focused on the real estate community. We invite you to explore some of the most exciting property exclusives and retail opportunities currently available for lease by our team of experienced brokers. We encourage you to also visit our state-of-the-art website, which features a streamlined search application for finding all of our exclusive properties and clients, as well as an extensive press section to keep you up-to-date on the current market. As always, we are confident that our team of diversified experts can help you, our customer, to achieve new levels of excellence. We pride ourselves on offering exemplary service for our clients through ever-expanding market knowledge and singular vision honed over 37 years of experience in retail store leasing.</p> <p>555 Sixth Avenue</p> <p>Page 15A WINICK REALTY GROUP LLC EXCLUSIVE</p> <p>We are honored to serve you in every market and business cycle. Please feel free to reach out to any member of our team for current market information or should a particular property require furtherJoin The explanation.For More Information, Please Contact:Chief Executive Officer jeff@winick.com</p> <p>Following Retailers:</p> <p>Wishing you continued success and warm regards,</p> <p>Jeff Winick</p> <p>212.792.2601Lori Shabtai</p> <p>535 Fifth Avenue57,845 SF</p> <p>JOIN THE FOLLOWING RETAILERS:</p> <p>Executive Vice President</p> <p>TOTAL RETAIL SPACE AVAILABLE</p> <p>Page 2115,576 SF 23,642 SF</p> <p>lori@winick.com27,151 SF</p> <p>212.792.2641</p> <p>1,554 to 20,871 SF</p> <p>Steven E. Baker TOTAL RETAIL SPACE AVAILABLE 8,794 SF President</p> <p>24,912 SF</p> <p>39,748 SF</p> <p>5,602 SF</p> <p>4,955 SF</p> <p>4,706 SF</p> <p>513 SF</p> <p>kelly@winick.com</p> <p>Kelly Gedinsky 212.792.2637</p> <p>55,022 SF</p> <p>13,544 SF</p> <p>13,729 SF</p> <p>24,582 SF</p> <p>TOTAL RETAIL SPACE AVAILABLE</p> <p>2,744 to 24,430 SF</p> <p>TOTAL RETAIL SPACE AVAILABLE</p> <p>2,403 to 5,094 SF</p> <p>exclusively represented</p> <p>michael gleicher lori shabtai, evp</p> <p>jeff winick, ceo</p> <p>Columbus SquarePage 36-37</p> <p>Winick Realty Group LLC Licensed Real Estate Brokers 655 Third Avenue, 8th Floor New York, NY 10017 T: 212-792-2600 F: 212-792-2660 www.winick.comALTHOUGH ALL INFORMATION REGARDING PROPERTY FOR SALE, RENTAL OR FINANCING IS FROM SOURCES DEEMED RELIABLE SUCH INFORMATION HAS NOT BEEN VERIFIED, AND NO EXPRESS REPRESENTATION IS MADE NOR IS ANY TO BE IMPLIED AS TO THE ACCURACY THEREOF, AND IT IS SUBMITTED SUBJECT TO ERRORS, OMISSIONS, CHANGE OF PRICE, RENTAL OR OTHER CONDITIONS, PRIOR SALE, LEASE OR FINANCING, OR WITHDRAWAL WITHOUT NOTICE.