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THE FUTURE OF DIGITAL RETAILDeborah WeinswigExecutive Director, FBIC Global Retail & Technologydeborahweinswig@fung1937.comUS: 917-655-6790HK: 852.6119.1779CHN: 86.186.1420.3016@debweinswig


AgendaAbout Fung Business Intelligence Centre (FBIC)Top 16 Emerging Global Technology Trends for 2016


Fung Business Intelligence CentreEstablished in 2000 and headquartered in Hong KongFBIC serves as the knowledge bank and think tank for the Fung GroupCollects and analyzes market data on sourcing, supply chains, distribution and retailProvides thought leadership on technology and other key issuesNew Yorkbased Global Retail & Technology team Follows broader retail and technology trendsProvides advice and consultancy services to colleagues and business partners of the Fung Group Builds collaborative knowledge communitiesCreating a database of technology-based startupsDisruptors Breakfasts: introduce startups focusing on disruptive technologies that are changing the ways we think and act today

#FutureproofingAnticipate future trends and developmentsPlan for future value and avoid obsolescenceWhat problem are you trying to solve?How will solution be used?How robust does it need to be? Ensure flexibility to manage changing formats and deployment patterns

#Our Partnerships With International AcceleratorsAlchemist Accelerator is an accelerator exclusively for startups whose revenue comes from enterprises, not consumers.

Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA) provides participant companies with an intensive four-month program, with the goal of helping early-stage companies progress rapidly into exciting, viable businesses.

New York Fashion Tech Lab is an accelerator that is a result of a collaboration between the Partnership Fund for New York City, Springboard Enterprises and major fashion retailers. It focuses on early- and growth-stage companies.Plug and Play is a global innovation platform. It connects startups to corporations, and invests in over 100 companies every year. Its 360 ecosystem allows for remarkable innovation to take shape on an international scale. Techstars is a global ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs to bring new technologies to market wherever they choose to build their business.


Collaborations With the HK Startup EcosystemDisruptors Event Series : we host networking events that showcase startups focusing on disruptive technologies that are changing the ways we think and act today

Research Coverage: we publish research covering the Hong Kong startup ecosystem, Hong Kong-based startups and major startup events

Speaking engagements: we take part in startup forums as speakers and panelists

Mentorship & Angel Investing: we mentor startups and provide funding to startups as angel investors

Knowledge sharing: we partner with stakeholders in the ecosystem in sharing knowledge and information to grow and improve Hong Kongs startup ecosystem


Fung Capital/FBIC Commerce Technology Landscape

#TOP 16 RETAIL TECH TRENDS FOR 2016Additive Technology: Intelligent Clothing3D PrintingRobotics/Artificial IntelligenceDrone DeliverySmart MallsIoT-Driven PartnershipsWearablesGamificationVoice and Facial RecognitionVirtual RealityAugmented RealityIoTMobile Health Mobile PaymentsCaring EconomySharing Economy


January 26, 20168

1. Additive Technology: Intelligent ClothingApplication of nanotechnology in smart fabrics offers potential for development of new textile materialsKuraray has developed a way to harness attributes of liquid-crystalline polymers, resulting in extraordinarily strong fibers that can hold the weight of four SUVsThreadsmiths introduced the Cavalier T-shirt, which uses hydrophobic nanotech woven into the fabric to make it water and stain resistantVisijax embeds LEDs in both the front and rear of jacketsMachine washable and powered by a USB-rechargeable battery that lasts up to 20 hours between chargesCommuter and City Ace models have motion-sensing, self-canceling turn signals embedded into the sleeves of the garment


2. 3D PrintingExamples in consumer goods: Orbitrec: worlds first 3D-printed bike unveiled at CES NormalCustom-fit 3D-printed earphonesPartnered with Rebecca Minkoff on limited-edition productsMore sustainableShoes of PreyDesign your own perfect shoesDesign studios in 6 Nordstrom storesMink Makeup Printer Sub-$200 desktop printer can print makeup

#3D Printing 80:20 - Within the Fung Group we have a team thats experimenting with 3D printed products and they believe that in the future 80 percent of a product will be mass produced and 20 percent will customized. For example, theyve created toy racing cars with 3D printed drivers. That is, at the time of purchase they scan youre face when you receive the car a day later, the driver inside the car looks like you. I think is something fun and exciting. January 26, 201610

