how where the old people when they were

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1. Whentheywereyoung
2. Were is she? And when were she born?
My name is Gertrud Schneuwly, I was born in Fribourg
in 1932.
3. Howdidyourememberyourchildhood?
I thinkthat my childhoodwas normal, I wenteverydaytoschool and when I haventschool I workedwith my family.
4. Can youtell me a story do youremembermostclearlyaboutyourchildhood?
I was ten, wen I wentwith my bikefromDietisbergtoSchwarzsee, and I must come back walckingbecausethewheel of my bikebroke. I mustwalk 30 km or more in thenight!
5. 6. Whatdidyouwanttobewhenyougrewup?
Whatwereyourfavouritegames and activities as a child?
I reallylikedtogotoschool and with my sisteranscousinsweeverplayedhiding
7. Didyoulikeschool? Whatkinds of grades didyouget? Whatwhereyourfavouritesubjects?
Yes, I reallylikedschool. Ive done theprimaryschool. German, maths and story.
What TV shows didyoulike?
In my childhoodwehaventany TV, wehadbetterthingsto do, butwhenweneededto look somethingwewentto my neighboorshouse.
What musical artists and songsdidyou listen too?
Do not artists i listen to songs in particular, but I like the music typical of Switzerland and even more if there is a "handorgala"