</p> <p>44 WA L L S T AKA 4 5 P INE STS W C o f W i l l i a m S t N e w Yo r k , N Y 1 0 0 0 5</p> <p>6 3 WALL ST RE E TO n H a n o v e r S t , j u s t o f f Wa l l S t N e w Yo r k , N Y 1 0 0 0 5</p> <p>TYPE: SIZE: FRONTAGE: TERM: NEIGHBORS:</p> <p>STORE DISPOSITION 3,414 sq ft - Ground Fl 6,000 sq ft - Selling Lower Lvl Over 100 on Pine &amp; William Sts Through October 31, 2022 Charles Schwab, Duane Reade, TJ Maxx, Tiffany &amp; Co, BMW</p> <p>SIZE: COMMENTS:</p> <p>NEIGHBORS:</p> <p>1,100 sq ft - Ground Fl - Formerly NY Residence - Between Thomas Pink and the United States Post Office - At the base of 780 apartments Tumi, Tiffany, Canali, Herms, Cipriani, Crumbs, BMW, PINK</p> <p>Ann La Centra 212-792-2652 ann@winick.com Darrell Rubens 212-792-2616 rubens@winick.com Joshua Siegelman 212-792-2613 jsiegelman@winick.com</p> <p>Darrell Rubens 212-792-2616 rubens@winick.com</p> <p>Annie Shinn 212-792-2625 ashinn@winick.com</p> <p>Fidi - Financial districtTrinity Place Washington Street 75 Wall Street 15 Broad Street 25 Broad Street 120 Broadway 14 Wall Street 14 Wall Street</p> <p>74 Wall StreetFinancial District New York 10005 </p> <p>THE RETAIL AT</p> <p>70 Pine StreetFinancial District New York 10005 </p> <p>THE RETAIL AT</p> <p>QUINTUPLEX PENTHOUSES</p> <p>62ND FLOOR</p> <p>PRIVATE SKYSCRAPER PENTHOUSES55TH FLOOR</p> <p>OCEAN VIEW RESIDENCES</p> <p>Cross Street:NWC of Wall Street &amp; Pearl Street</p> <p>46TH FLOOR</p> <p>Cross Street:BTW Wall Street &amp; Maiden Lane</p> <p>Size:Up to 50,000 SF (divisions considered) 9,700 SF - Ground Floor 3,400 SF - Lower Level A 6,600 SF - Retail MezzanineROOF</p> <p>Size:TOWER RESIDENCES RESIDENTIAL AMENITY</p> <p>Up to 100,000 SF (divisions considered)MECHANICAL18TH FLOOR</p> <p>20TH FLOOR</p> <p>NEW CONSTRUCTION</p> <p>PRESIDENTIAL HOTEL SUITES RESIDENTIAL AMENITIES HOTEL-BRANDED RESIDENCES</p> <p>32ND FLOOR 31ST FLOOROFFICES OFFICES</p> <p>HOTEL</p> <p>17TH FLOOR</p> <p>19TH FLOOR</p> <p>NEW CONSTRUCTION</p> <p>HOTEL</p> <p>16TH FLOOR</p> <p>18TH FLOOR</p> <p>NEW CONSTRUCTION</p> <p>17TH FLOOR</p> <p>NEW CONSTRUCTION</p> <p>29TH FLOOR</p> <p>HOTEL</p> <p>15TH FLOOR</p> <p>9,340 SF - Ground Floor 18,280 SF - Lower Level A 24,600 SF - Second Floor</p> <p>HOTEL16TH FLOOR</p> <p>NEW CONSTRUCTION</p> <p>OFFICES HOTEL</p> <p>14TH FLOOR</p> <p>Frontage:74 Feet on Wall Street 130 Feet on Pearl Street</p> <p>15TH FLOOR</p> <p>OFFICES HOTEL</p> <p>13TH FLOOR</p> <p>OFFICES14TH FLOOR</p> <p>12TH FLOOR</p> <p>13TH FLOOR</p> <p>OFFICES</p> <p>OFFICES</p> <p>11TH FLOOR</p> <p>MID-RISE RESIDENCES</p> <p>Frontage:200 Feet on Pearl Street</p> <p>OFFICES12TH FLOOR</p> <p>OFFICES</p> <p>10TH FLOOR</p> <p>OFFICES11TH FLOOR</p> <p>10TH FLOOR</p> <p>OFFICES</p> <p>20TH