3. Robotics/Artificial IntelligenceSoftBank is partnering with IBMs Watson to provide new functionality to Pepper, its voice recognition robotIn Japan, hundreds of Pepper robots have been deployed at Nestl retail storesTarget is planning to deploy robots in a concept store in 2016Lowes OSHbot already being tested

#Lowes trialed two Oshbots in California in 2014Oshbotscan identify and locate merchandise as well as speak to customers in their own language11

3. Robotics/Artificial IntelligenceAbout 1.2 million additional robots are expected to be deployed in the US by 2025 (BCG) Amazon had 30,000 Kiva robots working at 13 fulfillment centers by September 2015, double the number from a year earlierRobots created for corporate boardroomsAllow users to interact remotely from home (or wherever they are)In the Suitable Technologies showroom, salespeople appear through telepresence robotsAdvise on how to repair parts and do training sessions



3. Robotics/Artificial IntelligenceStitch FixSubscription service that uses AI and human judgment to recommend apparel to shoppersSubscribers receive a curated box with items personally chosen by a combination of machine and human stylistsUsed for generating recommendations; key driver across industries35% of Amazon sales, 50% of LinkedIn connections and 75% of Netflix views are driven by recommendations

#4. Drone DeliveryAmazon is the leader in drone delivery technologyDrone company Flytrex forecasts that delivery drones could be in use in London within five yearsEstimated 1 million drones sold during holiday season (FAA)New drones introduced at CES that can follow a moving object and carry a personQuiQui is a drone delivery service based in San FranciscoThe FAA lost a recent lawsuit, paving the way for commercial drone use

#5. Smart MallsBeacons enable location-based advertisementsShoppers who are nearby receive mobile notification, such as coupons and directionsShopAdvisor & Levi Strauss study: recipients visited stores at a rate that was 2.6 times greater than those who did not receive notificationsMalls can track movements, behaviors and preferencesData collected from connected kiosks, apps, motion-sensing technology, beacons, wi-fi networksPrimarily collected from wi-fi networksData enables personalized and timely promotionsBuild shopper profiles, including visitation frequency and movement inside malls If data shows that shoppers frequent healthy food outlets, it can drive the opening of health-food restaurants in a malls food court

#Shenzhen Rainbow owns over 30 department stores and malls in China15

6. IoT-Driven PartnershipsUnprecedented cross-industry partnerships being formedSamsung and Microsoft developing IoT devices based on Windows 10Panasonic is partnering with Denver to transform it into the first smart city Create an energy-efficient hub Solar technology, tele-medicine tech, traffic management and securityAudi and Qualcomm are partnering to integrate Qualcomms Snapdragon 602A to provide cutting-edge connectivity technology Infotainment, advanced smartphone connectivity, navigation, voice quality and control features

#6. IoT-Driven PartnershipsFord is partnering with Amazon to integrate vehicles with Echo, Amazons smart-home deviceIntel is working with New Balance on an Android Wear fitness watch that is due out next holiday seasonIBM and Under Armour are integrating the Watson supercomputer with the Connected Fitness network to analyze data and provide real-time coaching on health and fitnessVolvo pursued a partnership with Microsoft to enhance connected-car strategiesThe Microsoft Band can be pressed and told to start the car heater, for example

#7. WearablesFitbit: 22.2% share (#1) of the wearables market as of 3Q 15 (IDC)Apple Watch: 18.6% (#2) share of the wearables market as of 3Q 15 (IDC) iFit ecosystem provides a game plan for exercising, activity, nutrition and sleep Under Armours $400 HealthBox uses a wristband, heart rate monitor and scale to track fitness, sleep and nutritionWithings has a smart wristband heart monitor, scale, sleep monitor and blood pressure monitor

#iFit Vue is comparable to the Fitbit, it detects movement patterns to understand switches in activities, such as walking to running.18

7. Wearables (Wellness)AromaCare (mindfulness)Connected oil diffuser for personal aromatherapy sessionsAroma capsules have RFID tag to enable launching of specific programEmfit QS (sleep)Monitors heart rate levels and then matches them to specific moments and interactions throughout a users dayit Smart Bed (sleep)Features biometric sensors that track heart rate, movement and breathing ActiveComfort technology collects a customers ideal levelof firmness, comfort and support of mattressSupport for sleep apnea



8. GamificationGamification is