icap hiv testing and counseling indicators initial summary of data, january-march 2010 quarter icap

Download ICAP HIV Testing and Counseling indicators Initial summary of data, January-March 2010 quarter ICAP

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ICAP HIV Testing and Counseling indicators

Initial summary of data,January-March 2010 quarter

ICAPThis is an initial summary, a first cut. Its our first look at how the data is actually being reported by countries. We hope this presentation will be an opportunity for everyone to recognize the accomplishments and hard work done by the country teams, and also identify potential ambiguities or inconsistencies in the process. So we are looking for input from clinical and program staff and others here to guide questions we bring back to countries regarding these indicators1Background HTC and ICAPMost country teams collect & report data on HIV testing & counseling (HTC) to MOH and USG teamsHistorically very limited data on HTC reported to ICAP-NYIntroduced draft HTC indicators for comment in early 2009HTC done as part of the TB, PMTCT and HEI programs not included (no double counting) Indicators reported by point of service within each site e.g., VCT, family planning, OPD2Staff reviews idea with M&E DirectorStaff submits New/Revised Indicator Proposal FormReview committee reviews proposal (2weeks)Development team is formed. Draft SOP is developed and piloted (two months)Draft SOP disseminated for two-week comment periodSOP finalized (1 month)ICAP staff conceptualizes idea for potential new or revised indicatorDiscussed during routine M&E call or Country Program callComments/Concerns posted to Indicator workspaceTraining on final SOP and Implementation Data reported quarterly to ICAP-NYDevelop data collection toolsIf approvedIf approvedICAP-wide inputCountry-specific inputData collection registers existData collection registers do not existData disseminated to country teams via URS, analysis databases and reports URS Reporting Module (1-2 months) developedFlowchart of ICAP Data Indicator Proposal Procedures

3ICAP HTC indicatorsNumber of clients1.attending/admitted to clinic 2.HIV pre-test counseled 3.HIV pre-test counseled and tested 4.HIV tested who received test results 5.who tested HIV positive among clients who received their results6.who tested HIV negative among clients who received their results7.who tested HIV positive among all clients tested8.who tested HIV positive and subsequently enrolled in HIV care and treatment Also:9.Number of health care workers who successfully completed an in-service training program for HTC (country-level)ICAP HTC indicatorsGender and age group indicators #1-8FemalesMales< 18 months* < 18 months* 18 months to

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