FLOOR 18TH FLOOR</p> <p>OFFICES</p> <p>9TH FLOOR</p> <p>OFFICES</p> <p>8TH FLOOR</p> <p>Ceiling Height:42 Feet - Ground Floor</p> <p>OFFICES9TH FLOOR</p> <p>MECHANICAL FLOORS</p> <p>Ceiling Height:20 - 40 Feet</p> <p>OFFICES</p> <p>7TH FLOOR</p> <p>OFFICESDB 4TH FLOOR</p> <p>OFFICES</p> <p>6TH FLOOR</p> <p>HOTEL</p> <p>OFFICESDB 3RD FLOOR</p> <p>EDUCATIONAL</p> <p>5TH FLOOR</p> <p>EDUCATIONAL OFFICES</p> <p>4TH FLOOR</p> <p>Columns: Copyright 2010 Beyer Blinder Belle Architects &amp; Planners, LLP. All</p> <p>DB 2ND FLOOR</p> <p>12TH FLOOR</p> <p>Comment:OFFICES</p> <p>HOTEL</p> <p>HOTEL</p> <p>3RD FLOOR</p> <p>3RD FLOOR</p> <p>2ND FLOOR</p> <p>Only two with 60 foot spans</p> <p>RETAIL/MARKET PLACE MEZZANINE2ND FLOOR</p> <p>RETAIL</p> <p>WALLGROUND LEVEL</p> <p>PINERETAIL/MARKET PLACE OUTDOOR PARK</p> <p>RETAIL</p> <p>1ST FLOOR</p> <p>STREET</p> <p>STREETCULTURAL RETAIL LOBBY</p> <p>CEDAR STREETRETAIL LOBBY</p> <p>Upper floors can be added to create a larger retail space</p> <p>LOWER LEVEL</p> <p>LOWER LEVEL</p> <p>AUTOMATED PARKING</p> <p>7TH FLOOR 6TH FLOOR 5TH FLOOR 3RD FLOOR</p> <p>RETAIL</p> <p>LOWER LEVEL 1</p> <p>LOWER LEVEL 1</p> <p>Visit us at</p> <p>Visit us at</p> <p>Rights Reserved</p> <p>Exclusively Represented By</p> <p>www.winick.com</p> <p>www.winick.com</p> <p>Darrell Rubens212-792-2616 rubens@winick.com</p> <p>Annie Shinn0</p> <p>8'</p> <p>16'</p> <p>Darrell Rubens32'</p> <p>RETAIL</p> <p>PR OPOSE D 72 WALL ST R E E T</p> <p>PR OPOSE D 70 PINE ST R E E T</p> <p>212-792-2625 ashinn@winick.com</p> <p>Beyer Blinder Belle Architects &amp; Planners LLP 41 East 11 Street, New York, NY 10003</p> <p>212-792-2616 www.74wallretail.com LOWER LEVEL rubens@winick.com</p> <p>Visit us at</p> <p>Visit us atNew York, NY 10005</p> <p>72 Wall Street and 70 Pine Street</p> <p>212-792-2625 www.winick.com ashinn@winick.comScheme F02 April 2010 24</p> <p>Annie ShinnPEARL STREET SECTION</p> <p>LOWER LEVEL 2</p> <p>LOWER LEVEL 2</p> <p>EDUCATIONAL</p> <p>Exclusively Represented By</p> <p>Darrell Rubens</p> <p>CULTURAL/COMMERCIAL/RETAIL 212-792-2616 rubens@winick.com</p> <p>Visit us at Shinn Annie</p> <p>www.74wallretail.com www.74wallretail.com212-792-2625 ashinn@winick.com</p> <p>Visit us at</p> <p>LOWER LEVEL 2</p> <p>LOWER LEVEL 2</p> <p>95 WALL STREETS W C o f Wa t e r S t N e w Yo r k , N Y 1 0 0 0 5</p> <p>1 0 0 WALL ST RE E TN W C o f Wa t e r S t N e w Yo r k , N Y 1 0 0 0 5</p> <p>SIZE: FRONTAGE: COMMENTS: NEIGHBORS:</p> <p>2,200 sq ft - Ground Fl over 50 - Currently Boltons - At the base of over 500 new apartments Tumi, Chopt, Crumbs, Verizon, AT&amp;T, FedEx Kinkos, Duane Reade, Haru, Andaz Hotel, BMW, Thomas