How To Use A Dome Security Camera To Better Protect Your Home Or Business

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<p>How To Use A Dome Security Camera To Better Protect Your Home Or BusinessA dome security camera is a very popular type of security camera. Dome cameras are used in businesses, homes and stores. There are a lot of varieties within this type of camera, with some being made for indoor use and others for outdoor use. The systems are generally either black or dark gray in color and they are used to make sure that the actions of both customers and intruders can be monitored.A speed dome camera can be installed in one of two ways. The first way is when the camera is mounted flush to the wall or the ceiling. The second way is to install it as a pendulum. Here, the camera is suspended from a rod, which is attached to a ceiling. These pendulum styles are most commonly seen in buildings where very high ceilings are found. This allows the camera to be closer to the movement it is supposed to watch. Through this installation, face recognition technology also works a lot better. The recordings on these cameras are provided in either black and white or they can be provided in color. Color pictures are usually preferred both for an indoor and outdoor dome camera, particularly if they use digital video recordings. It is also very useful to identify a thief or intruder, because the color of the clothes they are wearing is visible.Dome security camera systems can be operated directly wired or wirelessly. Often, the security monitor is equipped with a wireless receiver. Dome cameras can then transmit the signal into the frequency of the receiver, thereby feeding live video into the monitor itself. Having the right monitor is very important, because it allows supporting more than one camera feed. Wireless cameras still have some wires, as they need to be hooked to the nearest power outlet.A speed dome camera can be used to provide clearer pictures with a few simple adjustments. The white balance feature, for instance, can change the lighting to make images more visible. Auto gain features are also generally included, so that images can be easier to see if the lighting is low.An indoor and outdoor dome camera is much better than other cameras. This is because the lens is dark colored, so people don't know whether or not the camera is trained on them. Hence, they also act as a great deterrent, even when switched off. They are even often used as nanny cams.</p>