Pink</p> <p>SIZE: FRONTAGE: COMMENTS: NEIGHBORS:</p> <p>2,268 sq ft - Ground Fl 2,622 sq ft - Bsmt 30 on Wall St; 90 on Water St - Currently Verizon Wireless Chase Bank, AT&amp;T, Duane Reade, Andaz Hotel, BMW, Thomas Pink, Haru, Tumi, Chopt, Crumbs</p> <p>Darrell Rubens 212-792-2616 rubens@winick.com</p> <p>Annie Shinn 212-792-2625 ashinn@winick.com</p> <p>Steven Baker 212-792-2636 stevenb@winick.com Darrell Rubens 212-792-2616 rubens@winick.com Alexandra Brody 212-792-2603 abrody@winick.com</p> <p>Fidi - Financial district14 Wall Street 37 Wall Street 45 Wall Street 63 Wall Street 67 Wall Street 67 Wall Street 55 Wall Street 101 Warren Street</p> <p>C o r n e r i n g Wa t e r a n d P e a r l S t s N e w Yo r k , N Y 1 0 0 0 5Si W iN ic K Ex c Lu v E</p> <p> At base of 349 luxury condominiums &amp; 253 hotel suites managed by Hyatt Corporation under its newly launched, luxury lifestyle brand Andaz. Size: Frontage: Possession: Ceiling Heights: Signage:</p> <p> Key FeAtuReS </p> <p> The award-winning Rockwell Group has designed the interiors, amenity spaces, hotel rooms, restaurant and bar.</p> <p>2,200 Square Feet (Divisions Considered) Over 120 feet on Wall, Water and Pearl Sts Immediate 18 foot ceilings with huge windows Two huge flags available on Wall Street</p> <p>Contact:</p> <p>Darrell Rubens 212-792-2616 rubens@winick.com Annie Shinn 212-792-2625 ashinn@winick.com</p> <p>NYN E W Y ORK</p> <p>P rem i u m S i t es</p> <p>( F I N A N C I A L DIS TRIC T)</p> <p>Fi Di</p> <p>30 BRO Ad ST RE E TS W C o f E x c h a n g e P l N e w Yo r k , N Y 1 0 0 0 4</p> <p>SIZE: 1,000 sq ft - Ground Fl 14,800 sq ft - 2nd Fl 14,800 sq ft - 3rd Fl FRONTAGE: 40 on Broad St POSSESSION: Immediate COMMENTS: - Adjacent to Setai Hotel - Over 60,000 new residents - The most prominent corner in the Financial District - Flagship opportunity with excellent visibility on all sides - Grand entrance on Broad St with elevators &amp; marble staircase</p> <p>Diana D. Boutross 212-792-2608 diana@winick.com</p> <p>NEIGHBORS: My.Suit, Herms, Bobby Vans Steakhouse, NY Stock Exchange, TJ Maxx, Canali, Tiffany, Starbucks, Pret A Manger, Cipriani, Duane Reade, Tiffany, Leman Manhattan Preparatory School</p> <p>4 N EW Y ORK P LAZAC o r n e r i n g B r o a d a n d Wa t e r S t s N e w Yo r k , N Y 1 0 0 0 4</p> <p>2 0 E x CHANG E P LACEF u l l b l o c k o f W i l l i a m , B e a v e r &amp; H a n o v e r S t s N e w Yo r k , N Y 10005</p> <p>SIZE: FRONTAGE: COMMENTS:</p> <p>NEIGHBORS:</p> <p>1,636 - 6,947 sq ft - Ground Fl Over 100 - 21 ceilings - All uses considered - Large loading docks - At the base of 1 million sq ft office building Chase, Wachovia, Starbucks, Subway Lee Block 212-792-2649 lee@winick.com</p> <p>SIZE: FRONTAGE: COMMENTS: NEIGHBORS:</p> <p>9,000 - 18,000 sq ft - Ground Fl 20,000 - 40,000+ sq ft - Lower Lvl 100 on William St 100 on Exchange Pl - 25 ceilings - Unique retail/restaurant opportunity True Religion, La Maison du Chocolat, Capital Grille, Tiffany, Tumi, Canali, Pink Annie Shinn 212-792-2625 ashinn@winick.com</p> <p>Darrell Rubens 212-792-2616 rubens@winick.com</p> <p>Darrell Rubens 212-792-2616 rubens@winick.com</p> <p>Page</p> <p>6</p> <p>Winick Realty Group LLC www.winick.com 212-792-2600</p> <p>(FIN A N C IA L DIS TRIC T)</p> <p>F iD i</p> <p>NYNEW YOR K</p> <p>80 MAIdEN LANEB T W P e a r l &amp; W i l l i a m S t s N e w Yo r k , N Y 1 0 0 3 8</p> <p>1 0 0 M AI dE N LANES W C o f P e a r l &amp; C e d a r S t s N e w Yo r k , N Y 1 0 0 3 8</p> <p>SIZE: FRONTAGE: COMMENTS: NEIGHBORS:</p> <p>3,300 sq ft - Ground Fl (Divisions Considered) Up to 30 on Maiden Lane - Long term direct deal possible - Located among the highest grossing locations for many food tenants Chipotle, Prt a Manger, Just Salad, Subway, Hale &amp; Hearty Soups, Chopt Elie Dayan 212-792-2621 edayan@winick.com</p> <p>SIZE: FRONTAGE: COMMENTS: NEIGHBORS:</p> <p>900 - 4,600 sq ft - Ground Fl (divisions considered) 70 on Pearl St; 70 on Cedar St - Formerly HSBC - At base of over 420 new apts Chipotle, Gristedes, Duane Reade, Just Salad, Sovereign Bank, Starbucks, Hale and Hearty, Financier, Prt, Good Burger</p> <p>Lee Block 212-792-2649 lee@winick.com</p> <p>Darrell Rubens 212-792-2616 rubens@winick.com Annie Shinn 212-792-2625 ashinn@winick.com Lee Block 212-792-2649 lee@winick.com</p> <p>20 JOHN STRE E TB T W B r o a d w a y &amp; N a s s a u S t N e w Yo r k , N Y 1 0 0 3 8</p> <p>1 1 6 J O HN ST RE E TC o r n e r i n g J o h n , P e a r l &amp; P l a t t S t s N e w Yo r k , N Y 1 0 0 3 8</p> <p>SIZE: FRONTAGE: COMMENTS: NEIGHBORS:</p> <p>900 sq ft - Ground Fl with Full Bsmt 12 - Fully operational diner for sale - Across from The New Downtown Transit Hub Its-A-Pizza, Aerosoles, Duane Reade</p> <p>SIZE: FRONTAGE: COMMENTS:</p> <p>600 - 6,000 sq ft - Ground Fl 3,200 sq ft - Lower Lvl 80 on John St 110 on Pearl St 60 on Platt St - Formerly Andrews Coffee Shop &amp; Fulton Framing - At the base of 330 new apartments</p> <p>Alexander E. Hill 212-792-2655 ahill@winick.com</p> <p>Joshua Singer 212-792-2630 jsinger@winick.com</p> <p>Darrell Rubens 212-792-2616 rubens@winick.com</p> <p>P rem i u m S i t es</p> <p>Annie Shinn 212-792-2625 ashinn@winick.com</p> <p>Fall / Winter 2011 Exclusive Property Magazine</p> <p>Page</p> <p>7</p> <p>NYN E W Y ORK</p> <p>P rem i u m S i t es</p> <p>( F I N A N C I A L...</p>